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Marion Pearsall Collection (University of Kentucky), circa 1910-1984, 1910

Part of Marion Pearsall Collection (University of Kentucky), circa 1910-1984

kukuarp1985UA020Guide to the Marion Pearsall Collection, circa 1910-1984 (University of Kentucky. University Libraries. Director's Office.)Processed by Eric Weig; Machine-readable finding aid created by Eric Weig.Special CollectionsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13 Copyright 2003University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved. Machine-readable finding aid derived from folder labels by rekeying. Date of source: March 2001 Processed by Eric Weig, March 2001; Finding aid encoded by Eric Weig, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, March 2001. Description is inEnglish. Guide to the Marion Pearsall Collection, circa 1910-1984 Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13 Processed by Graduate Student Assistants Beth Morgan and David McKee, and Acquisition and Access Archivist, Nancy DeMarcusDate Completed May 2003Encoded by Eric Weig Copyright 2003 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. Marion Pearsall Collection (University of Kentucky), circa 1910-19841985UA020Pearsall, Marion, 1923 - 1984 26 Boxes, 25.35 cubic feet The materials are in English.University of Kentucky. University Archives and Records ProgramLexington, KY 40506-0039 This collection is comprised of paper materials, some of which were created and maintained in the course of University business and others were donated to the University Archives and Records Program. It is open for research in accordance with the Kentucky Open Records Act (KRS 61.870-884). This collection is comprised of paper materials created and maintained in the course of university business. The University of Kentucky holds the copyright for materials created in the course of business by University of Kentucky employees. Copyright for all other materials has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. [Identification of item], Marion Pearsall Collection, circa 1929 - 1984, 1985ua020, University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections & Archives, University Archives and Records Program. Marion Pearsall was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 27, 1923. Although not much is known of her childhood, her academic record begins with her graduation from Hamilton High School in Hamilton, New York, in 1940. She received her A. B. from the University of New Mexico in 1944, and in 1950 took a Ph. D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. That same year she accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Arkansas. In 1951, as a Fellow with the Rhodes-Livingston Institute, she spent time in then British Central Africa, studying the Tonga tribe of northern Nyasaland (now Malawi). After returning to the states she accepted a position in 1952 with the Anthropology Department at the University of Alabama, where she remained until 1956. An active researcher and prolific writer, Pearsall had by this time published several articles and books on a variety of subjects and had begun to establish herself as an authority on the rural South and on the problems and potential of developing health care systems in the United States, both on the local and national levels. From 1956-58 she worked at Boston University as a Social Science Resident, working with several of the city hospitals and researching nursing supervision and outpatient care. In 1958 she took a position as Associate Professor of Sociology with the University of Kentucky, and became a full professor in the behavioral science department (through the College of Medicine) in 1964. In addition to teaching, researching, and publishing, Pearsall maintained an active involvement with the professional anthropology community. She was editor of the journal Human Organization from 1966 to 1971. In 1973 and 1974 she served as president of the Society of Medical Anthropology. She was instrumental in the establishment of a Lexington health maintenance organization, the Hunter Foundation for Health Care, and served as the foundation's chairman from 1977 to 1978. She was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Sociological Association, and the Rural Sociological Society. She was also a fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology, the Royal Anthropology Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, and the American Anthropological Association. Pearsall was a consultant to several national health and scientific organizations such as the National Institute of Mental Health, the Veterans Administration, the National Academy of Science, the National Science Foundation, and the Frontier Nursing Service. Of particular interest among her writings and research is the extensive survey of health care quality, availability and delivery in the Appalachian region, particularly southeast Kentucky, in Leslie County. In 1971 she traveled to New Zealand and Australia, by way of Tahiti and Western Samoa. During the trip (a vacation, but one in which she could apply her anthropological interest) she kept a journal, which she titled "Down Under." It shows the ease, humor and detail of her writing style and offers fascinating insight into the social culture of these countries.She remained with the University of Kentucky until her retirement in 1983 and, after a battle with cancer, she died June 15, 1984. This collection consists almost entirely of printed (both journal and newspaper articles), typed, and handwritten paper materials and a small assortment of postcards and letters, formerly belonging to Marion Pearsall, a University of Kentucky Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and Behavioral Science 1958 to 1983. Her teaching and research concentration was in rural sociology and technological development, primarily from the perspective of the health care and health delivery industry.The collection is divided, topically, into six major series and thereafter each series is arranged alphabetically by topic. The series are: Anthropology; Appalachia; Health Issues; Personal; Teaching; and Various / Miscellaneous. In general, the topics cover many specific areas of Dr. Pearsall's work and research and are too varied to be arranged into broad sub-series categories. Hence, these topics are arranged alphabetically within each of the six major series, and the folder name serves as the sub-series heading, usually keeping Dr. Pearsall's own categorization. Although