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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Section 4. A certain Official Statement, likewise not containing final financial data, having been prepared by the Financial Advisor regarding the proposed Refunding Bonds, a copy of which Official Statement is appended hereto as Exhi- bit B, the same is hereby approved as to form and content, and subject to refinement and completion by the insertion of finan- cial data and such other information as shall, in the judgment of the Financial Advisor be required in order to secure to the University the benefits of the best obtainable Bond ratings, and consequently the best obtainable Bond bid, said Official Statement in final form shall be utilized by the Financial Advisor in connection with the public competitive sale of the Refunding Bonds. Section 5. A form of "Notice of Sale of Refunding Bonds" having been prepared and submitted to the Board of Trustees, and being appended hereto as Exhibit C, such Notice, however, containing no final financial data, the same is hereby approved as to form and content, shall be completed by the Financial Advisor and Bond Counsel, and'shall be ucilized in connection with the sale of the Refunding Bonds. Section 6. At such time as the Financial Advisor shall have finally determined the principal amount of the Refunding - 5 -