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8 > Image 8 of Annual report. 1911

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

viii Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the ANNUAL REPORT OF THE Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station . FOR THE YEAR 1911. REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR. . The work of the Station in 1911 has been mainly along the same lines described in my last Annual Report, and under the same organization, with the addition of a new Division, namely, the Division of Chemical Research with Dr. Joseph H. Kastle at its head. . There has been marked progress and material growth in the work of the several divisions, and some valuable results have been obtained, as ` will appear in the following summary: Clicnziccll Division. The work of this Division during the calendar year 1911, included analyses of 431 samples, V of which 214 were soils. As heretofore, many samples of minerals, rocks and other materials, not included in the . above number, have been examined qualitatively and re- _ ported upon. Of soils analyzed, 96 were collected by Mr. S. C. Jones of the State Geological Survey in .the cooperative soil survey work, namely: 34 samples from Breckinridge County, 32 from Rockcastle, 20 from Meade and 10 from - Henderson. One hundred and four samples were analyzed ` for farmers of the State to aid in determining the proper treatment of their land. As Mr. Shedd was Referee on Inorganic Plant Con- stituents of the Association of Oflicial Agricultural Chem- ists, this year, and Mr. Averitt, Associate Referee on In- secticides, they were obliged to devote much time to these subjects. Their work shows satisfactory progress in the efforts to improve the methods for determining iron and aluminium in the ashes of plants and for the analysis of lime-sulphur solution and of arsenate of lead. lV[r. Shedd also did some valuable work on the determining of iron and aluminium in phosphate rock. The several series of pot experiments in the Station greenhouse have been continued, under Mr. Jones, with the