considerable care was taken to arrange Dr. Pearsall's files in as logical and consistent manner as possible, some overlap among the series might occur. Due to the cross-disciplined nature of the research, Dr. Pearsall often kept copies of work in several files, which, might now appear in more than one series (e.g., certain medical anthropology files might appear in the general Anthropology series and the Health Issues series or in just one or the other). Topics are combined and individual materials are included within another existing folder or folders, where appropriate. The database is keyword searchable.The date span of the collection is 1910 - 1984, though the majority of the material are within the dates of Pearsall's association with the University, which is 1958-83. The specific dates outside of this general range are as follows: One each of items dated 1910, 1912, 1914, 1921, 1925, and 1935; two each dated 1917, 1924, 1930, and 1931; three dated 1934. All others are dated post-1936. Parenthetical dates are placed directly at the end of the reference to the item and items not dated are marked "n.d." Uncertain dates are enclosed in brackets (e. g., [1950]).The collection is filed in 25 cubic-foot boxes and one .35 cubic-foot, letter-sized document case, and contains a total of 622 folders. Folders are numbered consecutively through the collection, rather than box by box. Five folders are not in number sequence, but these folders are alphabetically placed in the appropriate series and box. These are folders 2-618, 2-619, 13-620, 1-621, and 9-622.Container ListAnthropology11-1Articles: Tribalism, Traditionalism, and Modernism in Chagga Local Government; The Mother's Brother in South Africa (1924); Double Descent (1940); The Nuer (1940); The Logic of African Science and Witchcraft: an Appreciation of Evans-Pritchard's 'Witchcraft Oracles and Magic Among the Azande' of the Sudan (1944); The Social Function of Witchcraft (1947); The Contribution of Afroamerican Studies to Africanist Research (1948); The Perception of History in a Plural Society (1951); Some Principles of Exchange and Investment among the Tiv (1955); The Predicament of the Modern African Chief: an Instance from Uganda (1955); Extra-Processual Events in Tiv Political Institutions (1958); The Dual Function of the 'Little People' of the Forest in the Lives of the Wolof (1958); Primitive Kinship (1959); The Rise of a Zulu Empire (1960); The Segmentary Lineage: an Organization of Predatory Expansion (1961); Shakespeare n the Bush (1966); The Talking Drums of Africa (1971); Distributional Variations of Bride-Wealth in the East African Cattle Area (1947); Mining Activities in Tanganyika (1951); Witch Beliefs and Social Structure (1951); Organization of Research in Africa (1952); Witchcraft in Four African Societies: an Essay in Comparison (1952); The Nuer Conception of Spirit in Its Relation to the Social Order (1953); Rural Communications Behavior and Attitudes in the Middle East (1953); Government and Anthropology in British Central Africa (1953) [2 copies]; An Egyptian Experiment in Functional Education (1953); Nyakyusa Ritual and Symbolism (1954); Wildlife Husbandry in Africa (1960); Water under the Sahara (1966), 1940 - 196611-2Articles: The Issues at Stake: Nigeria 1967 (1967); Subsistence Herding n Uganda (1969); Symbols in African Ritual (1973); Sister-Exchange Marriage (1975); The Spread of the Bantu Language (1977) Publication: The American Behavioral Scientist - v.5, no.8, April 1962 (complete issue) Papers: Through Africa on the Wrong Side of the Road (Pearsall); Problems Encountered in the Planning and Development of an Educational Program in an Underdeveloped Country (Ethiopia) [1964] Research Notes (9 sets), 1967 - 197711-3Articles: The Social Implications of Industrialization and Technological Change - Concluding Comments; Applied Physical Anthropology (1952); Society and Science (1964); Human Organization - The Growth and Development of a Professional Journal (1966); Human Organization - a Three-Year Review (1967-69) [1970]; Modernization and Anthropology (1971); Surnames in the Study of Human Biology (1980) Bibliographies: Department of Anthropology, UK - a Selected Bibliography of Applied Anthropology; miscellaneous Editorials: Prospect and Retrospect; Editorial Statement, Applied Anthropology, October-December 1941, vol. 1, no.1; How Fare Have We Come? (Human Organization, v. 15, no. 2, 1956); Twenty Years of Applied Anthropology (Human Organization, v. 20, no. 1, 1961); Five-Year Report (Human Organization, vol. 20, no. 2, 1961) Notes, Lecture / Seminar: Lecture 8 - Applied Anthropology, General Developmental Change Seminar - October 10, 1963; October 17, 1963; October 24, 1963; February 20, 1964 Applied Anthropology Seminar - Anthropology 725 - Winter, 1977, 1952 - 198011-4Notes, Pearsall: Human Nature and Developmental Change (26 pp.); Applied Anthropology (10 pp.); Noting Behaviors Exhibited in Semi-Public Setting (2 pp.); Anthropology 770 - Pro-Seminar (9 / 23 / 66) [4 pp.]; Psychiatry Journal Club - February 20, 1967 - Contributions from Related Fields - Anthropology (3 pp.); Proseminar -Nov. 12, 1968 - Applied Anthropology (10 pp.); Anthropology 605 - Method and Theory, Spring 1976 (5 pp. plus 2 p. bib); 3 bib cards Papers: Anthropological App(ra)isal Research; Kinds of Applied Anthropology; Man's Nature and Developmental Change Other: Newsletter of the American Anthropological Association - v.11, no. 10, December 1970; Statement of Ethics of the Society for Applied Anthropology (1963-1964); Table - Recommendations Ranked in Terms of Number of Appearances; Style Guide and Information for Authors, prepared by the editorial board of American Anthropologist, 1966 - 197611-5Articles: Functions and Pathology of Status Systems in Formal Organizations (1946); The social Structure of the Restaurant (1949); Two Approaches to Organizational Analysis - a Critique and a Suggestion (1960); Understanding the Social Responsibility Puzzle - What Does the Businessman Owe to Society? (1967); On the Effectiveness of Research and Development Organizations (1968); Evolving Models of Organizational Behavior (1968); Attitudes Toward the Legitimacy of Management Efforts to Influence Employees (1968) Paper: The Change Process in Organizations - an Applied Anthropology Analysis Research Notes (6 sets), 1946 - 196811-6Articles: Anthropology in 1970 (1971); Putting Sociologists to Work (1973); Changing Styles of Anthropological Work (1973); Are Scientists Obsolete? (1974); A New Grantsmanship (1975); Some Proposed