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5 > Image 5 of Annual report. 1911

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

5SY { 13b Agmcultural Expemment Stat1on BOARD OF CONTROL. . RICHARD C. STOLL, Chairman, Lexington, Ky. CHARLES B. NICHOLS, Lexington, Ky. LEWIS L. WALKER, Lancaster, Ky. HENRY S. BARKER, President of the University. MELVILLE A. SCOVELL, Director, Secretary. STATION OFFICERS. M. A. SCOVELL, Director and Chemist. A. M. PETER, Chief Chemist, Head of Chemical Division. H. E. CURTIS, Chief Chemist, Head of Fertilizer Division. I H. GARMAN, Entomologist and Botanist, Head of Division. _ R. M. ALLEN, Head of Food and Drug Division. _ J. D. TURNER, Head of Feed Division. J. O. LaBACH, Chief Chemist, Food and Drug Division. MISS M. L. DIDLAKE, Assistant Entomologist and Botanist. S. D. AVERITT, Chemist, Chemical Division. O. M. SHEDD, Chemist, Chemical Division. MISS LILLIE LISTON, Chief Clerk, Food and Drug Division. E. C. VAUGHN, Assistant Entomologist and Botanist. GEORGE ROBERTS, Agronomist, Head of Division of Agronomy. ` E. S. GOOD, Head of Animal Husbandry Division. . J. WV. NUTTER, Assistant in Dairying, Animal Husbandry Division. ` MISS O. L. GINOCHIO, Secretary to the Director. H. D. SPEARS, Chemist, Feed Division. I , MISS ANNA XVALLIS, Stenographer, Fertilizer Division. J. IV. McFARLIN, Inspector, Food and Drug Division. E. KINNEY, Assistant Agronomist. _ XVILLIAM C. MATTIIE\\S, Artist, Division of Entomology and Botany. T. R. BRYANT, Extension \Vork. L. A. BROXVN, Drug Chemist, Food and Drug Division. JOHN I. CLAYBROOKE, Inspector, Feed and Fertilizer Divisions. . WV. R. PINNELL, l`nspector, Food and Drug Division. C. S. PORTER, Drug Inspector, Food and Drug Division. B. D IVILSON, Assistant Chemist, Fertilizer Division. , D. J. HEALY, Bactcriologist and Microscopist. A. E. EWAN, Assistant to the Agronomist. MISS MAY G. GINOCI-IIO, Clerk, Food and Drug Division. WILLIAM RODES, Assistant Chemist Fertilizer Division. MISS LILLA J. PHELPS, Stenographer. ROBERT GRAHAM, Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry Division. ' F M. SURFACE, Biologist, Animal Husbandry Division. L. S. CORBET, Assistant in Animal Husbandry. H. H. JE\\E'I`T, Assistant in Research Entomology. V H. R. NISWONGER, Assistant in Nursery Inspection, Division of Ento- mology and Botany. MISS F. C. ROGERS, Stenographer. JOSEPH H. KASTLE, Research Chemist, Head of Division of Chemical Research. B. F. SCHERFFIUS, Expert, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Address of the Station, . LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY.