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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-6- Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board and the University of Kentucky registrar. In accordance with the July 1, 2004 Memorandum of Agreement, the University of Kentucky is able to grant degrees through Bluegrass Community and Technical College for those students who were officially enrolled on or before September 2004 and who complete associate degree programs on or before August 31, 2010. Conferring these degrees is a continuation of the practice of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees. He moved approval of AACR 2. Ms. Brown seconded his motion, and it carried without dissent. (See AACR 2 at the end of the Minutes.) Dr. Yanarella underlined a point that he made at the committee meeting. Despite the fact that this seems to be such a routine part of the Board's business, the Board is dealing with flesh and blood students and also parents. He pointed out that the Board had the honor of assisting in the conferring of a degree of the daughter of Trustee Ann Haney. J. Establishment and Naming of the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center (AACR 3) Dr. Yanarella said that AACR 3 is the recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve the establishment and naming of the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center in the College of Medicine. He called attention to the background information in AACR 3 and said that the committee had a marvelous opportunity to also get background information from Dr. Lisa Tannock, director of the Division of Endocrinology in the College of Medicine's Department of Medicine. She also spoke about Dr. Lisa Cassis and her colleagues receiving the COBRE $10.5 million grant and the generosity of the Barnstable family in moving this forward. Dr. Tannock outlined a very vigorous strategy for raising the profile of this center, and she spoke about how propitious a time it is for the University of Kentucky and this center to be engaged in this kind of work not only because of state and federal funding that is developing around this area but also because of the important outreach implications that flow from this. On behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, Dr. Yanarella moved approval of AACR 3. Ms. Haney seconded his motion, and it carried without dissent. (See AACR 3 at the end of the Minutes.) K. Finance Committee Report Mr. Branscum, chair of the Finance Committee, reported that the committee met at 11:00 a.m. and had 11 reports for action. In addition to the members of the committee, most of the entire Board was present. He said that FCR 1, 2, and 3, which included pledges and gifts totaling $5.48 million, were on the consent agenda. In FCR 1, Alltech, Inc. made a $700,000 pledge to support the UK Opera Program. FCR 2 was the Barnstable Brown Party Diamond Derby, Inc. gift and pledge of $3,784,000 to create and support the Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center. FCR 3 was the HGG Family Foundation Pledge of $1 million to create and endow the Paul A. Kearney, M.D. Endowed Chair in Trauma Surgery in the College of Medicine.