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Account of spasmodic cholera as it appeared in the city of Lexington in June 1833 / by Lunsford P. Yandell, M.D.

AN ACCOUNT 0o AS IT APPEARED IN THE CITY OF LEXINGTON4 In June, 1s3t23. BY LUNSFORD P. YANDELL, M. D. Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy in Transylvania University' CHOLERA, as is known to the readers of this Journal, appeared in this city in the early part of last November, and after prevailing very slightly for a few days, suddenly disap- peared. The winter which followed was as healthy as usual. Measles were epidemic during the first spring months, and scarlet fever, which had never entirely ceased since its first appearance the winter before, proved exceedingly fatal in a number of families. The entire subsidence of cholera in the fall, after manifesting so little malignity, created a gene- ral feeling of security in the citizens. Very little fear of a second ard more violent invasion had been felt, when, with- out premonition, and while the city was enjoying its usual health, it broke out in June with a virulence which but too clearly proves how little the local situation and general good health of a place are to be relied on, as affording an immuni- ty from this epidemic. The weather which preceded the irruption of the epidemic is worthy of note. The winter was generally mild and open. though once in January, and a second time in March, the thermometer fell to zero. About the 12th of April there A