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9 > Image 9 of Annual report. 1894

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

i r REPORT OF AGRICULTURAL EXPRRIMENT STATION. rx . 1 i . Grass Plots. - l 4 Prof. Garmau has under his charge a very complete test of ' V j 9 the different varieties of grasses, clovers and forage plants. These experiments now under way for four years are becoming 1 P of much interest. j. 4 , V , g . 4S_ ` The Use of Paris Green to Destroy the Tobacco Worm. Q G ' Paris Green is being used to, some extent by our tobacco ;_ B Z growers to destroy the tobacco worm. The Paris Green is R l- 6 mixed with water, and this mixture sprayed on the growing l i` 3 6 _ plant. This is very effective and very inexpensive, compared 4 4 l` with the methodof picking the worms off by hand. It would be _' fl 1 used almost universally were it not for the fear that the Paris _ IG Green would adh`ere to the mature and cured leaf, and thereby i 1 . ll poison the consumer. For the purpose of testing to what ex- . 4 LG tent the Paris Green does adhere, Prof. Garman and Prof. Peter . 2~ have made a number of tests, the results of which may be found in Bulletin No. 53. More extensive experiments in this line will be made the coming year. . _ ` ig Study of Methods of Analysis. _i 1S The study of methods of analysis occupies a considerable- i S4 portion of the time of the chemists. Mr. Peter `has given 4 ,11 almost his entire time this year to the study of soil analysis. V 111 The necessity of such work is self-evident. If a method of ,11 1 Soil analysis can be discovered whereby we can tell the amount 1f of available plant food to a certainty in any soil, a great prob- an ? lem in agricultural science will have been solved, and one which 1g Will be of incalculable value to agriculture. . . Publications. 1; g The publications of the Station since the report of last year ly are as follows : ` if le { . . . . sti in Bulletin No. 48. Commercial fertilizers. 1 Blllletln N0. 49, I, Destructive locusts lll kelltuoky. 4 II. The bud-worm of tobacco. Y . l e