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361 > Image 361 of 1960 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Centers The most heavily attended college at the center is the College of Education, as most of the local teachers are either working toward a degree, or are taking graduate work in an attempt to better their positions. This is the trend for most Northern Kentucky students at the centerthey are attempting to add to their knowledge and skills in order to better themselves in local business houses of this second highest populated section of the Commonwealth. The Ashland Center was established in September, 1957, to provide educational opportunities for Eastern Kentucky. All courses at the Center are the same as the corresponding courses offered on the Lexington campus; however, a maximum of 67 semester hours may be taken at the center for residence credit. The physical plant is a three-story building which houses a library, ten lecture rooms, a student lounge, a cafeteria, and three science laboratories which were added to the original building in January, 1958. Previous to its affiliation with the University program, the Ashland Center was a two-year municipal college that had been in operation since 1937. The affiliation with the state university has provided broader facilities and resources for residents of the area. The academic program is supplemented by a social program for students involving participation in various social and service organizations. The Administration Building at the Ashland Center. The central class building of Northern Center. Plans for the opening of a $750,000 building for the fall term are completed. 357