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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 16, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. now MAKE BIG MECHANICAL NOTES C. D. FOOTBALL Co. Calloway &KODAKS SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, 146 WEST MAIN STREET HERE'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY Winter Clothes JUST WHEN YOU NEED THEM CASH BARGAIN SALE Lovenhart QriAfia 1 opeciai Elastic Ribbed PINCH BACK SU,TS OR OVERCOATS M 1 O 7fS 1 I. IO SAMPLE LINE Fleece Lined SWEATERS Underwear Union Soils grade BARGAIN PRICE 89c BARGAIN PRICE 98c CASJjf (Continued from Page 1) many men who wish to meet you a little over half way in order to Outing Cloth Night Robes 48c BAMAM STORE. Y. M. C. A. WILL OPEN be comrades and brothers. That's what it means to be a real Moreover the reward is greater than the work, for "He that lovetli his brother abideth in the light and there is nono occasion of stumbling in him." During the last two months a hundred different things have been done by the Y. boys to help humanity. Social service work has been carried on In the Greendale Reformatory, in the Odd Fellows' Home and tho Mission schools. A reading room is furnished the students where games may be played, magazines and home town papers read. Writing material can be had there and many boys are taking advantage of tho courtesy. Y. man. Join the Y. M. C. A., fellows. It will lead to a life worth while. It will give you a disdain for weakness and an undaunted confidence in your own strength. Working hand in hand with the church, doing God's work, DAY AND NIGHT SESSIONS BOOKKEEPING BH8lReM,Phonogrtphy TYPEWRITING and aid PRICE 98c ' $4.98) 44c Popular De Luxe Silk Muffler wiLIDRR.IMlT lac. BBftmgr. BARGAIN TELEGRAPHY t'i lu President hat years of experience in Mercantile and Banking business, also 40 years educating 20,000 young men and womrn fot success. tSTEaM now. PhOM. mill. College l59E.Malni'l.,nearPoslOjTice,opfo3lleDctot. Address WILBUR K. SMITH. Lexloiilon. Ky. SPECIAL RATES TO University Students Kirkland, of tho Portland Co niont Company, of Chicago, gavo a storcopticon locturo Saturday morning boforo tho Froshman class of tho Mo chanical and Electrical College. Tho subject of tho locturo was, "Tho Pro per Mixing of Concrete." M. .T. It. I). Poguo, of the '13 class, M. & E., visited tho Unlvorsity Saturday and Sunday. Arrangements havo been mado by Dean F. Pnul Anderson for tho pre senting of twonty-flvIecturos show Ing processes of manufacturing differ out commodities. Fifteen of those lec tures will bo illustrated by motion pictures, films sent hero by tho Bu reau of Commercial Economics at Washington. PRINTING CO. INCORPORATED. College Stationery, Engraving and Die Stamping, Frat and Dance Programs o 124-1- N. Limestone 28 Lexington, Ky. Exquisite Corsage Bouquets J. E. Mustard, representing tho Westinghouso Electrical Manufactur ing Company, will come here Friday, November 17, to talk to the Senior mechanical and electrical students. Mr. Mustard intends to select several men to work for tho Westinghouse Company. Martin A. Doyle, '04, a graduate of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, paid a visit to the University Friday. Mr. Doyle Is now with relatives in Paris, Kentucky, on the Young Men's' Christian Assocla' a vacation from the revenue service, tion is bound to bring great things to being stationed at Now York City on the University and its men. Make tho revenue cutter "Mohawk." next week a Y. week and follow the same steps in the weeks to come. Gatowood Ireland, B. M. E., '15, Join in the good cause and work for spent a few days of his vacation with friends in Lexington. it. Be a brother. "Biddie" is connected with the engineering deDR. GANFIELD SPEAKS partment of the Bartlett, Hayward TO STUDENT BODY Company, of Baltimore, designing munition machinery. Dr. W. A. Ganfield, president of Centhe student BROWN IS PRESIDENT tre College, addressed body in chapel Tuesday morning. OF CHEMICAL SOCIETY "There are four great factors in human life," he said, "and these factors Dr. L. A. Brown, of tho Experiment are typified in the four great ques- Station, was elected president of the tions, three of which havo been an- Lexington section of the American swered. Chemical Society at its annual busi"How shall wo load God's children ness meeting Saturday. The other ofto get along with one another and ficers elected to take office January 1 weld them all together? is the fourth were Dr. Garnott Ryland, of Georgequestion, which must be answered In town College, first vice president; Dr. our age. The three others were an- G. Davis Bucknor, of the Experiment swered by Station, second vice president; J. S. men, else tho world Avould havo re- McHargue, of tho Experiment Station, mained at a standstill. At the conclu- secretary and treasurer; Dr. A. M. sion of his address, Dr. Ganfield urged Peter, councilor. tho students to turn their thoughts in all seriousness to answering tho vital BIO. CLUB TO MEET question of tho age. Tho Biological Club of the University will hold a meoting Friday at HALL IN HANDS MESS and eloct OF SENIOR STUDENTS 3:30 o'clock to officors. All students and professors and Floyd interested John Peter Rickotts in genotlcs, botany, zoolhavo taken ogy, physiology and natural history Potts, Sonior students, over tho management of tho moss hall aro cordially invited to attend this 'and will probably bo permanently meeting. Tho club will meet in tho placed in charge If their administra- botany lecturo room, first floor of the tion is a success. Both theso mon Agricultural Building. havo boon connected with tho hall for tho past two years and are capablo WESTINGHOUSE HEARS of handling such a proposition. "We Make Them Prettier" A Keller John INCORPORATED. Co FLORISTS J23 East Sixth St. Phone 945 Y JEFF HARRIS our S. U. Representative LEAVE8 ARRIVES LOUISVILLE LEXINGTON 7:55 A. and 5:20 P. M. 10:35 A. M. M. and 8:00 P. M. Travel A Limited Train For First-Clas-s Vestibule Coached with Pullmans and Diner ROBARDS, P. B.COLLEGE BOYS' TAILORTailor Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed All Work Guaranteed Phone 1550-y $1 .00 Suits Pressed 35c Alterations a Specialty 152 S Limestone DEPOSIT WITH BANK OF COMMERCE keon-minde- TALK BY JOE DICKER Phoenix Taxicab Co. INCORPORATED Phoenix Hotel Lobby City Phone 1854 Hotel Phone 3680 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE WELSH & MURRAY CITY RATES 25c The Westinghouso Society of mechanical and oloctrieal onginoors hold its rogular monthly meeting November 4. at which time "Joo" Dickor gavo an interesting talk on forgo work. Tho next mooting of tho soci ety will bo hold Saturday, November IS, and a featuro of this meoting will bo a talk by Professor Nollau on a subject of his own choosing. Lexington Drug Company The Student's Store FOR SMOKERS AND BANQUETS GET YOUR SUPPLIES AT PHCENIX FRUIT STORE Flowers of Quality FINE CUT FLOWERS AND CORSAGE BOUQUETS A SPECIALTY KELLER, Florist 236 West Main Street Terrill Tapscott, Our Representative at University of Ky.