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Grant Cochran Knight papers, 1908

Part of Grant Cochran Knight papers

64m77Knight, Grant Cochran papersGrant Cochran Knight papers, 1908-1961, undated 64m77Amanda M. Reeve and Ida SellUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center2011 May 4Special Collections Research CenterUniversity of Kentucky LibrariesMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky 40506-0039URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2017-03-22 16:41:53 -0400.Describing Archives: A Content Standard2016 July 29Addition 52M59 added and EAD updated by Megan Mummey English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center Grant Cochran Knight papers Knight, Grant Cochran, 1893-1956. 64m77 5 Cubic Feet 7 boxes, 4 volumes 1908-1961, undated The Grant Cochran Knight papers (dated 1908-1961, undated; 5 cubic feet; 7 boxes, 4 volumes) contain manuscripts, printed articles, correspondence, and photographs that document the life and work of Grant Cochran Knight. Conditions Governing Access Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Conditions Governing Use The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Preferred Citation 64m77 : [identification of item], Grant Cochran Knight papers, 1908-1961, undated, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Biographical note Grant Cochran Knight was born April 15, 1893, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Knight graduated from Albright College and received his MA from Gettysburg College. After graduation he joined the University of Kentucky in 1923. He worked in the English department and remained there for the rest of his life. In 1945, the College of Arts and Sciences began recognizing individual faculty members with the Distinguished Professor Award, the first to receive this award was Grant Knight of the English Department. In 1951 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Albright. His published works include James Lane Allen and the Genteel Tradition, The Critical Period in American Literature, 1890-1900, and The Strenuous Age in American Literature, 1900-1910. He died in 1956 while writing another book on American Literature. Scope and Contents The Grant Cochran Knight papers (dated 1908-1961, undated; 5 cubic feet; 7 boxes, 4 volumes) contain manuscripts, printed articles, correspondence, and photographs that document the life and work of Grant Cochran Knight. The photograph and scrapbook albums show Knight's college days at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania and his fervor for literature. The manuscripts and articles included display Knight's intellectual work with literature to his more creative literary pursuits, including his poetry and short stories. Two proofs from books Knight had published are included as well as many typescripts that are untitled. The correspondence included in the collection deals mostly with the publication of his books, and his position as Literature professor at the University of Kentucky. The Letters to Grant Cochran Knight scrapbooks contain correspondence dating from 1924 to 1949, from some of the prominent American authors of the twentieth century, including Van Wyck Brooks, Bennett Cerf, Norman Cousins, Thoedore Dreiser, Max Eastman, Hamlin Garland, Elizabeth Hardwick, Helen Keller, Christopher Morley, Olive Dargan, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, and Robert Penn Warren. Arrangement The collection is arranged by format. Immediate Source of Acquisition Gift, 1950, 1952, 1964, 1965, 1966 Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.) Manuscripts. Articles Photographs Scrapbooks English literature. Poetry. College students. Short stories. Correspondence. Keller, Helen Hardwick, Elizabeth Garland, Hamlin Eastman, Max Cousins, Norman Dreiser, Theodore Brooks, Van Wyck Cerf, Bennett University of Kentucky--Faculty Morley, Christopher Albright College Harvard University Warren, Robert Penn University of Kentucky Roberts, Elizabeth Madox Olivet Presbyterian Church (Shelby County, Ky.). Knight, Grant Cochran, 1893-1956. CorrespondenceSeries I.1916-1961Scope and ContentsThe correspondence series covers Cochran's writing career and his work with the University of