Criteria for Behavioral Scientists Working in Medical Settings (1976); A Look at Academic Anthropology - Through a Graph Darkly (1976); Anthropologists and Development Agencies (1977); Anthropology and the Coming Crisis (1977); Sociologists in Extension (1977); Contract Archeology - New Source of Support Brings New Problems (1977); The Jobs of Applied Anthropologists (1978); Training Programmes in Applied Anthropology in the U.S.A. (1981) Pamphlets / Booklets: Training Programs for New Opportunities in Applied Anthropology - a Symposium Sponsored by the Society for Applied Anthropology, Boston, March 1974; Employment Outlook for Anthropologists, Economists, Geographers, Historians, Political Scientists, Sociologists - United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1976 - Bulletin 1875-113, 1971 - 198111-7Papers: Anthropology as Study and as Career [1965]; Changing the Requirements in Anthropological Education [1973]; Cultural Anthropology Review: Roles for Sociologists in Service Organizations, by James E. Trela and Richard O'Toole - Jeanne Nolan (1976) Other: Bibliographic note card (1); Anthropology Newsletter - miscellaneous pages (date span 1974-1978) [Newsletter 4, vol. 16, no. 8 has 2 copies of The Society of Professional Anthropologists (SOPA) Newsletter - July 1976 and October 1976] Society of Professional Anthropologists Newsletter - May 7, 1976; Anthropology Resource Center (ARC) - 1 letter advocating financial support of the center; 2 photocopied articles concerning Native American land loss, and energy development causing depletion of tribal life; 1 pamphlet, ARC Programs and Publications (1979); The Southern Anthropologist, October 1979 - pp. 4 and 5 - "A Look at Applied Anthropology Programs in the South" Announcement - Internship Programs of Interest to Anthropologists; Activities of Medical Anthropologists at U.K. in Health Field / Proposed Questions for Applied Medical Anthropologists Survey (handwritten); New Graduate Program in Medical Anthropology - Georgia State University Memo - to Drs. Abbott, Barger, Biggerstaff, Hochstrasser, Pearsall, Willigen, Wiese, Carol Bryant, Ron Rosenstiel, concerning a meeting "Broadening Opportunities Seen for Non-Academic Anthropologists (2 copies, 1978), [1965] - 197911-8Articles: Franz Boas and Some of his Views (1943); Elsie Clews Parsons (1943); The Development of Ethnological Theory as Illustrated by Studies of the Plains Sun Dance (1944); Some Eighteenth-Century Evolutionists (1950); Herodotus on Biology (1953); Contemporary Trends in British Social Anthropology (1955); Alfred Russel Wallace (1959); The Feet of the Natives are Large - an Essay on Anthropology by an Economist (1962); Profiles - It's All Anthropology (1961); On Studying the History of Anthropology (1962); Some Field Notes on the Power Structure of the American Anthropological Association (1964); Letter from the Editor (1966); Human Organization - the Growth and Development of a Professional Journal (1966); Comments on "The Renaissance Foundations of Anthropology" (1966); Applied Anthropology in Greenland in the 1860's - H.J. Rink's Administration and View of Culture (1966 / 67); Human Organization - a Three-Year Review (1967-69); Race and the Concept of Progress in Nineteenth Century American Ethnology (1971); Southern Vintage Sociology (1974); Memorial to Ronald L. Olson, 1895-1979 (1980) Paper: Contrasts Between Anthropologists and Sociologists at Annual Conventions (1967) Research Notes (2 sets) 2 Newsletters: Newsletter of the American Anthropological Association - vol. 11, no. 10, December 1970 The Southern Anthropologists - vol. 3, no. 2, November 1973 Other: By-Laws of the Southern Anthropological Society, Inc.; Statement on Ethics of the Society for Applied Anthropology (1963-64); American Anthropology, the Early Years - 1974 Proceedings of the American Ethnological Society (1976), 1943 - 198011-9Articles: Fundamental Cultural Postulates and Judicial Lawmaking in Pakistan; Ethical Expression in a Burmese Jataka; Culture Change Among the Nilgiri Tribes (1941); Peasantry and Gentry: an Interpretation of Chinese Social Structure and its Changes (1946); Notes on the Japanese Kinship System (1950); The Steppes of Mongolia and the Characteristics of Steppe Nomadism (1951); The Process of Absorption of New Immigrants in Israel (1952); The Arabian Matriarchate: an Old Controversy (1952); The Ceylonese Village and the New Value System (1952); Primary and Secondary Contacts in a Ceylonese Peasant Community (1952); Village Society and rural Organization in Bali (1953); The Pattern of Korean Urban Growth (1954); Food and Nutrition in the People's Republic of China (n.d.), 1941 - 195411-10Articles: Disorganization and Social Change in Rural Indonesia (1954); The Sacred Cow in India (1955); The Agricultural Systems of Ceylon (1955); Futomi: a Case Study of the Socio-Economic Adjustments of a Marginal Community in Japan (1955); Ecologic Relationships of Ethnic Groups in Swat, North Pakistan (1956); Outlook for the Land Reform in Japan (1956); Caste and the Jajmani System in a North Indian Village (1956); Ritual and Social Change: a Javanese Example (1957); The Hindu Jajmani System: a Case of Economic Particularism (1958); The Structure of Parallel Cousin Marriage (1959); Form and Variation in Balinese Village Structure (1959); The Land Use Pattern of Migratory Tribes of South Persia (1959-1960); The Social Structure of a Mysore Village (1960); Castes, Outcastes, and the Sociology of Stratification (1960); Caste in India and the United States (1960); The Micro-Demography of Marriages in a North Indian Area (1960); A Further Note on Village Exogamy in North India (1961), 1954 - 196111-11Articles: Formal Organization and Promotion in a Pre-Industrial Society (1961); The Innovative Potential of American-Educated Japanese (1962-1963); Introduction: Process and structure in South Asian Religion (1964); A Rural 'Man in the Middle': the Indian Village Level Worker in Community Development (1965); Chinese Aggression - Myth or Menace? (1965); Social Sciences in Communist China (1966); Discussion: Fatalism in Asia (1966); Emergence of Semi-Urban Pockets in Rural Areas (1967); Status-Seeking in Indian Villages (1968); The Ideology of Medical Revivalism in Modern China (1968); Author's preface from Americans and Chinese: Passages to Differences (1970); Chinese Medical Practice and the Thoughts of Chairman Mao (1970); The Chinese Language (1973); China's Artful Courtship (1975); Chinese Earthquakes: the Maoist Approach to Seismology (1976); In Search of China's