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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

. V .-3- N BAPTIST TRAINING UNION, GREENVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH (Southern Baptist T Convention of B. T. U.), Baptist Church, Greenville. Founded 1915. _ P? President, Eades Baird, Greenville. Secretary, Inez Sweeney, Greenville. { Terms expire October, 194:2. _ . {I Membership: `100. Open to members of the churchs I Committees: Enlistment, John Rhea Boggess, Greenville. ii Purpose: Training in Christian service. l if Normal Civic Activities: None, A A ' @ Defense Activities: Interested in Typing and Other Clerical Assistance. E Local Publications: None. U g BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, CENTRAL~CITY racer #41 (National Council, Boy Scouts of 3 i} America), q/o James F. Rice, 506 Morehead Street, Central City. Founded 1935. so Scoutmaster, James F. Rice. Telephone 205. Term indefinite. Q: Membership: 25. Qualifications, boys 12 to 16 years of age, able to pass i scout tests and_requirements.II I_ 2 Committees: Troop, George`L.'Wallace,Central City. ` `` " Q Purpose: `Character building, citizenship and community service. ` _ ' N Normal Civic Activitiesr.Nonc_reported. (_ I: .iLI I_ ` ,4I: Q Defense Activities:_ Interested in Collection of Scrap Netls and Other Metals, I Collecting Books.l I I lg Local Publications: Ncnc, "`i *4A N l ` AAI 3 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, MUHLENBERG COUNTY DISTRICT (National Boy Scouts of .. ig America), c/o A. B. Gross, Greenville. Founded 1938. Chairman, A. B. Gross, gr Greenville. Telephone lS,"SOcfCtdfy, Robert Kirkpatrick, Beech Creek. 4 I, Terms expire January, 1943. ` V` N c t . I: Nbvbership: 6fTrocps. IOpon to boys 12 to 18 years of age able to pass Scout f test and requirements, I I ( I ..'. L.I y_ _ I (l Committees: None reported. ' zi I Purpose: Character building, citizenship training and community service. It Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with churches, schools, civic and IE I social_organizati5ns. .I ; _ I ( __ A ii Defense Activities: Training for (First Aid.) Interested in Auxiliary Police, { Collecting Books, Signal Service. Local Publications: None.