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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 05, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

, .%.... . `ti. . . * . *ie -i` { @ *1 . ii? , 2 KENTUCKY ALUMINUS 7 l Qi . 7 ,4 l Wl-IO S WHO AMONG THE ALUMNI I w g . ` 11.* ` the . nowARD P. INGELS sultin r i 1 _ munitgonegigineer or a company manufacturing _ Born in Fayette county, Kentucky, Howard P. In"April, 1917, Mr. Ingels went to Washington, . [ngels attended the county and public schools in D. C., as secretary of the War Industries Board A ? th a V Fayette, and received his college education at the and secretary of the Price Fixing Committee. i* Y as 2, A. State College of Kentucky, lieing graduated in Since 1919 he ha_s been in the banking business in _ the . 1905 with a B. M- E- degree rom _,_t:_:,;;;,;.:;::_ New York City, and at present is _ 1 Vl I ,ain_ the College of Engineering. _,_,- * * i ii ;,,:,H vice-president an d director of I ,_ 1 rms- i He 1i0ii';5Ci. his E- fmlll tim Theodore Schulze and Company, _ 1 p same ins 1 u lon an was lInme ;3jgf{ii"i 1 Incorporated, and director of the Z the * diately employed in the engineer- .... _ _,,__ G=;g{Q;Q__QgQ iz? Kelsey Hayes Wheel Corporation, t F mh? ing department of the American the Crown Metal Petroleum Corp., L i posi- ~ Car and Foundry Company. at 1 " the carrier-Engineering Corp., the Q Z the I Berwick, Pa. In 1908 he accepted Nye Odorless Incinerator Corp., 1 os at I a position as chief engineer with and the Lea Fabrics, Inc. l , ? mg, [ the same company in Milton, Pa., Mr. iogels is e member of the 3 . 3 noon , and stayed with that company for .Broad Street Club, the Calumet g g { i ee at one year longer, being employed _ ____:,,, E .':': : ;,:__ _ Club, and the Downtown Athletic l .1 l eived C as the New York manager for the ; Q1}; Club of New York; the Round Hill I 1 Youngstown Car Manufacturing 'i_` ii; Q Club, the Field Club and the Beach ` i 1 his 1 Company in 1919. :.i`- Q `_i Club of Greenwieln Conn- end the V . T hers . Two years later Mr. Ingels ac- Manursing Island Club of Rye, Ken- e eented e noeition ee eeeietent to New York- r ? . ` the vice-president of the White iiiii it iiiiiiiibiiii Z ix" iiiiiiiii iimii:i i He is also 3 member of Sigma ever Company in Cleveland, Ohio, following which he Alpha Epsilon, social fraternity. -1 icky, . served as assistant general manager of the Wil- Mrs. Ingels was Miss Virginia Wick of Youngs- j ; f hie P liam Todd Company, in Youngstown, Ohio, until town, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Ingels. have three chil- e 1/ ~ bility 1914. From 1914 to 1917 he was vicepresident dren, Howard P. Jr., Evan Shelby Ingels III, and g alice- g of the Realty Guaranty and Trust Company at ~Virginia Wick Ingels. Their home is at Fox Run 1 le to f Youngstown, and from 1915 to 1917 acted as con- Lane, Greenwich, Conn. gl rf l sur- _ Bndmi I . _. ;,,,_ , _, RICHARD W. ELLIS L Adio i. Richard W, Ellis was born in Newcastle, Ky., and received his pri- .j i Q =;_i mary education in a private school, graduating from the State College tchgd `Q of Kentucky with- a B..M. E. degree in 1903. In 1906 his Alma Mater ai, by conferred upon him his master s degree. l - .1 i , Upon his graduation from the State College he accepted a position - in Boston, Mass., going from there one year later tolthe New York y { Telephone Company which position he has held ever since. His work I is in the traffic departmnt of this company. 1 frica, i He served with the Second New York Field Artillery on the Mexican ; q the on border, and was First Lieutenant in the 106th Field Artillery of the ; ;o the 27th Division, later serving overseas in the Air Service during the I lished ``` ..,- World War. 9 Y I At present Mr. Ellis is general traffic engineer for the New York i Jur of 1 _f, Telephone Company, located at 158 State street, Albany, N. Y. Q an to- :.` fj 1,, 1918 M1-_ Ellis was married to Miss Viola Smith, of Brooklyn. . if f Ag' A _ N. Y., and he has one son, Richard Berryman Ellis, two years old. i r _Y ,_. r Ken- J - l. ..,. r ..,. .,.,...._... y 1