Beginnings: New Light on an Old Civilization (1981) Papers: The Family, Kinship and the Rural Community in Japan: Principle of Oya-Ko (Parents-Children) Relationship and Rural Social Structure (1976) Research Notes (5 sets) Map: The Peoples of China (1980) Miscellaneous: Newsletter - v.18, no.4, pp.4-6; Book Reviews (2), 1961 - 198111-12Three Pakistan Villages (1958) The American Behavioral Scientist - v.5, no.10, June 1962 (complete issue), 1958 - 196211-13Articles: Operant Conditioning in a Vietnamese Mental Hospital (1967); Computers in Behavioral Science - Diagnostic Interviewing by Digital Computer (1967); 5 to 10" of Omaha Pupils Given Drugs to Improve Behavior (1970); The Right to Psychiatric Treatment - a Social-Legal Approach to the Plight of the State Hospital Patient (1972); The End of Ideology in Behavior Modification (1972); Informed Consent - When Can It Be (1972); Ethical and Philosophical Issues of Behavior Control (1972); The Skinnerian Revolution (1973); The Right to Refuse Psychoactive Drugs (1973); Amphetamine Quotas and Medical Freedom (1973); Psychosurgery - Legitimate Therapy or Laundered Lobotomy? (1973); In Matters Mental or Emotional, What's Normal? (1973); National Patterns of Psychotherapeutic Drug Use (1973); Skinner Redux (1973); Amphetamines in the Treatment of Hyperkinetic Children (1973); Brain Surgery in Aggressive Epileptics - Social and Ethical Implications (1973) [2 copies]; On the Borders of Persuasion - a Psychoanalytic Look at Coercion (1974); The Psychiatrist as Double Agent (1974); Psychosurgery - National Commission Issues Surprisingly Favorable Report (1976) Papers: Artificial Pleasure Enhancement - a Survey in Biomedical Ethics (1980); The Detroit Psychosurgery Case; The Problems of Psychosurgery; Surgical Management of Aggressive and Violent Behavior, 1967 - 198011-14Articles: Suicide (1954); Death of a Patient During Psychotherapy (1960); On Death and Death Symbolism: The Hiroshima Disaster (1964); No Name-A Study of Anonymous Suicidal Telephone Calls (1965); The Death of a President: Reactions of Psychoanalytic Patients (1965); Death and Social Structure (1966); Physicians Consider Death (1967); Intimations of Mortality (1968); Thoughts on Life and Death (1968); A High Incidence of Suicide in a Preliterate-Primitive Society (1969); Suicide and Anonymity (1969); The Forgotten Subculture (1971); Between the Nipple and the Everlasting Arms (1971); Dying in Academe (1972); Brain Death: Welcome Definition or Dangerous Judgment? (1972); The Sacral Power of Death in Contemporary Experience (2 copies, 1972); Talk or Terminal Care? (1974); On Accepting Death (1975); Hospices: For the Dying, Relief from Pain and Fear (1976); Survival, Hospitalization Charges and Follow-Up Results in Critically Ill Patients (1976, copy also filed under Euthanasia and Prolongation of Life); Care for the Dying (1976); Dying at Home (1977); Finding a Home for Hospice Care in the United States (1977); Managing Death (1980), 1954 - 198011-15Articles: The Sanctity of Life (1966); The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act: A Model for Reform (1968, copy also filed under Tissue and Organ Transplant); Death and the Physician (1969); When, Why, and Where People Die (1970); The Sacral Power of Death in Contemporary Experience (1972, copy also filed in Folder 1); Notes of a Dying Professor (2 copies, 1972); Choosing Not to Prolong Dying (1972, copy also filed under Euthanasia and Prolongation of Life, Folder 1); A Statutory Definition of the Standards for Determining Human Death: An Appraisal and a Proposal (2 copies, 1972); The Syndrome of Ordinary Grief (1973); Mongolism, Parental Desires, and the Right to Life (1973); The Dying Person: His Plight and His Right (1973, copy also filed under Euthanasia and Prolongation of Life, Folder 1); The Adolescent Patient's Decision to Die (1973); The Syndrome of Ordinary Grief (1973); On Letting Some Babies Die (1974); To Save or Let Die (2 copies, 1974); A Consideration of Death and a Sociological Perspective in the Quality of the Dying Patient's Care (1974); Medical Intervention: Is It Ever Reasonable to Decide on Death? (1975); Critical Issues in Newborn Intensive Care: A Conference Report and Policy Proposal (1975); The Whole-Brain-Oriented Concept of Death: An Outmoded Philosophical Formulation (1975); Personal Directions for Care at the End of Life (1976); Terminating Life Support: Out of the Closet! (1976); Brain Death: I. A Status Report of Medical and Ethical Considerations, Brain Death: II. A Status Report of Legal Considerations (2 copies, 1977), 1966 - 197711-16Judges at the Bedside: The Case of Joseph Saikewicz (1978); The Saikewicz Decision: Judges as Physicians (1978); The Saikewicz Decision (series of letters to the editors of Boston area newspapers and printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, 1978); Law-Medicine Notes - The Saikewicz Decision (1978); The Other Side of Death (1978); Near-Death Experiences: Relevance to the Question of Survival After Death (1979); Withholding Medical Treatment (1979); Guidelines for Deciding Care of Critically Ill or Dying Patients (1979); On Death, Dying, and Terminality: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow (1979); Clinical Decisions to Limit Treatment (1980); Family Wishes and Patient Autonomy (1980); 'The Rigid Embrace of the Narrow House': Premature Burial and the Signs of Death (1980); Home Care for Dying Children (1980); Review of Celebrations of Death: The Anthropology of Mortuary Ritual, by Huntington and Metcalf (reviewed by Robert B. Pettit, 1981); 'She Has Already Been Taken From Us' (n.d.); Assessing the Views of the Dying (n.d.) Other: Prolongation of Life (Pope Pius XII, 1958, also filed under Euthanasia and Prolongation of Life, Folder 2); Draft Legislation on Euthanasia and Refusal of Treatment, includes bills in West Virginia, Florida, and Idaho (1969 and 1972, also filed under Euthanasia and Prolongation of Life, Folder 2); a blank 'Survey of Death Practices' (n.d.); Drug Control of Common Symptoms (edited by Dr. Mary Baines of the doctors of St. Christopher's Hospice, n.d.), 1978 - 198111-17Articles: A Definition of Irreversible Coma (1968); On Updating Procedures for Stating That a Man Has Died (1970); Against the Stream: Comments on the Definition and Redefinitions of Death (1974); Death: Process or Event?, Death as an Event: A Commentary on Robert Morrison (1971); The Kansas Statute on Death: An Appraisal, The Kansas Death Statute: Bold and Innovative (1971); Refinements in Criteria for the Determination of Death: An Appraisal (2 copies, 1972); Brain Death: Welcome Definition or Dangerous Judgment? (1972, copy also filed under Death and Dying: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Cultural Norms, Folder 1); A Statutory Definition of the Standards for Determining Human Death: An Appraisal and a Proposal (copy also filed under Death and Dying: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Cultural Norms, Folder 2); Death: Its Conceptual Elusiveness (1972); Determining Death: Do We Need a Statute? 