Kentucky. Letters between Mr. Knight and potential publishers is what makes up the bulk of the correspondence. Personal letters and letters from faculty and students of the University of Kentucky can also be found.1916-1939111943-1949121950-1954131955-195714Correspondence regarding James Lane Allen1929-193515Letters to Grant Cochran Knight scrapbook, Volume One: A-C1924-19499Letters to Grant Cochran Knight scrapbook, Volume One: D-K1924-194910Letters to Grant Cochran Knight scrapbook, Volume One: L-W1924-194911Olive Tilford Dargan letters to Mr. and Mrs. Grant C. Knight1935-196177Literature JournalsSeries II.1928-1956Scope and ContentsThe Literature Journals series contains literary journals that Mr. Knight collected. Many of the journals contain articles that Knight wrote. The journal include Letters published by the University of Kentucky, The Saturday Review of Literature, and and American Literature.1928-1945161945-1951171951-1953181953-1955211955-195622ManuscriptsSeries III.1920-1954, undatedScope and ContentsThe Manuscripts series includes a great variety of material published by Cochran.American Literature and the Will to Powerundated23American Writers Reject Pro Patria1920-194038Article on Lewis Sinclarundated39Chapter I Introductionundated31Chapter V The Hard Boiled School: Objective Realismundated32Chapter VII The Proletarian School: Instrumentalismundated33The Critical Period in American Literature proofs195173The Deep Heartundated24-5The Strenuous Age in American Literature proofs195471-2The Strenuous Age in American Literature195426-7Untitled typescriptundated34-7Articles1944310Poemsundated42Short storiesundated43Untitled short storiesundated44Twist of the Rootundated410The Critical Period in American Literature manuscript proofundated74The Critical Period in American Literature draftundated75-6The Critical Period in American Literatureundated78Notes and other documentsSeries IV.1909-1950Scope and ContentsThe Notes series documents his school days and professional work. They include classes he attended, literature, vocabulary notes he kept, and notes he made on manuscript he read.Literature notesundated311Notes on the Hungry Heart1909312NYU Graduate School course195041German mother certificate with Hitler seal1939 October 149Photograph albumsSeries V.1910-1918, undatedScope and ContentsThe photo albums series contains three volumes which document Grant Cochran Knight's early life. Subjects include trips to Massachusetts and Philadelphia, and photographs of several schools he attended.Photograph album, volume I.Subseries A.1914-1917, undatedScope and ContentsThis photo album subseries contains the contents of an album assembled by Grant Cochran Knight. It consists of picture from his school days and class mates he socialized and lived with. The photos were removed from Grant Cochran Knight's photo album Volume I for preservation reasons but the location of those photographs within the album has been preserved. The location of the photograph within the scrapbook is indicated by the page number. The descriptions were handwritten in the scrapbook presumably by Knight.Page 1, photograph 1: Freshman year my roomy Benjamin Griffin Hoffman. Now a Rev. (also a Benedict.)1914-191551Page 1, photograph 2: While John D. made money. - the oil pumping station near Myerstown. B.G. Hoffman, G. Knight, E. Crumbling, E. Baumeister1914-191552Page 1, photograph 3: A friend in any need. Harry Merwin Buck1914-191553Page 2, photograph 1: A site for my statueundated54Page 2, photograph 2: Spoiling the vista. Church and Iundated55Page 2, photograph 3: untitled1916 November 1956Page 3, photograph 1: Worth Hearing. Maude Adams in The Little Minister Lebanon1916 October 457Page 3, photograph 2: Worth Hearing. Minnie Maddern Fiske in Estwhile Susan Lebanon1917 February 258Page 3, photograph 3: Worth Hearing. Fritz Kreisler, Reading1916 December 1459Page 4, photograph 1: Disciples of art. Edith Smith, Franklin Willits, Edithundated510Page 4, photograph 2: My chum. Miss Edith Littley, a seniorundated511Page 4, photograph 3: Out of school. Miss Emily Rigney and Edithundated512Page 5, photograph 1: Summer Vacation. The Silver Wedding - 30 June. Rosesundated513Page 5, photograph 2: Summer Vacation. The Silver Wedding - 30 