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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 18, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

f HE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Open from 10:00 A. M. to 11:00 P. M. STRAND Home of Paramount Artcraft Goldwyn Pictures. High-clas- s that's why they cost more. Prices 5 Cents and 10 Cents. Afternoon and Evening. " DAY UNIQUE CELEBRATION AT STROLLER PARTY! YOUNG MEN HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX Clothes For Style .and Value. You can't find better ones; they're made right and priced right; the styles are the latest Ideas In regular sacks or full skirted overcoats (hat you get it. d sport suits and overcoats, anything you want we see WAR IS PROVIDENTIAL SAYS TIGERT AT "Y" I OF DAYS" WHEN DANIELS VISITS CAMP Food, fun and Foxhnll DalnRorfleld, Professor J. .1. Tigert, In a faiewell trump cards of the banquet were the talk to tho Y. M. C. A. Sunday night, Riven Saturday evening at the Phoe-- ' explained the detailed plan of present nix Hotel, by the cast of "Mice and Former Student in Naval day Gcrmnn civilization, and showed Training Likes Men," and n few of their especial how by their "efficient" methods thty Work friends. would have Teutonized tho world in "Unique" is a word which has long twenty years more hnd they not been EFFICIENT Interniptrd by tho war. Thus the war, been applicable to Stroller functions TRAINING and the 1918 banquet wns no excep' from our point of view, he oxplalnoil. A description of Secretary Dan! 1'a Urn. True the food and dosoratlons recent visit to the Great Lakes Naval should have occurred earlier, or at v ore a'l according to Hoyle, but the Training Station, by Elmer S. Wond3, least, It Is providential that It did not place cards with their sl'liouetto a former student In the Unlver.'iy. happen later. drawing of each member of the cast, Doctor Tigert said that behind their now In training there, is found In tho nt least earn the title "differ Interesting letter published below. Plnn, the base from which they work- ent." Woods visited the University on a ed, was their new form of Teutonic Lee McClnln, who presided as furlough recently. The letter, whi h religion which has so rapidly spread or we shoud say "roast mas- - is addressed to a member of the fasul- - over Europe and has of late, even ter," broke all traditions when he ty f0uowg; affected this country. Religion, ho hur'ed Invectives upon his stupllled "Company E, Third Regiment, said, they claimed to understand becast until It were scarce able to "Camp Dewey, Great Lakes, 111. tter than other people. The Gernm use rise to its own defense when "April 11, 1918. Kaiser even claims a more personal called on for impromptu toasts. "Dear relation with "God" than we do. Their Peace was declared, however, with "I returned here last Thursday and deity however, which is "fighting f?r the coffee, and the ban- found that about f of my com- them," Doctor Tigert thinks, is quet ended In a general jollification. had gone to another camp cn tlrely different from our conception of Those present were: Foxhill Daln-jthstation for their final training and Q0d. gerfe'd, Maurice Burnaush, Miss Mar-j- i think they are on their way to an DoctQr T,gert wll, ,eave for prancJ guerite McLaughlin, Miss Christine Atlantic port now. I don't know when tQ engage Jn Y M c A work, when Hopkins, Gordon Marsh. Lee McCla'n.jwe will go. but I think within a few the pres(jnt Miss Florence Johnson, and the mem- - days. ciuded "Probably it might interest you to bers of the cast who were, Misses 1111- how patriotic the people of Anne Molloy, Edna Berkele. FHza miss SWEENEY GIVES ADDRESS. Spurrier, Ruth Cassady, Dorothy Wa'k- - nols are, especially those of Chicago. er, Lois Powell, Florence Brown, They do all in their power to make Sweeney gave an address on Katherine Weakley, Elizabeth Card, our few hours leave enjoyable every tne subject of Food Conservation at a The club women of Chica- - meetlng 0f the May Stephens, Elizabeth Arnett, Isa- - week-end- . e Dickey, Norma Rachal, Bernice so arrange amusements in the form of cJatlon at the Ashland school Wednes-Young- , dances, theater parties, skating par-- ( 1ay afternoon. Eliza Piggott. Messrs Gus Gay, Milton Reville, flfS antl automobile rides every week Grover Creech, Fred Augsberg, Fred for na aso cluD dinners ana lunches. American people, and in Its men the .TnpifQnn Ph.nrips Pinnpfc Pnhprt "im an wunoui uusl 10 us. me iii- - country naa reposea a connuence cago Theatrical Association, working which would be fully justified. When- Raible. with some women members of the ever the captains or commanders in War Recreation Board, has donated a the fleet wish men who are clean of EVERYBODY GOING show every week-enfor several limb and clear of head, able Instantly (Continued from Page One) (weeks. These are some of the sea to do any work they are called upon, sons' best plays now playing In Chi- the training at Great Lakes is a The committee in charge requests cago. One of these casts came out of efficiency. This is the greatthat "the faculty remember that this from Chicago Tuesday afternoon and est naval establishment in America. party is given In their honor, that played to about 3,000 of us in one of " 'A distinguished visitor from Great the students remember that it is the our largest drill halls where a new Britain, the Archbishop of York, said of the year, that last big $10,000 stage has just been completed. to me a few days ago, 'When I return the Dormites and Hallites remember We are to have shows there every to Great Britain, the picture that will there will bo more to eat than week. stay with me longest and the one that that the Weather Man re"We get twelve hours leave every rejoice most to see, and that I think moon has been member that a clear week-enand while in Chicago last speaks higher for American efficiency duly signed for, and that everybody i o- turday afternoon I saw probably than anything else, is that of the member tnat everybody's Invited, biui youths at Great Lakes.' Out of he biggest and best parade ever un- llit- nuinf Tint hrtnp n prnnnh It was nearly two hours the heart of the great west you young 'lertaken. The committees in charge of tho passlng one polnt. Soldiers and men, In the day of your cuontry's are, Y. W. C. A.: Eliza V3 took the moat part It was to crisis, voluntarily have enlisted to Piggott, chairman; Martha Pollitt ,.C08t. the Thlrd Liberty Loan which serve in a righteous cause. Eliza Spurrier. Sarah Harbison. Marie hag already reached several million "I recently gave the name of Ingram Collins; Y. M. C. A: Dick Duncan, dollars in Chicago. to a new destroyer; he lost his life chairman; Davis and Wells. "We were greatly honored yester- - when he saved his ship when it was day afternoon by the presence of Sec- - attacked by a submarine. It gratified CLUB MEETS MONDAY retary Daniels, who visited us after me as I saw you boys passing in re- coming to Chicago in the Interest of view today to see that most of the The regular monthly meeting of the tho ThIrd LIberty Loan. Sousa nnd men who were In command of these English Club will be held Monday hIs word famous .Jacke band' companies had come up from the April 22, at 8 o'clock, at tho tlirned to the station for tho occasion ranks. You lads are going to win home of Miss Virginia Graham, 253 nnd over 20,000 of us in blues and tliis war because the first line of de- Aylesford Place. Tho general pro-- , whlte hats marched before the distill- - fense I always is the navy. Tarn topic will be "An Appreciation rutshed visitor and army and navy want to tell you that the country Is of Kentucky." Miss Ruth Mathews 0flCers to the tune of one of his ownjproud of the yovmg meu of tho navy. wm speaK upon me use uumes uuuu marches. Then our navy's cnier Tnere UQVer was a tlmo when it was Allen made of the Blue Grass State in spoke to us briefly, saying in part: so popular, and the reason is because his books. Brenard Moosnlck will' Wnen 1 return to Washington I'll we have in it tho 350,000 finest young show the side that John Fox, Jr..,ell the Commander-in-Chie- f of tho men ever born in America. describes. Miss Virginia Graham will Navy of America that at the Great "Then the 'day of days' was over. I tell what Alice Hegan Rico thinks ofLake8 Training Station, you are sond-th- hope you all saw and heard Sousa and same State. A chorus will sing jng meil( wi,0, when asked when they his band. They have been swamped various mountain ballads. It is hoped wjh bo ready, will say, 'We are ready with requests for a bluo jacket band. that all English Club members will ow a gentleman asked me some- - I would like to hear from you and be present at the meeting. time ago whore tho Great Lakes Sta- alBo to get a copy of tho Kernel. "Sincerely yours tion was located, and I told him that "ELMER S. WOODS." it was located in the hearts of tho SAVE YOUR TINFOIL ' BETTER MAKE IT TODAY. mi-jil- t Kaufman Clothing Co. The College Boys' Store toast-maste- r, after-dinne- r one-hal- -' y ' CO. GRADDY-RYA- N INCORPORATED. CLOTHING, TAILORING, SHOES & FURNISHINGS "WEAR FOR YOUNG MEN AND MEN WHO STAY YOUNG" e Parent-Teacher- FOR SMOKERS AND BANQUETS GET YOUR SUPPLIES AT PHCENIX FRUIT STORE s' Asso-bell- marsh-mallow- University Hook Store 1 j 0 .233 West Short Street. - i EVERYBODY EATS AT t, Uncle Charlie's Don't Delay Come Now For your Photos for the KENTUCKIAN o HUMPHREY STUDIO 341 W. Main St Phone 1635-- X