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Aboriginal Art from Central Australia: Albert Namatjira Alice Springs, Northern Territory Central Australia View Folder, n.d.66-127Booklets / Pamphlets: Australian Explorers: John McDouall Stuart (1969) A Layman's Guide to the Geology of Central Australia (1969) Alice Springs Telegraph Station National Park (1969) Central Australia Railway Time-Table with Connecting Services to and from Adelaide (1971) Talk About UCNA The John Flynn Memorial Church, Alice Springs 3 Maps: Alice Springs Commonwealth Railways: Central Australia Railway, North Australia Railway Features of Interest in Central Australia (1966) 1 Newspaper: Alice Springs Centralian Advocate - vol. 25, no. 649, Wednesday, March 29, 1972 Articles: Bony's Dilemma (Chapter 39 of The Sands of Windee, 1961); Rock Corroboree was Real 'Proper' (1972); Chamber has Say on Airlift (1972); Letter - Many Near-Fatal Incidents Happened when the Todd Flowed Again (1972); Unemployment Drops (1972); Transport Strike Continues (1972); The Alice Gets a $1.6 Million Road Boost (1972); McMahon - There's No Alternative (1972); Smallpox Cuts Migrant Flow (1972); Splits - Order of the Political Day (1972); Nurses to Have College / Acupuncture Exams for 15 (1972); Camps Soon at Alice (1972); Big Men of Tribes Gather at Alice (1972); Food Board Says Fear of 'Milk Intolerance' Should Not Discourage Normal Use of Milk (1972) Notes on History of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, 1969 - 197266-123Pamphlets / Booklets: Australian Aboriginal Culture - an Exhibition Arranged by the Australian; National Committee for UNESCO (1968); Enjoy Australia on a Budget (1969); Australia Welcomes You (1969); Australia in Pictures (1970); Identity Magazine - vol. 1, no. 3, January 1972; Snowy Mountains Story; Canberra: Australia's National Capital; Australian Wild Life in Natural Colour; TAA Air Atlas: Australia, from A to Z - a Selection of Places and Geographical Features, 1968 - 197066-1242 fold-outs of photographs: Fourteen Photographs of Australian Aborigines Taken in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia Australian Aborigines - Full Color Pictures of Australian Natives Articles: Steel Axes for Stone-Age Australians (1952); The Prehistory of the Australian Aborigine (1966); Aborigines in the Third World (1972) Research Notes (1 set) 1 Map: Australia (1969), 1952 - 197266-1288 Postcards, including 1 fold-out: The Forge 'Emu Bottom' 'Emu Bottom', Victoria's Oldest Homestead, Sunbury Cooking Girdle Scones in the Kitchen at 'Emu Bottom' The Nursery, 'Emu Bottom' Bourke Street with G.P.O., Melbourne Collins Street, Melbourne Bourke Street, Melbourne Melbourne View Folder Booklets / Pamphlets: National Trust Guides - Melbourne (1970) Australia's Pioneering Past is Alive at EMU BOTTOM Cook's Cottage Souvenir Book of Melbourne, Australia Articles: Aboriginals 'Have Heads High' (1972); A Booming Voice of Black Power (1972); Back from the Outback? (1972) 1 Map: Victoria , 1970 - 197266-12913 Postcards, including 1 fold-out: Bondi Beach, Sydney Woolloomooloo docks and Cahill Expressway with Sydney's towering proud skyline in the background Sydney Town Hall The Archibald Fountain Taronga Park Zoo - Sydney Red Kangaroos Koala Kangaroo and Joey Australian Wildlife and Wildflowers Wildflowers of Australia Night View of Sydney Australia Square Plaza, popular meeting place, Sydney Sydney 1 Map: City of Sydney, Extending to North Sydney with Alphabetical Street Index and Showing Street Numbers, Places of Interest, Etc. Booklets / Pamphlets: Taronga Zoo Guide Vaucluse House The Rocks: an Illustrated Guide to an Historic Part of Sydney Clippings: Historic Fort Dennison; All About Sydney; Sightseeing, [1972]66-130Postcards (18): Shot Tower at Taroona, Hobart, Tasmania Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania Botanical Gardens, Hobart, Tasmania The Derwent River and Mt. Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania The Tasman Bridge and Mt. Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania Overlooking Cadbury's and Mt. Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania Governor's Residence and Tasman Limited Picturesque Constitution Dock, Hobart, Tasmania Constitution Docks, Hobart, Tasmania Port Arthur, Tasmania Old Church of the Historic Penal Settlement at Port Arthur, Tasmania Convict Relics, Port Arthur, Tasmania Port Arthur Museum, Tasmania City of Hobart, Tasmania (fold-out) Southern Tasmania (fold-out) The Old Colony Inn, New Norfolk, Tasmania (fold-out) Tudor Court, Sandy Bay, Hobart (fold-out) Photographic Booklet of Port Arthur, Tasmania (fold-out) Booklets / Pamphlets: The Great Lake Power Developments River Derwent Souvenir Guide Book about Hobart Van Diemens Land Memorial Folk Museum, Hampden Road, Hobart Port Arthur Guide - Historical Facts The Historic Shot Tower Tasmanian History - an Illustrated History of the Discoverers of Tasmania, and other Notable People (1959) Port Arthur, Tasmania's Convict Settlement 1830-1877 (1966) Tasmania, Australia - Isle of Beauty Map: U.B.D. 