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32 > Page 32 of Account of spasmodic cholera as it appeared in the city of Lexington in June 1833 / by Lunsford P. Yandell, M.D.

DUDLzy on Epidemic Chowra. other morbid appearances to vanish, and thereby the patient will be restored to health. I have declined saying any thing on the effects of ex- ternal remedies, except heat; or of any of the internal reme- dies of an anodyne or stimulating character, from all which I have occasionally witnessed benefit-my more especial ob- ject being to offer testimony in favor of a remedy, better calculated than any other with which I am acquainted to equallize the circulation, restore the secretions, arouse the digestive organs to vigorous and healthy action, check spasms, and relieve the system from the effects of undigest- ed materials in the stomach. I do not wish to touch upon the pathology of a disease, wherein there is so much variety of sentiment; but prefer a faithful record of a few facts, as constituting my more immediate duty for the present. I cannot, however, feel other than a sentiment of regret, that so much time has been occupied in post mortem exami- nations of the bloodvessels in cholera, when authors of the highest distinction disagree in their reports of the condition of this sub-system, in a much more common disease-inter- mittent fever; especially, since the morbid physiology of the general nervous system, to which, it is apprehended, most at- tention wil be ultimately directed, should have been so much disregarded. 32