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[213] > Image [213] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1973-02-feb20.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Recommendation 17 4.25 Knowingly enrolling as an official member or electing, appointing, or retaining as an elected or appointed officer or committee chairman any student who is on academic probation, financially delinquent to the University (in accordance with Article V) or under disciplinary sanctions which prohibit him from holding such office. Recommendation 18 4.31 (Student organizations are creatures of the University and without legal status. Accordingly,) No specific procedures for adjudicating the commission of any of the offenses have been established other than that the, Dean of Students may impose punishment up to and including refusal or cancellation of registration. ***ARTICLE VII*** Recommendation 19 Amendment The Code of Student Conduct shall be amended only by the Board of Trustees. Responsibility for proposing revisions to the Code of Student Conduct is delegated to a committee consisting of students, faculty and administrators. The exact composition and procedure of the committee is to be determined by the President of the University. The Committee shall accept and review recommendations from students, faculty and administrators regarding revisions of the Code of Student Conduct. The Committee shall prepare proposed revisions and forward them to the President for presentation to the Board of Trustees for its consideration. Nothing included above shall be construed as a limitation upon the President to propose changes without reference to the Committee. R-commendation 20 1. Relocate Article II as Article IV and renumber accordingly. 2. Relocate Article III as Article II and renumber accordingly. 3. Relocate Article IV as Article III and renumber accordingly.