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Image 6 of Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Kentucky University, Volume 1 (1865-1866)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

1 KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY. 7 { "*$———`$—~—`—*"r [ J , Gil): Eznutz of the liluumzsrty. ` JOHN B. BOWMAN, A. M., Regard and Chairman ex-ojicio. ROBERT MILLIGAN, A. M., 4 1’resi¢Ii1:g Qyicer of the College of the Bible, and Professor of Sacred Lheratzere. U JOHN AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS, A. M., Presiding Qjfieer of the Agrieulizeral and Jfeckarzical College, and Professor of }{enZal and Moral Philosophy. A ROBERT GRAHAM, A. M., l’1·esz'¢h`ug Qfjieer of {he College of Arts, and Professor qF {he English Language and L-ilerature. HON. MADISON C. JOHNSON, LL. D., A Presieliug Qg?eer· of the College of Law, and Projixsor of L`z>i¢lmee, _ Praeiiee and Plearlizag. ( HENRY H. WI-{ITE, A. M., ' Professor of Jluihemalies and Astronomy. JOHN H. NEVILLE, A. M., - Professor of the Greek Language and Lileratzire. ROBERT PETER, A. M., M. D., 1’rofe.wsor of Chemiserg and Experimental Philosophy. ; JOHN W. MeGARVEY, A. M., 4 . 1'rq/essor of Sacred Ilisiorg and Sacred Didacties. HON. WILLIAM C. (QOODLOH, A. M., ,`· Prqkssor of Eyzzi/g Jziriayiruelezzee, mul Cozisdluliomzl and [21(er· A vmliorzal Law. JAMFS K. PATTERSON, A. M., Professor of {he La/in Language and Literamre, 1’ole`(ieol lzkorzorrzyr, and Civil Ilislorg. ALEXANDER WINOHELL, A, M., . Professor of Geology, Zoology, and llolang. HON. JOHN B. IIUSTON, A. M., Professor of Common mul Slataie Law. WILLIAM T. MOORE, A. M., , 1’rq/e.wsov· of Sacred Ilheforic and Eceleaiaslical Ilislorg. ' ALEXANDER. R. MILLIGAN, A. M., / Azljwzei Professor of the Greek mul Lalin Larzguagm.