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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Ben Ali Theatre CO-E- D ENGAGEMENTS CORNER PATT HALL PERSONALS Miss Edith Williams spent the week' end the guest of Miss Madeline Feigel, at her home in Louisville. Miss Billie Lindley, Georgetown, was the guest of Miss Sal Henri Cole man for the week-end- . Miss Elizabeth week-en- d Pickett spent the at her home in Shelbyville. Miss Josephine Evans, Lebanon, was the guest of her sister, Miss Irene Evans for the week-end- . RUNTON SHANKLIN The engagement of Miss Marion Kathryn Brunton, Denver, Colorado, to George Bryan Shanklin, Lexington, was announced last week. The wedding will take place at the home of ho bride's brother, Mr. Harold Brunton, in Schenectady. Mr. Shanklin is a graduate of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in the University. JUNIOR PROM. GIVEN AT PHOENIX FRIDAY Miss Helen Taylor spent the week The Junior Prom given by the class end with Miss Ann McAdams. of 1919 of the University Friday night enjoyed by Misses Ada Hardesty, May Steph- at the Phoenix Hotel was a large assemblage of guests. ens, Mamie Storms Dunn were the The ball room was decorated in paguests of Miss Gertrude Wallingford, triotic colors and a bank of palms Cynthiana, for the Ashbrook-Glbsoscreened the corner where the saxowedding Friday. phone band was stationed. Misses Lela Gault and Laura Lee The committee in charge was A. D. Jameson have returned from the Hall, president; Lee McClaln, chairPractice House. . man; Lillian Hayden, Marie Collins, Miss Mildred Collins was the guest Felix Shouse, David Dudley, Charles of Miss Charlotte Willis, Shelbyville, Planck. They were assisted by the chapfor the week-end- . erons: President and Mrs. Frank L. Miss. Mary K. Hamilton was the McVey, Dean Anna J. Hamilton, Prof, guest of Miss Elizabeth Card for the and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, Prof, and Mrs. week-end- . A. C. Zembrod, Prof, and Mrs. P. P. Misses Elizabeth and Aileen Arnett, Boyd. Celia Cregor, Catherine Snyder, Ruth The programs were dainty little Gregory, Margaret Jefferson motored booklets, with green covers, gold to High Bridge, Sunday. ring rivets and gold letters, the con Miss Mary Heron is in Louisville to tents having the date, the music selections and committee list. wedding. attend the Ewing-Bal- l Two Canadian officers, Lieutenants Mrs E. Merigold, Paducah, is the guest of her daughter, Miss Viola Lamond and Mclntyre, who spoke to the audience gathered in the hotel parMerigold for this week. lor, were guests of honor later at the Miss Margaret Downing is in the annex with mumps. n Miss Catherine Snyder and Miss Lois Powell are spending this month at the Practice House. Demt ttfisr: MRS. McVEY HOST TO UNIV. WOMAN'S CLUB Fayette Drug Company The Woman's Club of the Univer Bity met Friday afternoon with Mra. Frank L. McVey at her home on Ash' land avenue, in one of the most pleas ant and largely attended meetings of the year. Following the business session, Dean Thomas Cooper gave an interesting discussion of the labor situation in the United States. He thinks that the appeal which is being made to the farmer to produce wheat in his own locality is meeting a splendid response and that the outlook is most encouraging. He also thinks that the prospect for wheat is the best in Incorporated Main at Limestone. Headquarters for Ice Cream and Sodas yean. The musical program was arranged by Miss Anna Chandler Goff, an'd consisted of a group of songs by Mrs. Hughes Jackson, a pupil of Prof. Lawrence A. Cover, and a piano number by Miss Myrtle Kesheimer, of -- the faculty of the College of Music. The program follows: Songs Little Pink Rose.. Carrie Jacobs Bond Yesterday and Today Charles G. Straus Rembery Nymph and Fawn Mrs. Hughes Jackson s Piano Solo Maurka Miss Kesheimer In response to an encore Miss Kesheimer and Mrs. Jackson gave the Star Spangled Banner, in which all present joined. At the conclusion of the program Mrs. McVey invited the club to meet Dean and Mrs. Cooper in an informal way. The May meeting of the club will be held in the evening and the men of the University faculty will be the guests of the club on this occasion. This meeting will be at the home of rs. J. T. C. Noe on Maxwell street and Doctor McVey will give the address on this occasion. BOYS: Get a pair of these nifty