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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 18, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. PROSPECTS BRIGHT FOR ONLY UPPER CLASSMEN KNfilNRRPITMn 1918 FOOTBALL AT U.K. Next Year's Athletics May Not Suffer From the War GOOD SCHEDULE MADE TO T. R. Nunan, Second Lieutenant was a recent visitor at tho University. Lieutenant Nunan was graduated in tho class of 191G and was with tho Armstrong Cork and In sulatlon Company of Pittsburgh, until last May, when ho entered tho first training camp at Fort Benjamin liar rlson. Since receiving his commis sion he has been stationed at, Camp Zachary Taylor. Major Albert Smith, 309th Engineers, 84th Division, ac cpmpanied Lieutenant Nunan. They were looking for graduates of this year's class to Join the 309th Engl neers. 309th Engineers, EXCHANGES JOIN R.O.T.C. CAMPS ahead of TO get Weevil: Broadcast one Three Years' Drill Required For Men Attending Centro Collcgo Cento says that tho entire track team has been wiped out by tho war's demand for men. Camp hun- dred pounds of Nitrate of Soda SENIOR IS TOO YOUNG Sweet Co ed "What do you think of acre, before plantBill's now mustache?" Only enrolled members of the 'Nothor "Oh, it tickles mo imCotton, Officers' Training Corps Unit, mensely." numbering twenty-ono- , at tho University, and seniors or others who havo Chem. Prof. "We will now take completed their three years' drill are poison." to eligible for attendance nt the summer Soph.- - "Go ahead." "The College For information writ to training camp. This means that the Chronicle," of Northwestern Unlver- sophomores and freshmen of the Uni- slty. WILLIAM S. MYERS, Director versity will not be permitted to at2f Madfcea) Avawie, New Yerk tend the camp. The Donkey's Joke. Captain Royden received Monday When the donkey saw W. B. the zebra, from H. P. McCain, Adjutant General He began to switch his tall; SHOP of the Army, Washington, an order "Well, I never!" was his comment; concerning the camp training for The Closest Shop to University "There's a mule that's been in Jail." members of the advanced course and "The Holycad," of the Michigan HAIR CUT .25 selected members, senior division, Re Agricultural College. Shavo .16 serve Officers' Training Corps Units per just ing your or use Seniors this year must nrrnngo to take a post graduate course next year, because there is going to bo ono of the doggonedcst football teams wearing Wildcat colors In 1018, that anyone will ever havo a chanco to sco again. The offlco Noah, who Insists on talking about the good old days when was here, has almost ad mitted that wo will havo a team equal to any heretofore produced, and that A letter has been received is quite an admission for him. In at truth, one would almost dislike even Mechanical Hall from Frank M. to go to war and leave bucIi a team Wilkes, class of 1908, now Captain, playing behind. To prove our asser Signal Corps, Commanding Headquar tlons, let us look at a few of this ters, U. S. Signal Corps Radio School, College Park, Maryland. Captain last season's players. (Shampoo .26 There's Riddle, with the spirit of Wilkes for several years was manager The order authorizes the holding of Safety First Glover's Shampoo .bv "Doc" Rodes and "Rabbit" Curry in of the Missouri Public Utlities Com training camps for the further prac Dentist (to patient who Is opening 153 S. Limestone St., Lexington, Ky. his heels. No prophecy is needed for pany at Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and tical instruction of members of the his purse) "No, don't bother to pay him. Shanklin and Walker, little de was at the first officers' training camp advanced course, Reserve Officers' me in advance." mons, are to be here. Qus Oay will at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Since re Training Corps TO YOU units, during the Patient "I'm not I was only countprobably be In to play near big Pul-le- ceivlng his commission he has been Hair Cut 25c month of June, the exact date and ing my money before you give me Both the Downings, trained be in charge of the first Government location to be announced Geo. T. Martin Barber Shop later. gas." hind the plow and pitchfork, will be Radio School established. 139 EAST MAIN STREET The order reads: Basement Opp. rhoenlx Hotel He writes to the University, urging there with their beef for the line. AND . PLAIN. SHOWER "Attendance at the camps will be RODGER3 IN NAVY SERVICE. " TURKISH BATHS Dishman, Heber, Murphree, Bastin, graduates of the engineering depart limited to: FOUR CHAIRS Beit of Service Baugh, Boone oh, there will be no ment to take this training as the "1. Raymond Rodgers, B. S., of the class Members of the advanced lack of "men." The only ones we will United States is especially in need of lose will be "Brit," a truly great loss, electrical engineers in Radio Signal course, Reserve Officers Training of 192.1, who has been serving as an DENTIST electrician in the Navy at Pratt In Captain Wilkes ex Corps units and Jimmie Hedges, and Dempsey, all val- Corps work. For any kind of dental service call on "2. Such other selected members stltute, Broklyn, N. Y.f and United pressed his pleasure that the Univer iant men and strong. DR. T. SLATON Daddy Boles is optimistic and has sity or Kentucky was to conduct a of senior divisions, R. O. T. C. units, Electrical School, N. Y. Navy Yards 127 CHEAPSIDE already taken on some of the best Radio School. Captain Wilkes stated who have received military instruc will take the competitive examination teams in the South for Wildcat menus. that Walter C. Kiesel, another meiu- - tion equivalent to the basic course for appointment to the United States Office hours, 8 . ro. to 