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Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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v··*2· ( _. r . l 1 Cor AMERICAN RED CROSS, CENTRAL CITY CHAPTER (American National Red Cross), c/o ‘_ PTE Leslie Leach, Central City. Founded 1917. Chairman, Leslie Leach. “County ·· _ TSI Executive·Secretary, Mrs.`W."D.‘ Gentry, Central City. Terms indefinite. - r · ‘ ' Y ` ‘ _ ' ` Men Membership: 15. Qualifications, contributors of an annual fee of one dollar o """ OI` OV€I`• _ l I A Co; Committees: Disaster, W. D. Gentry, ll'? South Fifth Street; Shelter, Granger Pm Simpson;-Funds, L. M. Sass; Publicity, E. J. Anderson, allof Central City. . "?” °' l t,Y- Nm Purpose: Emergency aid in time of war or disaster. _ y ""' Normal Civic Activities: Production and distribution of clothing and the "" L necessities of life to victims of war or catastrophe. » _ ‘ _ __ Loy Defense Activities: Engaged Hospital and Clinical Assistanc_e_,' Sewing and j Preparatien of Surgical Dressings. Training for (First Aid. 9'Interested . l ¥ BOT Auxiliary Police, Air Raid Warden Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Ambulance Am¤ Service, Red Cross Assistance. A · A Sci Local Publications: None. · ’ A . C M9; AMERICAN RED CROSS, MUHLENBERG COUNTY CHAPTER (American National Red Cross), Cot Greenville. ~Founded`l9l»7. Chairman, Rev. A. B.;Gross, Greenville. Telephone ( "` 16. Secretary, J. E. Hoodenpyl, Greenville. Telephone 6. Executiive I, " _; Pu Secretary, Mrs. F—. A. Irvin, Greenville. Telephone 557-J. Terms indefinite. ` ° "-` . Nc Membership: 1025. Open to all persons making an- annual subscription of one' " "" . dollar or more. ‘ DG ( . ( E Conmitteeji Home Service, Rev. A. B. Gross; Disaster Preparedness, T. O. I Hall; Iirst Aid and Life Saving, Paul Whitmeri Home Nursing, Mrs. E. L. Gates; T} LO Special Services, Mrs. Geo. Hill; Motor Corps,~ Mrs. T. G. Rogers; Nutrition,`. . _ — Mrs. V. E. Ford; Canteen, Mrs. Roy Swann; Production, Mrs. J, F. Mulligan; Surgical Dressings, Mrs. F. A; Hunter; Knitting, Mrs. J. E. ‘Nickliffe;'Sewing, 1Q BC Mrs. W. C. Malone; Purchasing, Mrs. W. G`. Duncan; Packing and Shipping, Mrs. ·- Arr R. P. Countzlor, all of Greenville. Gr p Purpose; Home service for disabled ex-service and service men. Emergency aid" in time of Disaster. A = V ‘ l l ° Mc g _.,’ A A l Q Normal Civic Activities: Distribution of the necessities of life tolvictims of" · I war and catastrophe, · ‘ " C; Defense Activi_t_ii2s: Engaged Red Cross Assistance; Interested. in Ambulance};. E { Service, Hospital and Clinical Assistance, First Aid, Interviewing. E I Nc Local Publications: None. i E-E A 1 Dc E