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Image 8 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 05, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

“ `__ y_`· · 8 KENTUCKY ALUMNUS _ j § ‘ . THORNTON LEWIS honored him with special entertainments. In I . 1 1. _- , —— January 1930 Mr. Lewis donated an endowment L { v_ _ Thornton Lewis was born in Versailles, Ky., for the F. Paul Anderson medal award to be pre- L - and was educated in the Frankfort Public schools, sented by the A. S. H. & V. E. annually for . entering the State College of Kentucky from conspicuous achievement in the field of heating _ Y g L , Frankfort High chool in 1902 and receiveing his and air conditioning. This is the first medal in _ · . B-. M. E. from that the heating and Ventilating field, and is named in - ‘ _ ____ itzt I _:__ _ institution in 1906. honor of Dean F. Paul Anderson of the University < I . i` L In 1909 Mr- Lewis of Kentucky College of Engineering. — _ I l received his M. E. Mr. Lewis is ainember of Tau Beta Pi, A. S. H. l- . Q; -·:·:·--“ from the State Uni- & V. E., A. S. M. E.,Manufactui·ers, Engineers, l e I ; i versity- University end Si- Derid’s Golf Clubs end is the 31 ` . Wi F o l lo win e his Philedelnhie member of the Engineers Club of i K r " g r a d u a t io n Mr. New York- 1 2 . - * r I Lewis snent on e in iiiii he Wes inerried to Miss Elsie Ven Order i i E year in the engin- Ceerr or Menieleiit N- ·i· Mr- end Mrs- Lewis ~ · i I [ Y — eering department here ienr ehildren- I t 1 l l 1 of the Buffalo Forge ————·-· L l V I . C o in ii e n y under C- H- CULLICN i i 4 A and from 1907 until C. H. Gullion came to the State College or l ‘ ? 1911 was sales en- Kentucky in 1900 from Carrollton, Ky., grariuat- _ . ' ¤“ gineer in New York ing from there in 1904 with e degree in Mecheni- i i r.. City for the But- cal Engineering- He wes one of the most prom- . » 1, l i =§2€e¥2¥2i2ii=ie ‘’‘‘‘° " 12,10 Steam Pump the varsity baseball team, was captain of the · --091- Company, team in 1902, a member of Lamp and Cross . l ’ From 1911 until 1921 Mp Lewis Wag g Senior honorary senior fraternity, Sigma Chi social fra- 1 member in the firm of Lewis, Robinson and telfnity, and WaS class giftorien. ; ji Grant, consulting and commercial engineers and Upon being gnadllamd fl`0ln the State College. A ’ also acted as manager of the Philadelphia ·dis- l\/ir. Gullion accept- 1 ‘ - trict of the Buialo Forge Company, the Buffalo ed a position with ‘*-‘‘ t· ‘·‘· . Y r Steam Pump Company and the Carrier Air Con- the Western Elec- __4;:;V1_ 1, lii I E ditioning Company. During the period from 1914 tric Company which .__4 i " » to 1919 he was also consulting engineer for the position he held for _ E . " in 1921 Mr Lewis organized end loeeenie active- nine reers with this i. » i L lr interested in the York Heeting end Ventileting eemnenr eere him i. - ji 1 conipeny, His present position is president and practical experience i , general manager of that company, a national or- and brought h i in ` ·‘ y` ganization with offices or branches in the into contact with _’‘‘ ‘ · ._ g principal cities. numerous engineer- S ` i ., A In 1913 Mr. Lewis designed, invented and in g problems = A i l _ patented the Lewis Control system for operating American factories, j [ . { 21 l3,1‘g€ I1l.lITlb€1‘ of €l€Ct1`iC3.iiy dI'iV€1'1 DUHIDS 3116. Ill 1912 l‘1€ W3.S S€I'1`t » l especially suitable for sewage disposal plants. In to Europe as Direct- r Q · e l Mer l929 he Presented e ieener before the semi- ing Engineer for · 1 . 1 annual meeting of the A. s. H. & V. E. entitled western Eleetrieis ‘ Q - “ObS€l`Viiig Werm Air in Cimllidtlolln which W-ds factories in London, r g the lirst generel loener presented to the society Antwerp, B er l i n ’ 4 covering the Dl`lUCiDl€S of operation of unit heaters a n d P a 1. i S and ‘·== 5 =*· ‘ r 1 tor indusnel nlents- e stayed there ror four years. 1 z_ » V i In 1929 Mr. Lewis was president of the Ameri- In 1917 Mr_ Gullion entered the {-ield of profes- · i » i cen Society of Héilting and Ventilating Engin€€1‘S. sional industrial engineering where he gained lv , While abl·oad in -1929 the French and British In- invaluable contact with numerous well known i . Stltllte of Heating and Ventilating Engineers concerns. During the war however his actiVitiCS R i l.- ' 1 if I . `