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364 > Image 364 of 1960 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

The I960 Kentuckian UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY YEARBOOK LEXINGTON DONNA LAWSON Editor BOB ORNDORFF Managing Editor This is the end. Finis! It has been a long hard struggle for the staff, but in many ways we feel it has been worthwhile. We have tried to picture the campus of i960 to satisfy most of the students. Naturally there is always some disappointments. We have done our besto At the beginning the staff always has ideas galore. Some of these ideas materialize; others for some reasons like money, time and patience, never exist. Perhaps our one wish is that everyone could see the process it takes to put out a yearbook ... the decisions on a theme, cover, and division pages oo. supplies ... notifying Greeks and organizations over and over again ... being sure to have pictures of all university functions ... the thousands of picture orders and deliveries ... copy written, checked, typed, proof read, type set and sent to press. It looks easy on paper, but actually all work is forgotten when you have your work in hand and complete. I wish to thank all of my staff for their hard and enthusiastic work. We hope when you repeat events of 196O you'll remember the yearbook along with ... "Mac-the-Knife" . e. Kingston Trio . . the Thanksgiving riot . Lady Chatterly'3 Lover ... B0B0 with sandwiches ... pre-registration . Beating Tennessee . Losing to Tennessee .. Student Congress .oo APATHY .. tests ... Chandler ... snow .o and another year is finished. you all! Goodbye. Here's to success to the new staff and ---