English last shoes In mahogany calf or black calf and be happy. They are genuine good Saint-Saen- The price is 18.00 the pair ehoes. Let us show you. and well worth It. The Special Shoe Co. 206 WEST MAIN STREET KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, WELSH & MURRAY PRINTING CO. College Stationery Engraving FOOD LECTURE GIVEN SATURDAY ARMORY ON BY MISS L. TURNER RED CROSS DANCE IN Misses Mary Beall, Ruth Cardwell, A Red Cross dance will be given in The regular meeting of the Home Laura Lee Jackson, Elizabeth Card, the Armory Saturday afternoon, after Economics Club was held at noon May Stephens attended the Ash- the ball game from 4 to C:30 p. m. by Monday, when Miss Louise Turner wedding, Cynthiana, Chi Omega fraternity. Tickets will spoke on the "World's Wheat Crop Friday. be sold on the campus and everybody and its Relation to the Present Food Miss Logan Figg was the guest of is urged to attend. The prices are Situation." Mrs. Soth Glass for the week-end- . the same as for Cadet Hop tickets, and In brief, Miss Turner said, "The Miss Margaret Bird spent the week- all the proceeds will be given to the European nations consumed before end the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James University Red Cross. Smith's or- the war more than they produced, F. Gay, Pisgah. chestra will furnish the music. There and now since they have smaller crops Miss Florence Brown spent the will be no breaks. of wheat they absolutely depended week-enThe chaperons for the dance are: upon the outside world to supply the guest of Miss Willie Doctor and Mrs. McVey, Professor and them. The wheat supplies in Aup- Abbett, Georgetown. Miss Ruth Duckwall was the guest Mrs. Farquhar, Professor and Mrs tralla are not available because of the of Mrs. John Thorn for dinner Sun- Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby T. Har lack of tonnage and the great dis bison, Mrs. Tipton Young, Dean Anna tance from their ports, so the prob day. J. Hamilton, Miss A. E. Crane, Cap lem of supplying wheat rests with the Misses Anna Kathryn Told and tain and Mrs. Royden, Professor and United States, which has promised Frances Hart spent the week-enin Mrs. Zembrod. them twenty per cent of its nonnul Louisville, guests of friends. crop. Misses Austin Lilly, Mildred Gra "As the wheat crop last year was ham, Hannah Weakley, Louise Will, CAST ANNOUNCED FOR PHILOSOPHIAN PLAY not up to average, this supply will Elizabeth McGowan attended the Cab have to come out of the normal coninet Council, at Shelbyville. The Philosophian Literary Society sumption, and the message sent out Mary Beall spent the weekMiss will present "You Never Can Tell," by the Food Administration is to urge end in Shelbyville, the guest of Miss u play by Bernard Shaw, at an early the people to release this amount." Ruth Cardwell, attending the Cabinet date, to be announced later. The play Council at Science Hill. is under the direction of Mrs. Sallio Philip Clandon... Elizabeth McGowan Miss Eliza Piggott spent the week- Bullock Cave, of the Lexington College Dorothy Clandon Mary Mayes end the guest of Miss Sarah Harbison of Music. Mr. Valentine Ada Hardesty Shelbyville, attending the Cabinet The following selections have been Mr. McComas Louise Mayer Council. Mr. Bohun made for the cast: Frieda Lemon Miss Irene Moredock, Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Lanfrey Clandon . . .Louise Will The Maid Bernlce Young was the guest of Miss Mildred Mr. Fergus Crampton . . . .Alma Bolser WUUa m Bertha Miller for dinner Saturday. Virginia Croft Gloria Clandon. .Virginia Helm Milnerl Jo, a waiter brook-Gibso- Best Music and lO Cents and Die Stamping, Frat and Dance Programs n d e 124-1- CHAS. N. Limestone 28 COHEN- - -- Lexington JAOK HUTiSMiL- - -- Ky. ED. SMITH Boot Shop Walk-Ove-r Incorporated) MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SHOES HIGH-GRAD- PHOENIX HOTEL BLOCK LEXINGTON, KY. CHAS. COHEN, Manager FIT FIRST W. C. HEACOX, Jr., Shoe Fitter: MR, AND MRS. M. C. QDINN DANCE STUDIO FAYETTE DRUG COMPANY. Hours S:30 to 12 p. m. Montagu' Saxaphon Qusrtette. Dances given every Tuesday and Friday Evening'. Waltz and Fox Trot on Mondays, Wednesdays Arrangements can be mad for private Ussen OVER One-ste- p, C. D. Calloway Admission 71 Cnt. Lessons in modem and Thursdays. Tsrms reasonable. & Co. FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET