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The Kentucky Kernel, October 12, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL. XIV LEXINGTON, KY. STROLLER TRYOUTS FOR AMATEUR NIGHT HELD TO BE OCTOBER 22-- 24 Contest For Stroller Eligibility Open to All Sixty-Fiv- e lias been the custom for the last nine years for the Strollers to present 4 - (Continued on page 8.) K DEBATING TEAM DISCUSS PLANS Selection THIS YEAR FOR of Team To Competitive Method Be By At a meeting of former members of the University debating team prospective debaters for the coming year, and Professor William R. Sutherland, of English, plans the Department of were discussed for the debating of the year. Debates are tentative with Tennessee, Centre, Ohio State, and South Carolina, besides many other prominent schools. Many of the smaller institutions will be dropped from the schedule. Selection of the team will be by the competitive method- and any student of the University is eligible. Preliminary tryouts will not be held until shortly after the Christmas holidays and applications will be received until that date. Eighteen students were present at the opening meeting, among whom were two women students, Prudence Lyon and Elsie Reeves, who are reported to have been doing good work in this field in minor ways. Others present were: John H. Hunter, H. H. Grooms, F. P. Bell, Joseph K. Hays, S. H. Rice, Richard J. Frame, Win. P. Burks, J. P. Frazier, E. P. Morris, II. C. Johnson, W. Richard Metcalf, - (Continued on page 4) Provision 21,000 HOLD MEMORIAL Comrade ' Last year the National Tau Beta Pi convention was held at Michigan, but this year they traveled due south until the landed on the University of Kentucky campus. On October 18, 19 and 20. 65 delegates from 45 schools will meet here to take up the national business of the organization. Tau Beta Pi is a National honorary engineering fraternity. It is the goal of every student engineer to be among the chosen few of this society. The members are those students who have obtained a high standing during their freshman and sophomore years. A of the junior class is percentage pledged and a certain percentage of the same class is again chosen the following year. The active Kentucky chapter is composed of I. B. Helburm J. W. Gudgel, W. N. Schwab, G. R. Page, H. L. Strauss, T. L. Garwood, C. J. Tate and C. E. Scott. Following is a program of the convention: Thursday morning Arrival, inspection of campus. Thursday noon Luncheon at the Phoenix Hotel. Welcoming address by Dr. Frank L. McVey and Dean F. Paul Anderson. Thursday night Smoker at Dicker meeting. Hall. Friday morning 'Business session. Friday afternoon Automobile tour of Bluegrass. night Friday formal Annual dance at Phoenix. Saturday morning Closing business mcet;ng. Saturday afternoon Football game. Saturday night Banquet. K CHEER LEADERS TO BE NAMED FROM EACH CLASS IN SCHOOL PRICE Me LEAN PRICE M'LEAN, VARSITY CENTER, DIES QF INJURY RECEIVED JDURING GAME Blow on Head During Cincinnati Contest Causes Blood Clot THOUGHT NOT SERIOUS Teammates Act As Pallbearers At Last Rites For Student Price McLean, varsity center, of the University of Kentucky football team, died Sunday night at 7:15 o'clock from injuries received in the game played at Cincinnati Saturday afternoon. McLean received a blow over the left eye which caused a clot on the brain and the Kentucky player died after an operation which, until his death, was thought to be successful. The injury which caused the death of the Blue and White player was received a few minutes before theend of the first half of the game Saturday. From the sidelines it was not possi-a1l- e to see that McLean was injured, although on one play he lined up slowly and paused as if to catch his breath. On the next play the center got into position, apparently without any trouble. On the field, however, McLean was putting up a fight to stay in the game and complete his The 'blow that he received work. temporarily blinded him, but on each play he would line up with his team Kentuck- y-Cincinnati (Continued on Page K Four) -- K Class elections OPERA "MARTHA" CHORUS CAST OF 45 SELECTED following dates: Held in Form of Sextets, Thursday for the chorus of The final the opera "Martha," which is to be presented by the music departmen in the near future, were held Thursday afternoon in the music rooms under the direction of PrPofessor Carl Lampert. The chorus, which supports forty-fiv- e voices, was selected 'from approximately one hundred applicants. The were held in the form of sextettes, and each applicant was required to know and uphold his part. The will be results of Thursday's disclosed next wee. Unusual interest has been shown in the department's selection for its 1923 production. "Martha" is the first grand opera that has been attempted and it supports six leads in addition to the chorus. Each practice has been spirited throughout and present indications point toward a brilliant success. Final Try-out- s try-ou- try-ou- ts j NOTICEI try-ou- j The Kentuckiau this year has a space set aside to be devoted to the Beauty Section which will contain the six prettiest girls in the university. Voting will take place next Tuesday, so watch all posters for information and all girls for the beauty section. A. O. Whipple, superintendent of grounds of the University has been instructed to make soundings of the site on which the football stadium of the University is to be placed, following a meeting of the University of Kentucky stadium executive committee, held Friday at the Lafayette Hotel. The stadium will be completed by September, 1924, according to the plans outlined by J. Irvine Lylc, general manager of the Carrier Engineering Company, of New York, who is head of the committee appointed to supervise the erection of the football structure. The stadium will be erected thirty feet south of Winslow street, on a line with, and adjoining the