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6 > Image 6 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1885-1886)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

./ I L _ Q F A C U L T Y. T . V C S A JAMES K. PATTERSON, Pu. D., F. S. A., F. R. H. S., Pm:s1Dx:N1, .__ ].)1'OfS$<)1` of Mctnpliysics and Civil History. il 5 ROBERT PETER. M. D., P1uf`cs;01 of Cliumistry und Expcriiinciitzil Physics. 9 . JOHN SHACKLEFORD, A. M., , U Pl'<"lfQSSOl` of thc English Language and LlLCl`Hi.ll1`L'. ` _ ! ; i JAMES G. WVHITE, V. 11xt`issn1 of l`I1ltllCll12ltl(S. Physics and Astiwiimny. ~ L . ; A. R. CRANDALL, A. M., Pu. D., l PlOfC>SO1`(Yf Natural History and Dimectnr of the Mccliunicnl ]'>epzut l ment. - P. M. HELYETI, 11;t`es;01 of the French and Gernmn Lzuiguagus and Litc1;itui. JOHN H. NEVILLE, A. M., M _ P1of`ess0i of the Latin and Gruek Languages and Lit;1:1tui0. {Lk MAURICE KIRBY, A. M., P1ut`uss01 of Mural and Political Pliilusophy and PiinAN1, i 1)1`Oi`FSO1` 0f` Civil, Mi-cliz1i1i0:1l mid Mining Enginocring and l\I.ilitury i Scicncc. J I 1 WVALTER K. PATTERSON, ` I l)l'lH(lP2ll of the Pl'Cllill`HtO1`}' Dcpzwtuiciit. M. L. PENCE, M. S., li1st1int<.1 in Bwolc-lcccpiiig and Assistant in I1upz11utu1y I)cp:ut11ic1nt. , A XV. D. LAMBETH, A. B., I Instiusistn11t in l10p:u:ntmy Dip;uL nu-nt. l rv