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8 > Image 8 of Basketball, 1982

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

third on the team in scoring and third in assists. Bo Lanter (6-1, Sr.), Jim Master (6-4, So.), Dicky Beal (5-11, So.), and Mike Ballenger (6-3, Fr.) join Minniefield in the back court. Lanter is a former walk-on who earned a scholarship. Master enjoyed a fine freshman season and was also a standout this past summer at the National Sports Festival, where he led the South team to a silver medal and was named to the all-tournament team. Beal played well early in his initial season as a Wildcat, but a thigh injury slowed him at mid-season. Ballenger brings excellent credentials to the Wildcat camp after an outstanding three-sport career at Jasper (Ind.) High School. The schedule provides a tremendous challenge for the 1981-82 Wildcat squad. The Wildcats open the campaign on Nov. 23 with an exhibition game against the 1980 Olympic champion Yugoslavian National Team. On Dec. 5, UK travels to Ohio State. National champion Indiana will visit Rupp Arena on Dec. 8. Perennial national powers Kentucky and North Carolina meet in the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, N.J., on Dec. 26. In all, more than half the games on the UK schedule are against teams that participated in postseason action last season. Final four participates Indiana, North Carolina, and LSU will be Wildcat opponents. COACH HALL ON THE 1980-81 SEASON "/ thought 1980-81 was a very good season considering the youthfulness of our ballclub. We had eight freshmen and sophomores playing, and only two recruited players in our junior and senior classes. That was not enough experience to provide leadership to such a youthful group. I was very pleased with the early part of our season when we had wins over Ohio State, Indiana, and Kansas. I was pleased with our confer- ence race. I believe we accomplished all in the conference race we could have in light of LSU's unusual season. It was not predictable that LSU could have gone through the conference season with only one loss. Three losses in most cases will either win or tie in the conference. All of our players progressed on schedule. If there was a disappointing part of our season, it was our play in the tournaments. It was unfortunate that a good season had to end on a down note." COACH HALL ON THE 1981-82 SEASON "We will be a much more experienced team this season. With our maturity and experience, we should be able to make a strong attempt at forcing teams into playing our style of game. The fact that our players are all a year older and have a year more experience should enable them to better accept our style of play and to adapt better mentally to all aspects of the game. I think this team can seriously consider itself a candidate for the national championship. They can look around and see that there is no team that has any better chance at it. We have a very tough December schedule. Early success can give this team the poise and confidence to be a championship squad. In Sam Bowie, we have one of the best big men in college basketball. I believe Dirk Minniefield is the best guard in college basketball today. We should be a better shooting team this season. Many of our players who are good shooters did not have good shooting percentages in 1980-81. We're looking forward to getting started this season. Our players did well in our preseason conditioning program and appear eager to begin practice and confident that we will have a good year." COACH HALL ON BEGINNING HIS 10TH SEASON AT KENTUCKY "The 10th season is a milestone in passing the test of time. We've faced a variety of situations over the first nine seasons and have kept the program going. We can look back and see many good things that have happened to Kentucky basketball the past nine years."