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Map: Map of Christchurch (1967) Booklets / Pamphlets: Christchurch and Canterbury Christchurch Cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand Articles: Wind Disrupts Air Traffic (1972); Mount John Station Road Blocked (1972), 1967 - 197277-131Book: The Fiat Book of New Zealand Trees (1967), 196777-132Pamphlets / Booklets: New Zealand Tourist Map and Visitors Guide (1969) Visitor's Guide to New Zealand (1970) New Zealand Facts and Figures 1970-71 Report of the Maori and Island Affairs Department and the Maori Trust Office and the Board of Maori Affairs for the Year Ended 31 March 1971 Regional Development in New Zealand (1971) New Zealand Accommodation Guide - Hotels and Motels 1970-71 Maps: Shell Road maps of New Zealand Articles (Clippings): South Pacific Journey, Part 5 - The Jews of New Zealand (1971); New Zealanders Practice Democracy (1972); A Nearly Classless Society (1973); A Wholly Market-Oriented Economy (1973), 1969 - 197377-13515 Postcards: Model Pa - Whakarewarewa, Rotorua Maori war canoe, Wairarapa Window, St. Faith's Anglican Church - Rotorua, N.Z. Tamatekapua Maori Meeting House, Ohinemutu, N.Z. Interior of Wahio Meeting House Interior of St. Faith's Anglican Church, Ohinemutu Tudor Towers Feeding the Tohunga, N.Z. Maori Action Song, N.Z. Canoe Poi Action Song Te Arawa Concert Party Samoan fale, Apia's Aggie's Hotel Beach Road, Apia Control Officer, Apia Beach Road Thermal Terraces, Rotorua, N.Z. Articles: What's in the Name; Taupo - Fisherman's Paradise Map: Rotorua, New Zealand Book: Maori Carving Illustrated (1969), 196977-1363 Postcards: Springtime, New Zealand (sheep) Dairy Herd New Zealand Sheep Arrowtown Correspondence (date span 1971-1972): 10 letters - June 30, 1971-February 10, 1972: Letters concerning Pearsall's trip to Waimate. She is corresponding with David Yerex and Stephanie Brice to arrange for a "Farm Holiday." Also correspondence with her host family via the woman of the house, Patti Meyer Letter: June 30, 1971 - notes written on verso Letter: July 12, 1971 - notes on verso; includes New Zealand Farm Holidays pamphlet Letter: September 15, 1971 - includes description of farm, F.H. Member No. 47, South Canterbury Letter: January 1, 1972 - includes "Official FH Passport to Your Farm Holiday" 14 letters - March 10, 1972: Letters from students and teachers at Waituna Creek School in Waimate, New Zealand thanking Pearsall for a visit and talk 3 Newspapers: The Daily Advertiser, March 7-9, 1972, 1971 - 197277-1374 Postcards: Wellington, N.Z. (Aerial) Lambton Quay, Wellington, N.Z. The Government Buildings, War Memorial, Wellington, N.Z. Wellington, N.Z. (Aerial) Map: Map of Wellington (1968), [1968]77-13815 Postcards: A group of Samoans do the siva at one of the island's many festivities The Samoan fale (house) with its thatch roof and open sides is the ideal dwelling for the tropics Village life in Samoa despite contacts with the modern world has retained the customs and leisurely pace of the ancient Polynesians Three youngsters make their way to the market place to sell their vegetables. In the background is Apia the Capital city of Western Samoa The long curving black sand beach at Solosolo about 7 miles from Apia is a favourite with surfers and picnickers The morning sun heralds the beginning of another day in Samoa Samoa in the heart of Polynesia is the best kept secret in the South Pacific New Samoan village Piula is a popular swimming spot for both visitors and locals Nelson Memorial Library and clock tower on Beach Road, Apia, Western Somoa No visit to Samoa would be complete without a stop at Apia's famous Aggie's hotel Parliament House, Apia, Western Samoa The tomb of famous author Robert Louis Stevenson atop Mount Vaea just behind Apia is a Mecca for many visitors Vailima formerly the home of the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson is now the official residence of the Head of State of Western Samoa Fiji Airways Miscellaneous: clipping - editorial (1972); Western Somoa Motor Vehicle Drivers Licence (1972) Booklets / Pamphlets: Western Samoa: the Land, Its People, the Way of Life - the Heart of Polynesia (1970) Talofa 1 Map: This is Apia 2 Newspapers: South Sea Star - vol. 2, no. 14, March 29-Arpil 4, 1972 Apia Beach Press - vol. 1, no. 1, March 1972 (pp. 1-2, 7-8 only) , 1970 - 197277-13913 Postcards: Gauguin's "House of Pleasure" at Atuona Musee Gauguin, Tahiti - Gauguin's giant portrait welcomes visitors to the Museum Musee Gauguin, Tahiti - The last studio of Paul Gauguin in Atuona, Marquesas Islands Gauguin Museum, Tahiti: aerial view "Tamure" (artist Huze's famous painting) "Eva" - District de Arve - Tahiti (Boulac's painting) "Uratua" - District de Haapape - Tahiti (Bouloc's painting) Tahitian women and children Tahiti - Polynesian preparing coconuts Competition in copra preparation during the Feasts of July 1970 The "Grand Ma group" at the 14th July celebrations The Yacht harbour, Papeete The Governor's mansion, Papeete Booklets / Pamphlets: Societe des Oceanistes (3 issues) Traditional Art of Tahiti (1968) Sacred Stones & Rites of Ancient Tahiti (1969) Ancient Tahitian Canoes (1970) Tahiti, Papeete Travel Guide to Tahiti and French Polynesia (1970 / 1971) Newspaper: The Tahiti Bulletin - Tuesday, February 22, 1972, v. 5, no. 1226 Article: Political Change in Tahiti and Samoa - an Exercise in Experimental Anthropology (1973) Map: Pacific Ocean (1952) , 1952 - 197377-140Articles: One Hundred Per Cent American (1937); The Theme of Social Isolation in American Painting and Poetry (1954); The M-Factor in American History (1962); The Ideology of Autonomy in Popular Lyrics: a Content Analysis (1969); the Influence of the Black Power Movement on Historical Scholarship: Reflections of a White Historian (1970); Social and Cultural Congruences in American Civilization (1972); California and the Search for the Ideal (1973); Slavery and the Post-World War II Historians (1974); Individualism: Ideology or Utopia? (1974); A Watertight Watergate Future: Americans in a Post-American Age (1975); United States Agribusiness and Agricultural Trends (1975); Weather Variability, Climatic Change, and Grain Production (1975); The African Diaspora in Mexico, Brazil, and the United States (1976); LSD-Type Drug at Salem Trial Just Bewitching Idea, Says Historian (1976) / Ergotism: the Satan Loosed in Salem? 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God is making the American.", 1951 - 196977-142Several sets of handwritten bibliographic references of books and articles concerning Urban Latin America, Urban United States and other general titles; one typewritten bibliography entitled "Recent Research in the Urban Context" (date span: 1955-1977) Articles: American Communities (1955); Megalopolis, or the Urbanization of the Northeastern Seaboard (1959), 1955 - 197777-143Symposium on Viewpoints, Problems, and Methods of Research in Urban Areas (1951): Biology and Urban Areal Research The Application of Biologic Research Methods to Urban Areal Problems Geography and Urbanism A Geographer's Approach to Urban Study Demography and Urban Areal Studies Research Method in the Study of Spatial Aspects of an Economic System The Approach of Homan Ecology to Urban Areal Research Concluding Comments Vernacular Culture (1960); The Experience of Living in Cities (1970); The City and the Region (1971); The Other Suburbs (1971); Value Theory: Toward Conceptual Clarification (1972); The Rise of the Corporate State in America (1972); On the Concept of 'Sub-Culture' (1974); Toward a Subcultural Theory of Urbanism (1975); Intra-Cultural Diversity: Some Theoretical Issues (1975); Work and Ghetto Culture (1975); Review of Urban Latin America: The Political Condition from Above and Below, by Alejandro Portes and John Walton, reviewed by W. 