June. After twenty-five yearsundated514Page 5, photograph 3: Summer Vacation. The Silver Wedding - 30 June. Memoriesundated515Photograph album, volume II.Subseries B.undatedScope and ContentsThe photo album II subseries was put together by Grant Cochran Knight. It contains photographs from a trip Knight took to Massachusetts, as well as photos of building at the school he attended. The photos were removed from Grant Cochran Knight's photo album Volume II.The first page of this photo album reads "Volume Two of photographic biography. Beginning with summer vacation - August, 1917. Below a photograph has been glued down and was later ripped out. Below were the photograph once was reads "I take a look at myself."Photograph 1: Grant Cochran Knight, Dorthea Alzina Knightundated61Page 2, photograph 1: The White Mountains. From this point I could view the Green Mountains, the Blue Mountains, the White Mountainsundated516Page 2, photograph 2: The White Mountains. From this point I could view the Green Mountains, the Blue Mountains, the White Mountainsundated517Page 2, photograph 3: The White Mountains. the Presidential Rangeundated518Page 2, photograph 4: The White Mountains. On the state highwayundated519Page 3, photograph 1: Sunapee comes from the Indian Soo-Nupi, meaning Wild Goose Waterundated520Page 3, photograph 2: I learn to canoeundated521Page 3, photo 3: A steamer leaves a trail of smokeundated522Page 3, photograph 4: Loon Island Lighthouse in backgroundundated523Page 4, photograph 1: New York's famous skylineundated524Page 5, photograph 1: Salem Massachusetts. The House of Seven Gablesundated525Page 5, photograph 2: Salem, Massachusetts. Tourists from state of Washingtonundated526Page 5, photograph 3: Salem, Massachusetts. They liked to tell what they knewundated527Page 5, photograph 4: Salem, Massachusetts. Hawthorne's view of Salem Harborundated528Page 6, photograph 1: Cambridge, Massachusetts - Harvard Universityundated529Page 6, photograph 2: Cambridge, Massachusetts - Harvard Universityundated530Page 6, photograph 3: Cambridge, Massachusetts - Harvard Universityundated531Page 7, photograph 1: Longfellow's home. Used as headquarters by George Washington. From the gateundated532Page 7, photograph 2: Longfellow's home. Used as headquarters by George Washington. From the lawnundated533Page 7, photograph 3: Longfellow's home. Used as headquarters by George Washington. Under the spreading chestnut tree--undated534Page 8, photograph 1: Concord, Massachusetts. The parish church, where the first Continental Congress met, 1774undated535Page 8, photograph 2: Concord, Massachusetts. Emerson's houseundated536Page 8, photograph 3: Concord, Massachusetts. Here the great writer diedundated537Page 9, photograph 1: The Old North Bridge. Passage over this bridge was disputed by minute menundated538Page 9, photograph 2: Where Emerson wrote Nature and most of his work. Within sight of the battlefieldundated539Page 9, photograph 3: The Minute Manundated540Page 10, photograph 1: A typical slate gravestone. At Concord. I lost my life in the ranging Sea's; A sovereign God does as he please. The Kittery friends they did appear, And my remains they buried here. Inscription on tombstone of Margaret Hills, consort of Oliver Hills, died October 31st 1803 Aet. 28. Kittery Cemetery, Maineundated541Page 11, photograph 1: Back again at Boston. Bunker Hill Monumentundated542Page 11, photograph 2: Back again at Boston. The Prescott Monumentundated543Page 12, photograph 1: Leaving Boston Harbor on the Belfast. 5 P.M.undated544Page 12, photograph 2: Leaving Boston Harbor on the Belfast. En route for the Cod Canalundated545Page 12, photograph 3: Leaving Boston Harbor on the Belfast. The skyline at New York 8:30 A.M.undated546Page 13, photograph 1: I teach in Pennsylvania College, Gettysburgundated547Page 14, photograph 1: The entranceundated548Page 14, photograph 2: McKnight Hallundated549Page 14, photograph 2: A glimpse of the chapelundated550Page 15, photograph 1: Chemical Labundated551Page 15, photograph 1: Pennsylvania Hallundated552Page 15, photograph 3: The gymundated553Page 15, photograph 4: Gadfelter Hallundated554Page 16, photograph 1: A few of the houses. Sigma Chiundated555Page 16, photograph 2: A few of the houses. Sigma