6 p. m. Phone 864-Tennessee, Sewanee, Alabama, her of the class of 1908, had taken the and one year of the advanced course Navy. Rodgers visited the University prescribed by General Orders No. 49, Saturday. are on the list again. Centre Signal Corps Radio training. J. D. PURCELLCO. War Department, 1916. LEXINGTON, KY. will feel the fangs of revenge, Miami Howard Payne Ingels, clas sof 1905, "4. All members of R. O. T. C. units comes in for a dose, and numerous has recently been appointed secretary NEWEST FALL MODES IN others that will All out a of the War Industries Board and Sec authorized to attend such camps who SUITS, DRESSES, COATS, schedule. retary of the Price Fixing Committee have not already done so, will be re SKIRTS and WAISTS. Basketball will have its interesting of this board. This is a rare distinc quired in advance to agree in writing Pleasingly Priced. lights next year, too, if all this year's tion for one so young as Mr. Ingels, in accordance with the requirements FRATERNITY players return. No one doubts that and in his position, he will have an of paragraph 46, General Orders No. the Wildcats of this year were as good unusual opportunity to become ac- 49, War Department, 1916, to attend Patronize Our Advertisers CLUB PINS as any team in the State. Centre quainted with the manufacturing in such camps, and also to accept at the option of the Government such trans was able to defeat them only after dustries of this country. MEDALS portation as the Government may proplaying a perfect game at Louisville, while the Wildcats seemed tempor A card, dated March 20, has been vide, or mileage at the rate of 3 CHIROPODIST arily to have lost all idea of the game, received from E. K. Robertson, class cents a mile from the colleges, We Cater to the Thomas, Shanklin, Bastin, Dishman of 1917, who Is now In France. Mr. schools or homes to such camp as Office Phoenix Hotel Barber University and College are all freshmen and have years be- Robertson is corporal, Meterological they may be directed to attend, and Shop. Hours by appointPatronB. fore them to become sensations. Service, Aviation ment. Phone 1988-- x Signal mileage at the rate of 3 cents a mile Section, s Marsh, Glickman, Campbell and Corps, American Expeditionary Forces, from such camps after completion of are in the same class with the France. He states that the trip over course of same to their homes within slight advantage of more playing to was pleasant. He is now stationed in the limits of the United States. their credit. "i5. Reports will be submitted to a very old monastery, dating from These two branches, by many stu- the fifth century, and visited many this office with the least practicable dents considered the most Interesting points of historical Interest en route. delay, and not later than April 28th, Jeweler of all athletics will be well worth the Mr. Robertson says that J. J. Tigert, showing the number under each class "price of admission," and we may ex- class of 1909, is now in France and as given in the third paragraph above. 123 E. Main Street, pect to see Stoll Field crowded at located near him. H E oerfec "By order of Secretary of War. Opp. the Phoenix, tion of pencil1 the slightest hint of a football game. "H. P. McCANN." quality uLexington, Ky. We even hope to see a brand new gym nequalled for J. S. Brldger, Division SuperintendTho Captain Royden wrote an urgsmoothness, unicrowded to the rails, if that is not too ent of Traffic, American Telephone & formity of grading ent letter requesting the department fond a dream, when our "floor artists" Telegraph Company, headquarters at and durability. to permit the sophomores of the Uniare scheduled for a tussle. 17 black degrees Atlanta, Georgia, and A. H. Guyot with versity to attend the camp, his request from 6B softest to tho Louisville office of the same comto 9H hardest, and was not granted. pany, were visitors at Mechanical Hall hard and aaediusa MAHONEY ENLISTS en(indelible) copy recently. Their object was to The seniors of the University fag. Charles Mahoney, sophomore in tho interview seniors of the College of rolled in the Reserve Officers' TrainLook for the diattnc University, a Wildcat guard of the Uv4 VENUS fitdihl Mechanical and Electrical Engineer ing Corps have all been recommend 1917 season, enlisted in tho naval reing with the view of having men take ed for appointments to National Offserve as a second class seaman last up work with the American Telephone icers Training Camps and expect to week. Mahoney is still in school and and Telegraph Company, immediately leave May 15. This trial box Patronize Our Advertisers will not be called for ten days. Ben with five VENUS One senior, however, not eligible by after graduation in June. Drawiat resells. Mahoney, a brother, who was a memHolder end VENUS Eraser J. W. Thompson, class of 19ilC, is law for admittance to a national camp ber of last year's, senior class is also eat free. Write of three months' duration, because ho with this company, now located in (otic in active service. years and 9 months old, will Is not Memphis, Tennessee, and R. E. 1013, is lu the Transmission probably attend tho Reserve Officers DR. PORTER IN CHAPEL TUESDAY AsMricaa Lead Peacll Co. Department of the New York offlco of Training Camp with the Juniors. rifthAve.,N.Y. W. Porter, pastor of tho First this company. $1.00 Per Year Dr. J. Dept. Baptist Church, will speak in chapel Try Iht VENUS Era, fee. Math 5c Per Copy in 12 situ. $2.00 fur o. Tuesday morning. SAVE YOUR TINFOIL SAVE YOUR TINFOIL o the same amount per acre along the rows after chopping a stand Martin's Barber - r J. Van-derbl- lt d Dr. J.C.Day Zer-fos- HEINTZ Venus iOPEttM m run Mat-tlngl- FREE! 2-- Kentucky Kernel J 1