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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 65, no. 4, 1995

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l I l i * . . . Dedee deeeddd eee ddd Wed pep deed dee NCAA I j A= V= .. graduation, He has restored his eligibility. He can- , g * Z currently tools i celed an agreement he had made for g A d',d .. ,/, J; 4 z- _ ddA* around campus in a screenplay of his life story, which i r r A . 7 d o A eddy equipped eeehpeeedr deldeed dee dpeddde 1 i`'` ',,, ee , I Ford Explorer. athletes receiving "extra benefits? ' if ` __ "The money is Harold, of course, believed all 1 5 I n { Q ~ p~ L . nice," he said, along that he would be back in uni- , `*i' " ` - ;. { * A but if I could give l form for the fifth game of the season [ . I i ,_: z A i it all back and l against Auburn. After all he has been " bring my friends through, he certainly wouldnt despair- ` y Iii, back, I definitely l about some silly rule. 2V_ Iilp VV_ would." l The only thing that ever gets him Q i_ in Harold wants down is that people often see him , ei things m0Y Cirlrlif through 21 terribly narrow prism, M ,V;/ E `4`g' _ ligi; buy, such as more He is not the Carrollton Bus Crash playing time on g Boy. He is a normal college kid with the UK football , normal college problems, such as ,t,, [3U1. A fOI'l"IlI` all- glI`lS,' gI`8.dS Zlfld getllllg 3 few lhOr state soccer player reps IH pr3Ct1Ce. , at North Hardin, i He certainly doesn t see himself as ' he played that l an exalted Spokesman for Hope, D ' sport for one sea- l though he admits that God has called E J =- SGH at U Of L b_ him {O, and Saved him {Or, 3 Special {T V_g _ _; igr Z gi:=_i fore switching kind of ministry. I sports and schools. "Its obvious," Harold said. Im -iA`, _A __, Qf`; Spent one year as a tain ways. Maybe I can be a good A ` walkon kicker, impetus for what people should do in Demris returned two punts in the UK Homecoming game coaches noticed trying situations." with LSU, one for 31 yards and another for nine yards. that he ran a 4.49- The cards, letters and interview second 40-yard requests keep pouring in. Apparently Andrea says her mother, who is Kore- dash and moved him to wide receiver. there are many who believe that there an, disapproved of Harold because he { He hopes to see more action than he is a meaning in the seemingly inex- is black and because of his scars. 3 did last year, when he got in for only plicable horror of events such as those Harold was not allowed to visit and one play at the end of a 52-0 loss at of May 14, 1988. In the face of rarely even called. The relationship f Tennessee. unspeakable suffering, it is possible thrived nonetheless. Some girls, who l For throwing a remarkable block not only to survive but to thrive. developed a sudden interest in Harold y on special teams, Harold was named Once in a great while a human once he started dating Andrea, accused Player of the Game. He had to laugh. being comes along that is a great her of dating Harold for his money. IfI happen to catch an 80-yard pass inspiration to everybody he touches," He received a substantial piece of this season, I might be up for the Heis- Curry has said. "I can count on one A the $40 million judgment awarded to man or something." If you really want hand the number of people that have crash victims from the bus manufac- to get Harolds goatjust compare him l affected me in that way. One of them i turers. The author of a book on the , to Rudy, the titular hero of a recent is here. Hes part of us. tragedy reported that families of the movie about a modestly gifted walk-on * children killed each received $5750,000 for Notre Dame. I have set before you lqe and death, { and that payments to survivors varied A Now that really gets me, he said. blessing and cursing: therefore choose ly}:. with the severity of their injuries. If you watch the movie, the guys are Deuteronomy 30:19 ,~ Harold will only say that he is finan- down on him the whole time. No one l cially secure for life. He boughta Ford y expects him to do jack because he`s Rejrrinted with jmrrnissimr of the Escort when he turned I6 and treated I not a good athlete at all. I.ouisvil{e Courierjournal @1995. I i Winter 1995 Kentucky Alurrrnus 7 l