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8 > Image 8 of Annual report. 1894

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

t ~ . . I . V 1 Q_ yur Rnronr on AemonLrnnA1. nxrnnrmnnr sryrron. \ . , e it . _`; ' Q l In place of the burned barn a storage barn 45 by 80 feet and 22 feet|high has been built; also a stable for keeping stock. , _fifl1` "` An entire outfit of new farm machinery has been purchased, ] I ]} I . and now;our equipment is equal to that which we had before _ tm 1 { QI the iire. ` h Tb l ` q 1I ` _ of f -,5 s- ._;-_ ' I ` The Analysis and Inspection of Commercial Fertilizers. Q f _ ? The analyses of commercial fertilizers have been continued as B in the past. This has taken a great portion of the time of one Q I of our Chemists. The inspection of fertilizers. on sale in the f gp. *" State was undertaken on quite an extensive scale, with the mi result that, while it was found that generally the goods on sale pl; `_ were up to standard, in some instances the brands were so far wj , I below samples on iile here that at least gross carelessness should i us be charged against the manufacturers in the mixing of these G] _ goods. The results of this inspection have been published in i pc , . Bulletin No. 53, In Bulletins N os. 52 and 53 may be found the _A tg; , . V analyses of the samples of fertilizers sent by the manufac~ Q hg ` g turers. { in n ~ Field Experiments With Fert111zers.. . .. _ The past season was unfavorable for the growth of crops, yet I * . ` our experiments in this line were quite satisfactory, with the F ' ._ results the same as heretofore, viz: That whenever potash was , a I one of the ingredients of the fertilizer used on corn, potatoes, , p( tobacco or hemp, there resulted an increased yield, while on al pasture, meadow, hemp and tobacco, nitrate of soda, in T] I addition to a potash fertilizer, produced the\best results. ` On _ SC t Z wheat, however, no effect could be obtained, by the use of . O1 ` , ., potash or any commercial fertilizer, at least as to the yield. I lg i The fall growth was the most vigorous on those plots containing .; W . r potash. I s , Crop Tests. . S Q _ _ Many tests have been made in this li11e, mainly to study a ` ` varieties. The varietal tests have mostly been made by the 1 Horticultural Division, and are reported byProf. Mathews in . _ his report incorporated herein. ~ >*in > r s l