new basketball building, which is now under construction. Both structures will be surrounded by an ornamental fence. The architecture will conform with that of the basketball building. The stadium will be in the form of the letter "U." There will be 32 tiers of seats, affording a seating capacity of 21,000 persons. Provision will also be made for the erection of bleachers across the open end. Mr. Lylc has been in touch during the fall and summer with a number of the leading stadium architects of the country, some of whom will be asked to pass upon the stadium plans in an advisory capacity. The architect is under consideration by the commitMr. Lyle is visiting larger uni- tee. Memorial services were held Tuesday at the fifth hour in the chapel for Price Innes McLean, who died Sunday at 7:30 following an operation for a blow on the head received in the football game Saturday between University of Kentucky and University of Cincinnati at Cincinnati. Dr. F. L. McVey presided, opening the exercises by reading the ninety-firpsalm which was followed by the Lord's prayer. Doctor McVey then introduced Doctor Bush, of the Presbyterian church, who in a few remarks paid tribute to Price McLean, in which he said his life was a house with two rooms and our comrade had only passed to the other room. He impressed upon all the need of a larger faith in a larger and fuller life. Professor Enoch Grehan, representing the Athletic Council and faculty staff, made impressive remarks reminding the student body that McLean died in service for the University and in no better way can our recollection of his worthiness be proved than to carry on his burden where he left fraud to do as well as he did. The football team was represented by Dell Ramsey, who paid a touching tribute to the character of his teammate, saying he was a thorough gentleman, hand ifighter, conscientious worker and his memory leaves an inspiration and example of sportsman(Continued to Page 8) ship to his teammates. WilKam Tate, Kjunior class of the president of the University, C. M. C. Porter, president CLASS ELECTION DATES of the junior class in the college of engineering also spoke of the sterling AND RULESPUBLISHED qualities of their classmate. Marshall Barnes, president of the student council, presented resolutions Vote By Secret Balwhich were adopted by the student Students to lot and Must Sign Docbody. After singing America, Names tor Bush pronounced the benediction. st Will Be Awarded To All Those Who Make Good In order to stimulate enthusiasm and interest in athletic circles the following plans for the election of cheer leaders have been devised. Each class with the execption of the Juniors will elect a member to the cheer leading squad with a senior member as captain of the cheer leaders. The Junior class will elect two (members, one of which will be eliminated the following year. By the election of two leaders from the Junior class we are more nearly assured a capable leader for each succeeding year. The cheer leaders are to be elected by a popular class vote at the regular class election and their election must comply with the rules governing the elections of other class officers. Let-- , tcrs will be awarded to cheer leaders. K pencil, LOST A gold eversharp with initials E. G. Finder please re-- ( turn to Esther Gilbert. Will Act As Advisory Board Representatives of Organizations Pay Tribute to Fallen tend SURVEY Leading Architects of Country M'LEAN i i At- - For Seating Persons in New Structure Made BEGIN GRIDIRON SERVICES FOR PRICE 20 Delegates of National Fraternity to Letters COMPLETION SEPT, 1924 ers please report Friday at 3:30 building to p. m. at the Gym Ryan Ringo. K- 19-- FOR All candidates for cheer lead- Su-K- Three Best Plays to Be Selected CONVENTION OCT, For Hallowe'en Night Program 1 FOOTBALL STADIUM All who arc willing to offer use of their cars for entertainment of Washington and Lee team Saturday morning, report president of to Snecd Yager, y Circle. the It RUSH PLANS IN BUILDING NOTICE SCHEDULE TO BE POSTED TAU BELTA PI TO an entertainment known as "Amateur All Night" on Hallowe'en night. players showing any particular aptitude are entered on the Stroller list of eligrblcs and as such will be entitled to try for parts in the Stroller play. The following rules will govern the contest leading up to Stroller eligibility: 1. The contest is open to any stu dent in the University of Kentucky. Preliminary tryouts will begin 2. on October 22 and last thru October 24. All entries will be scheduled to appear some time during these days by the Strolleers committee. 3. From the preliminary tryouts, the three best plays will be selected to appear before the student body in chapel on Hallowe'en night, October 31. The best play of these three will be selected by special judges, to which a prize will be awarded. The prize will be announced later. 4. Anyone desiring information or assistance- come to Stroller headquarters in basement of Science building from 3:30 to 5:30 p. on any week-da- y m. (October 10 to 18.) 5. Aspirants will be required to No. 3 NOTICE -- i OCTOBER 12, 1923 will be held on the Senior and freshman presidents presidents, Tuesday, Oct. 30. Junior and sophomore presidents and vice president, Wednesday, Oct. and-vic- 31. Nominations for the above offices must be made in the form of a petition signed by not less than 25 classmates of the nominee. All petitions must be in the office of the Dean of Men not later than 6 p. in., Oct. 20. All votes will be cast by secret ballot, all students being required to place their signature and the college in which they are enrolled on their respective ballots. Students of the Engineering College will vote in Dicker Hall. Students of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics will vote in the Agricultural Building. Students of the College of Law, Arts and Science and Education will vote in the Administration building.