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The Kentucky Kernel, April 18, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky VOL, X LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, APRIL 18, 1918 TO CROSS DAY TO BE RED "LESSLESS" y PARTY CELEBRATED TOMORROW Toasted Marshmallows a Full Moon to Help and Hostess House For Soldiers Is Latest Plan of Auxiliary DR. McVEY TO SPEAK SAVE YOUR TINFOIL Lieutenant Clarkson, a hero of the battle of the Somme, will be the chief speaker at the chapel exercises tomorrow, which will be under the auspices of the University Red Cross, and designated as Red Cross day. Fifty girls in the uniform of Red Cross nurses will occupy the rostrum. Friday will be "lossless" night according to reports, when the entire University, including students, professors, officials and faculty wives will gather on the lawn of Patterson Hall for an evening of fun and frolic, where nothing will be lacking, engineered by the social committees of the Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. No. 26 CATS VS. TENNESSEE IN TWO GAMES HERE " The Wildcats cross bats with the University of Tennessee Friday and Saturday. The Volunteers have played a game with the Pittsburg Pirates who defeated them 13 to 0. Beyond that, no dope is available except that two of the best men of last year's team are playing this year. Calloway, short atoP( and Luck firBt bafle are the and both are touted as experts in their positions. The Wildcats are in top form and are only awaltlng the tIme when Mc Clellan's glass arm will get back to its top form. He will start Friday's game if his arm will permit. Jim Park says his infield is doing all he wants them to do, and he expects some remarkable fielding in the Tennessee games. COME TO UNIV. ON FRENCH BATTLEFIELD WILL MAY 7 Lewis W. Herndon Killed in Special Engineering TrainThe Defense of ing Will Be Given Peronne Men FROM CLASS OF 1919 ROYDEN IN COMMAND Kentucky gave another son to the Contracts have been made between Hun war god, and the University add- the University of Kentucky, thru ed a second gold star to its service President McVey, and the War Deflag, when Lewis W. Herndon, Irving-ton- , partment of the United States, whereKy., of the Sixth Regiment, U. S. by the University has agreed to furengineers, was killed in action while nish all facilities necessary for the his regiment was attached to the Brit- training of engineers for the army, and on May 7, 400 drafted men of the ish forces. young Herndon national army will be sent to the UniTho the University auxiliary has It is believed that for two months' special fell in the battle of Peronne in which versity A light moon has been ordered for been organized but a short time, its three regiments of U. S. engineers training in motor truck driving, radio the occasion. Japanese lanterns will work has been worthy of mention. were attached to the British forces. an delectrical work, etc. assist the inconstant lunar beams, and Already twenty hospital garments are This contract was immediately fol completed, A letter written a month ago to rela thousands of surgical s bonfires, before which luscious tives, and received last week stated lowed by one between President Mc may be toasted, will add to dressings have been made at the class which meets every Saturday night at CATS TAKES EASY GAME that the regiment, of which he was a Vey and Ed. A. Tipton, president of the brightness of the festivities. member, had been moved into a the Kentucky Trotting Horse Breed"Stunts," which will rival anything Patterson Hall, and plans are now on foot for a Hostess House to be French town and had been engaged ers' Association, whereby the offer of presented amateur night, will furnish conducted by the Red Cross and Y. FROM WESLEYAN MONDAY in constructing barracks for the Brit- Mr. Tipton, giving the use of the amusement for the crowd. Professor ish soldiers until it was called up to grounds and buildings of the associaParquhar, authority on dramatic prob- W. C. A. for the 400 soldiers who are to be stationed here. some de- tion for quartering the men, was acthe front to reconstruct lems, is in charge of a faculty feacepted. McClellan is Still Out On stroyed bridges. Probably the greatest work has ture. Wellington Patrick, secretary to The notification from the War DeAccount of Bad Mr. Herndon was a student in the the President, will present another. been done by the Ways and Means partment that the University has been Arm. College of Mechanical and Electrical The "Old Dormites," under the direc- Committee which has Miss Marie Col Engineering in 1916 and 1917, and selected as the site for the special tion of Charles Planck, will put on lins as its chairman. A steadily growPROPPS IS STAR MAN would have been a member of the training of the 400 men came Satursomething original. Patterson Hall ing fund gained by selling sandwiches day, terminating the conference bepresent Junior class. Herndon acted stunt is in charge of Mrs. F. O. Mayes. at noon and chapel hours, by conductThe Wildcats crossed bats with tween visiting officers from the War sergeant for the battalion The Mechanicals and Ags. will also be ing a refreshment table at dances, and Kentucky Wesleyan Monday and came as color Department and Captani Royden. a Red Cross dance, is still expanding. back with both bats and a score of 16 last year. He was a member of Kaprepresented. Royden to Command pa Sigma fraternity, and a man well The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to 3 to their credit. Any group or organization wanting It has been announced that Captain by his associates. Kentucky's batteries were Lasley liked H. N. Royden, captain United States to put on a stunt of any kind, should has commissioned the Red Cross girls Herndon, tho not 2i until March, to make its service flag, which is to and Downing with Dempsey and Army, will be the commanding ofhand in their names to Miss Eliza 1918, volunteered for service in May Spurrier, chairman of the stunt