Chiundated556Page 16, photograph 3: A few of the houses. A.T.O.undated557Photograph album, volume III.Subseries C.1910-1918, undatedScope and ContentsThis photo album series was put together by Grant Cochran Knight. It consists of picture from his school days, class mates he socialized and lived with, and a trip he took to Philadelphia. The items were removed from Grant Cochran Knight's scrapbook Volume III.Page 2: photograph 1: My freshman year at Albright. John Francis Dunlap, A.M., D.D., President of Albright in my freshman year1914-191562Page 2, photograph 2: My freshman year at Albright. Haps Benfer - star athlete who welcomed me to school1914-1915558Page 3, photograph 1: Beginning the 22 September I played tennis at every opportunity. Herman Flick, of Craley, is here shown behind meundated559Page 4, photograph 1: The Skylight Freshman Sextette. Probably the beginning of the Albright Band. All six roomed on the 4th floor and this photo was taken on the roof. Back row left to right: Hussler, Knight, Burg. Front row left to right: B. Hoffman, Church, Kilpatrickundated560Page 4, photograph 2: A scene in Lebanon quite familiar to Ben and me191463Page 5: My first chemistry experimentundated48Scope and ContentsThis material was removed from Scrapbook Volume III, pages 5-6.Page 6, photograph 1: On the tennis court - 28 September Left to right: Knight, B. Hoffman, Flick, Hassler, Baumerster, Kastundated561Page 7, photograph 1: A trip to the Zor at Philadelphia 3 October. Six freshman and one prep in the party. Where we didn't arrive, although I have been in thisundated64Page 7, photograph 2: We easily recognized the University of Pennsylvania campus and buildings191065Page 8, photograph 1: This we observed from the trolley191066Page 8, photograph 2: Where we went after dinner at the Baltimore Dairy Lunch and a hurried inspection of the Museum of Fine Arts. Here our crowd separated and 'Bishop' Heishley and I crossed the Delaware into Cambridge191367Page 9, photograph 1: It was my first visit to Independence Hall and I was keenly interested in everything191368Page 9, photograph 2: We stood with bared heads before this venerable relicundated69Page 10, photograph 1: Heishley and I were lost in the maze of this wonderful building. We were especially attracted to the book department. Arrived home and suffered by contrastsundated610Page 10, item 2: A flavored antiseptic toothpick, from Donough and Snavely, Lebanonundated562Page 11, item 1: On the night of 6 October was fought the Battle of Newmanstownundated563Page 11, photograph 2: Here is where we attended Sunday school and churchundated611Page 12, photograph 1: A day in Reading. Here we spent part of the morning. this is a Carnegie Library and a very fine Library1912612Page 14, item 1: Col. Roosevelt held this paper in his hand while making his famous Reading speechundated564Page 16, photograph 1: We walked across this viaduct and later attended performance of The Shepherd of the Hills presented at the Academy of Musicundated613Page 16, photograph 2: untitledundated614Page 17, photograph 1: We voted Reading a nice busy place. Saw movies at the 'Empire' and returned home on 9:14 undated615Page 17, item 2: The key to the situation - used by me during freshman yearundated565Page 18: Banquet program191849Page 19, photograph 1: The winning combination - B.G. Hoffman and I in our apartments, room No. 70. We are sitting on his bedundated566Page 19, photograph 2: Roy Dick and Lester ('Bishop') Heishleyundated616Page 20: School play advertisment. Ben Aucker, Crumbling and I walk to Lebanon. 14 Novemberundated47ScrapbookSeries VI.1908-1955Scope and ContentsThis scrapbook was put together by Grant Cochran Knight and contains newspaper clippings, programs, and letters about his professional career. The photos from Scrapbook Volume IV were removed and stored with the rest of the photographs from this collection.Mr. Levi Knight family1908 December 1248Scope and ContentsMr. and Mrs. Levi Knight and son Grant, 12 December 1908. On verso of original there is a note by Grant Cochran Knight: "My father, L.R. Knight, is about 51 in this photograph; my mother is about 36; I am 15. I rather like this boy."Grant C. Knight On the edge of the Pacific1947 August617Scrapbook1925-19558