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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Students or student organizations may waive the protections of this Section by granting express permission to the relevant faculty. staff or administrator. 3.29 A student has the right to view the disciplinary and academic records maintained on him or her except for letters and memoranda of recommendation and medical information. Recommendation 15 3.322 Failure to adhere to the procedures contained in this code or a violation of the rights of students contained in this code shall be sufficient basis for reconsideration of the case by the appropriate judicial body. Recommendation 16 4.142 b. Faculty Advisor: a member of the (tenured) faculty of the University connected with or interested in the organization, who shall offer support and advice to the officers in carrying out the purposes of the organization, and shall make himself available to meet with members of the organization at their regular meetings or at a special meeting called for that purpose. (He can use this opportunity to breech the wall between faculty and students and discuss matters of interest in a more informal atmosphere.) (In the case of social fraternities and sororities, political organizations, and governmental organizations, which have University advisors, the requirement of a tenured faculty advisor may be waived in exceptional circumstances by the Dean of Students for a period not to exceed one year. If a tenured faculty member is not available to advise a departmental organization, or professional fraternity, then the Dean of Students, with the approval of the department chairman, may waive the requirement of a tenured faculty advisor for a period not to exceed one year.) A non-tenured faculty member shall not advise more than one registered student organization, and a tenured faculty member shall not advise more than three registered student organizations at any one time. - 11-