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7 > Image 7 of Lexington City Directory 1908

Part of Lexington City Directories

} . __` l A ' l, f G J ' 3 i PREFACE. . \\ie herewith submit our fourth issue of the Lexington Di- rectory. ln gathering the data for this Volume, the publishers have *7 endeavored to make as complete and accurate a canvass for the _*_ information that was possible to be made. The failure to pro- duce a directory that is absolutely accurate does not rest with the publishers, The public in general is equally responsible. The ll failure on the part of business men to give a small portion of their time to furnish the canvasser with a correct list of their employes, and also of a householder in permitting domestics and others not competent to give the information. results in many of the inaccuracies that are charged against a directory. This volume of the Lexington Directory contains 19,903 names. Calculating the population upon the lowest basis used i in any city. the multiple of 22E. the ppp,ulation of the city and l t district adjoining is 49,763, ~ V ;.' .. .9; _ . Lexington has reached that point in her growth that an l annual issue of the directory becomes a necessity. Hereafter the animal issue of the directory will be made about Oct. Ist. Respectfully, TH}; Punmsuisas. V 3 .