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Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

University of Kentucky General Information LOCATION Lexington, Ky., a community of 208,110 in the heart of Kentucky's famed Blue Grass region. Renowned as the world capital of the thoroughbred horse industry and known also as the world's largest loose-leaf tobacco market. FOUNDED 1865 ENROLLMENT (On campus 22,000) (At 13 Community Colleges 17,000) PRESIDENT Dr. Otis A. Singletary VICE-PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION Dr. Donald Clapp VICE-PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. Art Gallagher VICE-PRESIDENT, BUSINESS AFFAIRS Jack Blanton VICE-PRESIDENT, MEDICAL CENTER Dr. Peter Bosomworth VICE-PRESIDENT, MINORITY AFFAIRS Dr. John T. Smith VICE-PRESIDENT, STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Robert G. Zumwinkle VICE-PRESIDENT, COMMUNITY COLLEGES Dr. Maurice Stanley Wall VICE-PRESIDENT, UNIVERSITY RELATIONS Dr. Raymond Hornback FACULTY CHAIRMAN OF ATHLETICS Dr. William Matthews (UK's faculty representative to Southeastern Conference) DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION SERVICES Bernie Vonderheide CONFERENCE Southeastern (member since founding in 1933) Rupp Arena H< Rupp Arena affords the University of Kentucky its third basketball home in 52 years, and with its 23,000-seat capacity, brings a distinction as the nation's largest basketball facility. An awesome structure in sight and scope, the arena is divided in two seating areas the lower level features, 10,000 fully cushioned, theater seats in block coloring of blue, red, orange and purple, offering a spectacular splash of color and a upper level of 13,000 seats on epoxy-coated metal bleachers. The latter can be visually isolated to provide a more natural setting for small shows. Built by the City of Lexington, the Arena is named in honor of Kentucky's legendary former coach, Adolph Rupp, and is the major portion of $53 million Lexington Center complex which includes a convention-exhibition hall, a 50-store tri-level enclosed shopping mall, a luxury Hyatt Regency Hotel, and a block away, the historic 1,200 seat Lexington Opera House, which was recently renovated. The arena is fully air-conditioned, equipped with a specially designed, high quality sound system appropriately named "Big Bertha," and complete lighting for events and color television coverage. Special attention has been paid to such facilities as dressing rooms, service entrances and storage areas. The Wildcats will command an exclusive dressing room 365 days a year, while other facilities include six team size and eight smaller units. BAND Varsity Director Wm. Harry Clarke FIGHT SONG "On, On, U. of K." ARENA Rupp Arena (23,000) Athletics Staff Director of Athletics Cliff Hagan Executive Assistant Barbara Isham Director for Academic Athletic Affairs Bob Bradley Assistant Director of Athletics Frank Ham Assistant Director of Athletics - Finance Larry Ivy Assistant Director of Athletics - Women Sue Feamster Head Basketball Coach Joe B. Hall Administrative Assistant Marta McMackin Associate Coach Leonard Hamilton Assistant Coaches Joe Dean, Bob Chambers Ticket Sales Manager Al Morgan Accountant J. R. Hisle Trainer Al Green Associate Trainer Walt McCombs Basketball Equipment Manager Bill Keightley Sports Information Director Russell Rice Assistant Sports Information Directors Randy Stacy, Rena Koier SID Secretary Joyce Baxter SID Student Assistants Chris Cameron, Laura Knowles Director Student Athletic Admissions Ron Allen Rupp Arena Staff Director, Lexington Center - Tom Minter Rupp Arena Manager Bill Humphrey ie of the Wildcats The portable basketball court, which lies on a concrete sub-flooring 118' beneath the ceiling, is 60'x120' and is made of a light shade of northern maple trimmed in Kentucky blue. The floor was specially designed to convert from the 94' length required for college and-professional basketball to the 84' length for high school by simply removing two panels. Four 35' x 4' custom-made scoreboards are placed so spectators can see at least three of the boards from any seat in the arena. The solid state, electronic scoreboards can be used for basketball, rodeos, wrestling, boxing, and track and field. For track and field events, they can record times to 1/100th of a second. Lighted information on the boards is colored balanced for television. Four portable goals are on hand, with the two extras for practice and emergency backup during game situations. Access to the Arena is by High Street, and from Main-Vine, through the Mall area and up to the High Street entrance by escalators. One main concourse contains all public facilities concessions, telephones, water fountains, rest rooms, first aid rooms and security command post. The concourse is color-coded with the arena being divided into four quadrants for easy seat location. The colors are red, blue, amethyst and green. The concourse is at mid-level, dividing the lower seating area from the upper level bleacher seating. 7