com be in the shape of the fraternity Thomas. The game was not bare of ficer of the increment and that four The latest money makIng interesting features. Wildcats at the 1917. He was in training in Washing commissioned officers of the line to mittee. A prize will be awarded for!shleldton, D. C, thru the summer, and was cam-)bwent their way in peace, two of serve as captain adjutant, quartermas the cleverest stunt. The Judges for scheme is a Red Cross sent to France in December. It is ter, summary court duty officer, and contest are, Dr. John J. Tigert, paIgn whIch ls soon to be Inaugurated-- . them getting three hits each. These the regiment was in the officer of the field, will accompany PmfQnr Vnnni, rjrhnn ' r0an x n ' Every student, professor and friend. were proDDg and Greger. Cambron believed that his Jnath of the bie German drive which the men. These, with the officers of OL lne university la uaiuju iu aavo and Konn eacn got tW0 . .. OUt Of. hits Boyd. uegan uiree wbbrs ugu. n 1a iu from cigarette wrappings, three times ud all the student battalion enrolled in the No meeting of the week is complete first student of the University to fall Reserve Officers' Training Corps, anriv nfianrlnf cum aio fnr Hip T?firt will The star of the game was Propps without a patriotic feature, and the Sidney Smith, in whose ; Cross collection. They are urged to according to Coach Park He had one in battle. make up the personnel of the staff. associations have been particularly memory the first gold star was placed Series of Courses Offered fortunate in their choice of a speaker, wrlte home for more tInfo11' and t0 put out to his credit and five assists. on the University service flag, was Captain Royden, with the assistance He refused to ' miss a chance and President McVey, who will make a get me smau stores 10 buvo it iui off a torpedo boat in a storm of Dean F. , Paul Anderson, College of nnnpd tin manv - errnunrler in a' washed . . a i short patriotic address. It was at a them une Keu uross nopes 10 aau- ao r Mechanical Engineering, Is arranging says . last fall. Coach Park handsome style. , Joint party of the Y. M. and Y. W. C. materially 10 ua ireuaury , uum 4. hub While here in school young Hem-- ! a series of courses for the men. The ho is greatly satisfied with his infield A. last fall that Doctor McVey made don lived with his aunt, Mrs. J. L. following courses will probably be source. A box will be put outside the and thinks it is Improving dally. his first public appearance before tho Malin, 122 Forest avenue. Mrs. Malin given: Main Building where the tinfoil may Since McClellan's arm ls still troubody. He has been much in student was notified of her nephew's death Course for telegraph operators and deposited. bling him, Lasley started and held his demand as a speaker since his coming, be last Thursday by the Adjutant Gen- for radio and buzzer operators to be opponents to one run in six innings, and this is one of tho few times of eral in Washington. attended by 100 men. and that run was made on an error, j tho year that tho students will have OLD GLORY FLYING Course in emergency tralninK for Downing finished the game and alan opportunity to hear him speak on a NOW CHASING "SUBS" lowed two runs, both of which wero UNION CONTEST WON motor truck drivers and chaffeurs to patriotic subject. BY DABNEY TUESDAY be held for 210 men. made on errors. It Is positively guaranteed by the Lieutenant John I. Bryan, 1895, faCourse in carpenters to bo attended Kentucky's lineup follows: committee In charge that "no one will mous in his day as a on the Ed Dabney, a Junior lawyer, won by 40 men. Propps 3b, Gregg lb, Zerfoss ss, tho Union Literary Society annual have to talk to some one they don't University football team, is "someCourse for thirty blacksmiths and want to talk to." There will be marsh where chasing submarines." A let- Cambron 2b, Kolm If, Mlsrach rf, oratorical contest last Tuesday night a course for twenty electricians. mallows, sticks and bon fires in plen- ter recently received by the Univer- Muth cf, Dempsey and Thomas c, Las- in chapel. Captain Royden has divided the ty for everybody. It will bo neither sity gives some interesting accounts ley and Downing p. Hall and Bastin The other speakers and their sub- soldiers' working hours into two Lasley struck out jects were: H. K. Smith, "William;" periods of four hours each. The first a manless, girlless, foodless, lightless, of the effective processes employed iu were substituted. eight men and Downing three. funless, nor heatless party. J. P. Barnes, "The American Youth'" period of four continuous hours will this fascinating pastime. Lieutenant Bryan was graduated and E. E. Hardin, "Procrastacy." be devoted to special training in one In case of rain the ardor of the hosts "K" SWEATERS HAVE COME Edward Dabney. the winner, will of the courses mentioned above, and and hostesses will not be dampened, from the College of Mechanical and Charles the second period will be divided into sneak in chupel against for the party will be transferred to Electrical Engineering in tho class of Nineteen football "K" sweaters have piunck, the winner of tho Patterson 1895 and immediately afterward took for lectures, military tacthe Recreation Hall of Patterson Hall exercises, athletics, The stunts will be given Just the the examination for U. S. Revenuo arrived and will be given to the mem- Literary Society's contest, to decide tics, setting-uand practice in the use of the gun and same, and the only thing that will be Cutter Service standing fifth for the bers of the team winning them on ap- on the man to represent the of ten vacancies In a list plication at the office of the Director sity May 27, In the Kentucky inter-o- f bayonet. The second period will prob--blchanged is the refreshments. twenty-fiv- e contestants. come in the afternoon, the first collegiate contest. of Athletics. (Continued on Page Five.) marsh-mallow- - , tin-fo- j tin-fo- j j ....... j i half-bac- k Unlver-appointme- y