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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 16, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ItoittiiriMr .turn mini THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Pae WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS PROHIBITIONISTS CO-E- D CORNER PATT. HALL PERSONALS spent the Miss Mary Hamilton at her homo In Cynthlana. Miss Mary Swlnney, of Eminence, was tho guest of her sister, Miss Lula Swlnney, for tho weak-end- . Miss Roberta Green was tho guest of her unclo at Elmendorf, Sunday. Miss Virginia Croft spent the week end at her homo In Louisville. Misses Mario and Mildred Collins were the guests of their grandmother in Paris last week. Miss Florence Duncan was the guest of Miss Margaret Coons, on East Maxwell, for dinner Friday night. Miss Myrtle Smith spent the week end at her home in LaGrange. Miss Sarah Harbison was the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Shelby Harbison, last week. Miss Celia Cregor spent Saturday night with Miss Elizabeth Kastle. Miss Elizabeth Beckner, of Winches ter, went home for the week-enMr. and Mrs. F. E. Trlstison, of Somerset, motored to Lexington Sun' day to visit their niece, Miss Eliza betb Porch. Miss Miriam Horine spent the week-enat her home in Nicholasvllle Miss Frances Geisel spent Thursday In Cincinnati. Miss Elizabeth Petty has returned from a visit to her parents in Louis ville. week-en- d d Tho Woman's Club of tho Universi ty mot Friday afternoon at tho homo of Mrs. F. Paul Anderson, with Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. M. L. Penco acting as Joint hostesses. Tho pretty homo on Kentucky Avcnuo was decorated In autumn flowers, tho chrysanthemum being tho most prominent. Those who enjoyed tho afternoon wero: Mcsdames A. C. Zembrod, T. T. Jones, W. S. Webb, George Rob crts, S. T. Avcritt, J. D. Turner, T. R. Bryant, E. S. Goodo, L. K. Frankcl, R. Vaughn, John Fairfax, C. J. Norwood, 0. M. Shedd, William Carroll, J. Al den, G. M. Baker, E. S. Farquhar, Ed ward Tuthill, W. T. Lafferty, Harrison Garmon, P. P. Boyd, Llnnwood Brown, J. Morton Davis, W. E. Rowo, C. S. Porter, W. D. Watts, Daniel Healoy, W. B. Terrill, Alfred Marshall, Ezra Gillls, W. W. Anderson, L. C. Daniels, W. W. Anderson, F. E. Tuttle, Misses Paxton, Nellie Reynold, Marguerite McLaughlin and Anna C. Goff. KAPPA SIGMA DANCE. The Kappa Sigma fraternity entertained last Saturday evening at their chapter house on East Maxwell Street with a delightful dance. Those present were the members of the active chapter, the pledges, representatives of other fraternities, and about twenty WILL MEETING TODAY HAVE (By Robert Francis Richey.) Silence now the golden lute, I am wearied of the song. Let the singers, too, be mute, Lest I tarry overlong. AT Y. W. C. A. MEETING Plans For National Con- Large Number Present To vention Next Month Enjoy Talk on "Need On Program For Women" All students who signed for membership In tho National Prohibition Association at a recent chnpel meeting aro requested to meet In tho Y. M. C. A. reading rooms this nftcrnoon nt 3:30. Tho purpose of this meeting is to elect officers for tho ensuing year and to lay plans for a membership campaign. This year tho National Convention of this student movement Is to be hold In Lexington from December 28th to 31st inclusive. Every student of the University of Kentucky should take an Interest in this movement, as our Prohibition Club is In a measure the host to the convention. It is especially requested that each of the Greek letter fraternities send a representative to this meeting, whether mem bers of the club or not. The fraterni ties voted, thru the Council of last year, to entertain all fraternity men who attend the Na tional Convention In December. Work should start immediately, as only a few weeks ensue before the National Convention. There are at present students and five fac about thirty-fivulty members of the local Prohi Club. e THE SONG. DEAN HAMILTON SPEAKS Dean Hamilton spoke Sunday night to tho Y, W. C. A. in tho now room fitted out for tho meetings in the basement of Pattorson Hall. Her sub ject was "Tho Need for Women," and tho girls felt an added senso of responsibility when tho oxcellent talk was at an end. One hundred and thirty girls wero ing Ills talk. Miss Myrtlo Smith, chairman of the Devotional Commltteo, urges all girl to bo present at the prayer services which aro being hold overy night immediately after supper at Patterson Hall. This week Is tho annual Prayer Week of tho Y. W. C. A. all over the world and each night a foreign country is taken as tho subject of a short talk and prayer. It is hoped that all will bo present at