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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

. _1_ 1 MUHLENBERG COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS - - if AMERICAN LEGION, CENTRAL CITY POST #61 (Anerican Legion, Department of in Kentucky; National American Legion), Post Headquarters, Central City. if Commander, Shelley DePoyster, Central City. Telephone 4574W. Adjutant, _~ { Haynes Hendricks, Central City. Terms expire June, 1943. ` tf Membership: V70. Open to veterans of World War I, holding honorable discharge. :9 *'' , " , Committees: Publicity, Rudd Reno; Defense, E. T. Anderson; Welfare, E. L. i Adkins, all of Central City; i Purpose: `Welfare work particularly among service and exservice men. w ""' 3 iv Normal Civic Activities: Close cooperation with Central City Defense il Council.`: , l_A , _ Q Defense Activitiesi` Interested in Auxiliary Police, Aid Raid Warden i Service, ivilian Aircraft`Warning Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Q Red Cross Assistance. . . Q Local Publicatipns: None. ` AMERTCANCLEGION, CREENVILLE POST %8O KAmerican Legion, Department of q Kentucky; National American Legion},Q/o Guy E. Lovell, Greenville. i Founded]l919 Commander, W. R. Puryean, Greenville. Term expires 1945. ,i_ A Adjttant, Guy E.`Lovel1. Telephone 549-J. Term expires 1945. i Ngmbershipi 55. Qualifications, veteran of`World`War I with honorable ip discharge. T _ _ _ i Committeeszy None reported. i . `i~j1. he _l` Q l rl Purpose: ,Patriotic and fellowship organization te aid'veterans and ip theirfamilies.`_ _ p . J y L _A _ , . ? Normal Civicictivitiesz Coopcrates with Red Cross, Civilian Defense. 3 DefenseAEtivities: Interested in Auxiliary Polico,.Air Raid Warden i; Service, Civilianiairerdft"Warning Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, pi Salvage Demolition Service, Emergency Repair Service, Motor Corps Service, L Ambulance Service, Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Rod Cross Assistance, 1 First Aid, Operation of Canteens, Child Caro, Collection of*Scrap Metals is and Other Metals. L _ in Local Publications: inane.? 2- _p-_. A ` t 7