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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1911-01-mar20-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

execute all matters connected with the welfare and discipline of the Women students, both at the University and at all Dormi- tories and houses provided by the University for its women stu- dents. She shall have under her jurisdiction and authority the direction and supervision of Patteson By 11 and all Dormitor- ies and Buildings used and controlled by the University for the use and occupancy as dwellings for the women students. She shall have under her direction all Matrons, Assist- ant Matrons and G'haoerones, and the problems of any of the Denartments of Wofmen connected with the University. She shall have authority to assign all women students to rooms at Patterson Hall or other buildings mentioned by the Unive:sity for the dwelling of women students, and she shall reassign any students whenever the may deem it advisable. buildings erected, leased or bought and held by organi- zations such as Sororities , Literary or other Societies whose membership is composed of women students of the University, shall be open to her inspection at all times. !his shall also apply to all Society rooms of women on the campus and all Sor- ority rooms in any of the Dormitories for women. She shall make such rules for the government and control of women students dwelling within Patterson Hall and other Halls or Dormitories and on the campus as she shall deem wise and in keeping with the policy of the University. She shall regulate the hours for study and for recreation, for rising and retiring, for entertainments and calls, the shall have charge of the privileges of the women students in the Dormitories and shall withhold the same whenever, in her judgement, she may find it necessary. 8he may grant leave of absence in cases of emergencies and whenever necessity arises. She may direct the withdrawal of any student from the Dormitory, who, for any cause, disturbs the welfare of her fellow-students. She shall assist the University in all of its social functions and shall co-operate with all committees of the Uni- versity concerned with social affairs where women are concern- ed. She shall advise with student nrganisations and regulate their social functions whenever necessary. She shall at all times see that students maintain a high order of excellence in the conduct of :r4-vate and public entertainments where women students are concerned. She shall assist in the registration of all women students and shall advise with them in their selection of courses of study. She shall also advise with the Deans of the different Colleges from time to time with reference to the work of the women students and regulate their work when found not to be in keeping with their ability, health and purpose of study. In case of a disagreement between the Dean of Women and the Dean of the Department concerned, the matter shall be referred to the Council whose decision shall be final.