tho remaining 106 W. Main Street HUGHES SCHOOL OF DANCING Mrs Hughes, Member of American National Association Masters of Dancing UNIVERSITY CLASSES- - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings. Have You Tried The American Cleanery? They Do First Clais Work at the Right Price; Quick and Satisfactory Service AMERICAN DRY CLEANING CO. PHONE 1271 Clifford Deon, Our Univeriity of Ky. Representative!; 255N. LIME SENIORS If you want to see d regularjline of CANES at reasonable prices, come down to The Caskey Jewelry Co. SOPHS TEST UNIFORMS OF THE FRESHMEN. Many, many new cadet uniforms made their appearance on the campus last week and many, many uniforms Sing me not the songs of gladness, were bucked against the flag pole in Leave them to the foolish thrush, front of the Main Building. It is an Wooing in his summer madness, old and well established custom In the shelter of the brush. among the second-yea- r drill men to test all uniforms and should they Song is e'er pursued by sorrow, prove defective the "dollar-a-riand But a day you sing and throb, ten cents a button" is always collectAnd the dawning of tomorrow ed. Last week over one hundred uniKINKEAD WALTON. Brings a sigh and then a sob. forms were given the test and as a result their wearers are justly proud, The marriage of Miss Laura de Silence, then, the golden lute, evidenced by Freshmen wearing them Lavillon Kinkead and Mr. Samuel With my carol I have done. on all occasions. Barton Walton was quietly solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, Let the singers, too, be mute, Until I have gone. Judge and Mrs. George B. Kinkead, JOIN THE Y. M. C. A Wednesday afternoon. Following the ceremony the couple left on a bridal SENIOR ENGINEERS trip to New York and other Eastern ARE IN BIG DEMAND points. The bride was a student in The College of Mechanical and Elec the University last year and she has a host of friends here who extend trical Engineering is daily receiving demands for men and the indications their best wishes. are that all those graduating from this department in June will receive HAYDEN BARRIE. good positions. The Westinghouse The marriage of Mr. Ellis Hayden, Electrical Company, of Pennsylvania, of Paris, and Miss Isabelle Barrie, of has already requested a large number Milton, Pa., was solemnized in the lat- of engineers and will send a repreter city last Friday afternoon. Mr. sentative here tomorrow to confer Hayden was a member of the '14 with Dean Anderson about securing graduating class from the College of more. The College of Mines and MetallurMechanical and Electrical Engineer ing. Immediately after the ceremony, gy Is also receiving its share of appliMr. and Mrs. Hayden left for a bridal cations for members of this year's trip to Kentucky and were visitors at Senior class. W. C. Eyl has accepted the University this week, where Mr. a position with a large mining conHayden was renewing old acquaint- cern and places are awaiting the othances and receiving congratulations. er Seniors. present and it is hoped that this number will contlnuo to bo at tho various meetings thruout tho year. Tho Rov. Dr. Bush, of tho Second Presbyterian Church, has consented to speak Sun day night and every one Is anticipat- 127 West Main LEONARD HOTEL Street LASSArfl For We make a Specialty of Live Lobsters, CrabMeat and Reel Foot Lake Fish and Frogs For the GAME Pennants 30c to $1.50 Banner $2.50 COLLEGE VIEW BOOKS 50c Ready for Mailing MEGAPHONES AND COLORS K University Book Store J. F. BATTAILE, '08, Mgr. In Colors and Plain GoldJI Plate 50c PORTER AT Y. M. C. A. T. U. WILL USE STOLL FIELD THANKSGIVING Dr. J. W. Porter addressed the Y. M. C. A. Sunday evening on the subPresident R. H. Crossfleld, of Tran ject of "Purity." Dr. Porter dealt with sylvania College, has accepted Presi three divisions of the subject, purity dent Barker's offer of tho use of Stoll in thought, action and words. Ho said that thinking was the fundamental thing In one's character, and that if the mind is constantly filled with tho best the character will be of the higher and nobler type. Day and the game will be played there. That college now has a now athletic under consideration field which will probably be ready for use by next year. Field for Thanksgiving Transylvania-Louisvill- e HEINTZ, 123 Each Jeweler East Main',Street Opposite Phoenix Lexington, Ky. STAR self filling FOUNTAIN PEN $1. WILLIAM Beat GUARANTEED E STAGG, It to Bill Your Druggist Oldham's For your Eats and Lunches. Students' Supplies. Open day and night Give us a trial ULLftiAM. Lime and Winslow Sts. W. t. WHY THE RUSH We use only fresh Am eating at "Mess Hall. articles and best of cooking. COME AND GIVE US A TRIAL.