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Image 57 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1885-1886)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l · I ’ , rl yi; ADDRESS ON COIVINIENCEMENT DAY A JAS K PATTERSON R D E S A i if · · 1 -1 · · ·1¢ lt A ` l PRESIDENT OF THE STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. t , · [l’ub1ish0·.l by ordcr of thc ISt»at1·d 0f'1`rnstec¢s.] , In the ;thst:1n·u of (:}0\`L‘l`llt)I' Knott. who wus invitcd tn nddrvss yuu, I pt·»·pt»=¤,· t·,> ·»t·· nity ynur tinic t`·»r an {hw ininutus with at hricf 1`L’II`<)$l)CL‘{. It is thw custnin with atll `V oitgztqutl in llIcI't‘tlIlIllt* pursuits und in nnnntt';tcturing ontcrpriso, to tnlcc nn inventory nt` 1ts. This is dtnic hy thc Buzird of Trustrus ztninntlly, hut nn nn prt·vi·»u< l { t1\‘t‘1l:ltJll lnmvc tho public been taken into the cuiititlritcc 0i` thc Cnllcge :uith¤·riti··< ats it I l¤l`¤¤}'><·$t‘ tn do ttm-dttv. _ 'l`wt~nty-unte ymtrs lntvc clnpsrtl si11<:·; thc l\grit·ultur:il und )lt·t·li:tni<·;tl (`·»llt·gc \\`il> ·eI` ING!. { vlnnatting lttnds to thc Stzm;sti>1· this pt1t·l¤·st·, in pr¤¤p<·rti·>11 tw l'C1ll'l‘5t'l1l2lIl¤1l1. 'l`h·· I __ ;tIl··ttn··nt tn l{entut·lo11<:t¤i` thu d¤·n<»n1in;ttit»n:tl<·<»ll··gt,·s nt` I th·· t`··tn·n·»nw¤·;tlth, instead 4>t`}»t1tting it ut nnrc upon ztn in¤l··p¤·inl0nt husis. Thr} hind srrip wzts s¤·l·l t`('('L‘(l* inv¤·stt;l'¤!\'ltlt), within :t r··;t<··n:t- hl··ti1nt·. ;t iltrin worth 1l<>Il(3$*[ll2lll $lU0,Utl0_ t`·»r the use ut` thu Agri<·ultur;tl <`··llug·: s l.‘*|`*‘Xl¤t·l‘lltl4}l1I1tl 1'»lll'l><*>(JS. und at }l