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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1911-01-mar20-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

THE EXECIITTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Miarch 20, 1911 The Executive Committee of tlhe Board of Trustees met at the Phoenix Hotel on Monday, March 20, 1911, at 1:30 o'clock. There were present Mr. Clay, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Stoll, Mr. Davies and Mr. Terrill of the Committee, and also President Barker, Vice President White, President Emeritus Patterson and the Comptroller, with Mr. NIichols as Chairman. Resuming the consideration of the recommendations of the Deane of the University regardiag a reorgani2ation: Mr. Stoll offered an amendment seconded by Mr. Clay that the College of Meochanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering be designated as tx-b College of Engineering, and the College of Mining gnnineering be called the College of' Mines and 1-4eta- On roll call the vote stood, e Ayes: Iessrs. Clay, Stoll, Terr'll, Davies, Nichols. Noes None Motion carried. Vr. Stoll also offered an amendment to that portion of the recommendations which reads - "The Faculty shall prescribe all rules, regulations, etc. ", so that it shall read - NThe Faculty shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Commit- tee, prescribe all rules, etc." After that nortion of the renort under consideration re- lating to the duties of the Deans oi each College, mnotion was made and see-cnded that the Deans of the Departments be appointed by and removed by the Presint, with the consent and approval of the Executive Committee. Motion was made that Dr. Jae. K. Patterson be heard in tegard to doing away with the Academy in connection with the University. Dr. Patterson stated tnat as he was not a memaber of the Executive Committee, hle would save hi's remarks until the meeting of the Board of Trustees. Professor White read a recommendation of the Deanes set. ting forth the duties of the Dean of Women as follows:- Dean of Women The Dean of Women shall be empowered to undertake and