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(1965); Congress Extends, Revises Appalachian Programs (1967); The Local Development District - Foundation for Regional Development (1968); Appalachian Cities Receive "Model Cities" Funds (1968); Urban Services and Future Growth - a Challenge to Appalachia (1968); Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina's Development Objectives (1968); West Virginia's and Ohio's Development Plans (1968); The First Three Years of the Appalachian Program - an Evaluation (1968); New York, Alabama, and Mississippi See their Development Goals (1968); Kentucky's and Virginia's Development Plans (1968); Baltimore-Cincinnati Corridors Offer Progress to Northern Appalachia (1968); Virginia Organizes Regional Planning Districts (1969); The Local Government's Role in Regional Development (1969); State Research and Development Efforts to Spur Economic Growth (1969); Community Cooperation for Development - Kentucky's Big Sandy (1969); Legal Services for Appalachia (1969); Highways Offer Opportunities for Economic and Social Development (1969); A Model for Non-metropolitan Coordination (1970); The Impact of Appalachian Development Highways (1970); The Kentucky River Development District Fights Against Tough Odds (1970); Appalachian Program - a Mechanism for a National Growth Policy? 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The Horse and Buggy Days are Gone! Booklet: Comprehensive Health Care - a Southern View (1973) Papers: Self Treatment Practices in a Rural County [1966]; The Differential Effects of Advanced Communication, Transportation, Centralization and Affluence on Disaster Relief in a Kentucky Town (1970?); Pollution and Solid Waste Disposal in the Rural South (1972); Premarital Sex and Family Planning Attitudes - a Report of a Pilot Study in a Rural Georgia County (1972); The Use and Delivery of Health Care Services in a Rural Southern Town - an Ethnographic Approach (1979), 1976 - 1984Personal2323-550Monthly "newsletter" self-published by New Jersey Professor Richard Mitchell from 1977-1991, dealing with the erosion of the English language, particularly as seen in the public school system; published nine months of the year, excluding June-August; in 1983, January was also dropped Vol. Two, Nos. 6-9 (Sept - Dec, 1978) Vol. Three, Nos. 2-9 (Feb - Dec, 1979) Vol. Four, Nos. 1-9 (Jan - Dec, 1980) Vol. Five, Nos. 1-9 (Jan - Dec, 1981) Vol. Six, Nos. 1-9 (Jan. - Dec, 1982) Vol. Seven, Nos. 1-8 (Feb - Dec, 1983) Vol. Eight, Nos. 1-3 (Feb - Apr, 1984) "What to Do till the Undertaker Comes" (Supplement, n.d.), 1978 - 19842323-542UK College of Medicine Report of Faculty Performance, Evaluation and Distribution of Effort (1976-1980) UK Medical Center Referral Sheet, 1981 Course / Instructor Evaluations (Fall 1982, Spring 1983) Meeting minutes, Society for Applied Anthropology 1982 Annual Business Meeting UK College of Medicine Department of Behavioral Science Annual Report 1982-83 UK Anthropology Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, August 1982-January 1984, 1976 - 19842323-543Contains letters to and from Pearsall concerning such information as resources, article / manuscript reviews, proposal critiques, and other things in Pearsall's fields of expertise. Date span 1974-1983, 1974 - 19832323-544Contains correspondence with various Medical Anthropology colleagues, as well as proposals, concerning ideas for the journal (1976-1983), 1976 - 19832323-547University of Kentucky - letters to and from Robert Straus concerning salary and sabbatical leave (April 1971-June 1982); letters and papers concerning appointment to faculty (January 1951-July 1960); letter from W.C. Royster confirming appointment as Director of Graduate Studies for the Behavioral Science program Society for Applied Anthropology - letters concerning lifetime membership Northeast Louisiana University - letters concerning the "Death and Dying" session at the Southern Sociological Society Annual Meetings, April 6-9, 1983 Letters concerning the Department of Pediatrics Housestaff Retreat Memo from Eugene B. Gallagher to Robert Straus (1964) Letters from a Duff concerning an American Culture course, as well as a copy of her paper "American Worldview and the Concept of Status" Letters to and from Professor Alan J. Crain at Allegheny College concerning Pearsall's Appalachian research (January-March, 1982) Central Kentucky Civil Liberties Union - letter and list of names concerning those interested in addressing religious issues (1983) Letter to Dr. Peter Kong-ming New concerning Chinese and American health systems (1974), 1951 - 19832323-545Contains reference letters written by Pearsall on behalf of colleagues and students for various employment and academic positions Date span 1968-1983, 1968 - 19832323-546Contains reference letters written by Pearsall on behalf of colleagues and students for various employment and academic positions Date span 1968-1983, 1968 - 19832323-548Contains correspondence with US&C agents and UK faculty as well as UK Distribution of Effort Agreements, 1982 - 19832323-549Notecards: Record of Miscellaneous Teaching, Consultation and Editorial Activities, Record of Regular Teaching Responsibilities, Committee Activities, Supervision of Graduate Research (1978-1983) American Public Health Association: Codes Pamphlet for Membership Information, 1982 (2 copies); membership card Who's Who in America 41st Edition biography sketch (2 copies) Certificate of Appreciation - Hunter Foundation for Health Care, 1978 - 1983Teaching2323-551Materials concerning a Bibliography assignment, Fall 1982: Assignment itself Summary of Assignments and Grading, explaining grading system, due dates, etc. 10 sets of comments and suggestions for 10 student bibliographies, 19822323-552Lecture outline no. 2, Natural Selection and Human Adaptation (1979) Lecture outline no. 3, Demography, Carrying Capacity and Biocultural Adaptation (1979) Syllabus (1982) Textbook order form carbon copy (1982) Various handouts and assignments for this class (1983): Topical Themes Grading explanation Changing Patterns in U.S. Health Care (handout, 11 sets) A Patients Bill of Rights (American Hospital Association; handout, 28 copies) National Health Care Expenditures, U.S., Selected Years 1950-1981 (handout, 17 copies) Health-Relevance of Human Behavior (handout, 10 copies) Tuberculosis Mortality in New York City (handout, 12 copies) Reading Assignments (handout, 4 sets) Comments on midterm exam (2 copies), 1979 - 19832323-553All items from Spring semester, 1983: 3 copies each of Quizzes 1-12 1 set of the Answer Key for the 12 quizzes 12 small pieces of paper with grade skew (handwritten) for each quiz 3 copies of Midterm exam 3 copies of Final exam 1 set of quizzes 1-6 stapled together, 19832323-554Articles: The Characterization of American Culture in Studies of Acculturation (1955); Problems of Studying American Culture (1955); The Dominant Value Profile of American Culture (1955); National and Regional Cultural Values in the United States (1955); The Classification of Values: A Method and Illustration (1956); Vernacular Culture (1960); The Importance of the American Civil War (chapter one from The Civil War in America, by Barker, 1961); The M-Factor in American History (1964); Urbanization, Migration, and Social Mobility in Late Nineteenth-Century America [1967]; Population and Immigration (chapter one from America at 1750, by Hofstadter, 1973) Other: Lecture notes, ([1955] - 1975); bibliography for BSC 790, (1978); handout, The Clustering of Personal and Social Problems, for BSC 221 (1969); handout, U.S. Population by Region for Selected Censuses 1790-1870 (n.d.); paper by Pearsall entitled "Communities," ([1950]); map of the United States with notes on the back about the original colonies, populations, possessions and dependencies, etc. (n.d.), 1955 - 19782323-555Lecture notes: Non-dated: "Possible reasons for increasing use of laws and lawsuits to regulate medical practice; medium-sized note cards with notes on Hippocrates and his oath; class handout, "Three Dimensions in Medical Decision Making;" Hour 5 notes, "Ethical Dilemma and Medical Decisions;" Hour 6 notes, "Basic Models of the Doctor-Patient Relationship" (with plastic wallet card, "A Living Will"); Hour 7 notes, "Informed Consent in Law and Ethics;" copy of seminar class schedule and reading list; class handout, "Ethical Dilemma Case, No. 1;" assorted handwritten notes Clippings, 1982-83 Pamphlets / Booklets: 2 copies of "A Living Will" prepared by the Euthanasia Educational Council (1974); "A Legal Guide to the Living Will: Selected Case Law and Commentary on Medical Treatment / Non-Treatment of the Terminally Ill" prepared by Concern for Dying, an Educational Council (originally the Euthanasia Educational Council) (1979) Articles: Informed Consent: A Study of Patient Reaction (1971); A Demand to Die (1975); Words as Scalpels: Transmitting Evidence in the Clinical Dialogue (1980); Professional Ethics: New Principles for Physicians? (1980); Death Telling: Managing the Delivery of Bad News (1982); The Place of the Ideal Observer in Medical Ethics (1983); Delaying the Diagnosis: Truth-Telling and Multiple Sclerosis (1983); The Least Worst Death (1983) Other: Copy of "Principles of Medical Ethics" prepared by the American Medical Association (n.d.); article entitled "Burn Victim's Ordeal Will Provide [Concern for Dying] Documentary with Dramatic Material for Discussion of Ethics" published in the Concern for Dying, an Educational Council newsletter (1982), 1975 - 19822323-556Articles: The Threat of Hemophilia (1974) Class Handouts: "An Ethical Dilemma;" "A 'Consequentialist' Approach to Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine;" 17 sample ethical dilemma cases; Case for Class Discussion, with lecture notes (Fall, 1976); Lecture notes for case proposed by Glen Proudfoot (n.d.); 7 handout assignments (and accompanying lecture notes), each with a different ethical case from Fall, 1978 Other: "Teaching Medical Ethics: A Report on One Approach", 1974 - 19782323-557Correspondence: Memos regarding course progress, final grades and meetings General Materials: Copy of Individual Experience possibility list (1980); copy of same list (1982); 2 copies of item 10 from that list "Patients in the Community: Direct Care Programs of the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department" (supervised by Pearsall); BSC 811-Experience Schedule (Fall, 1982); copy of Individual Experience end-of-semester evaluation form (1982); copy of same form with averages of student responses and their comments; Fayette Urban County Health Department chart of breakdown of services (1982?, n.d.) Pamphlets / Booklets: "Services of the Health Department;" "Division of Nutrition and Health Education, Program Activities 1980-81;" two versions (no dates) of "Programs of the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department;" "Celebrate Kentucky Nurses Week, May 8-14" flyer advertising showing of new film "Spotlight on Public Health Nursing, April 1983" Other: few hand-written notes, 19822323-558Lecture notes: BSC 811: "Gustafson's 'Basic Ethical Issues'" (Fall, 1971); "An Underlying Dilemma in Modern Medicine" (Fall, 1974); "Overview of Biomedical Technologies" (Fall, 1975); Final meeting notes - Summary and Review (Fall, 1977); untitled (2nd meeting, Fall, 1978); "ESRD: Unique or Special? Or One Among Many?" (Fall, 1981); partial, untitled set (n.d.) Other: Short set of notes on National Symposium on Humanizing Health Care (Winter, 1972); List of the 1969-75 membership of the National Research Council Committee on the Life Sciences and Social Policy (1970); copy of the UK Medical Center "Medical Staff Rules and Regulations" (approved May 4, 1976), 1970 - 19812323-559Lecture notes: BSC 811: "Ethics and Biomedical Technology - Overview" (Fall, 1977); "Making Ethical Decisions in Medicine" (Fall, 1980); unknown class: "Abortion - Technological Advances" (n.d.); Syllabi or Related Material: BSC 811: "Neglected Issues in Medical Education," Fall, 1980 seminar class schedule and reading list; handouts: performance objectives, study questions and open space for class notes, arranged for each lecture hour of this seminar; 3 copies of a sheet of additional readings for the seminar Correspondence: Memo from instructors of this seminar (Pearsall and Thomas Garrity) to students regarding class performance on most recent exam Other: Handwritten notes on "Critical Issues in Newborn Intensive Care: A Conference Report and Policy Proposal" (1975); paper by Pearsall (delivered at the Thomas Hunt Morgan Institute Conference) "Prevention of Genetic Defects: Public and Ethical Issues" (1976); 6 note cards with miscellaneous bibliographic references, 1975 - 19802323-560Articles: Do Cancer Patients Want to Be Told? (1950); What to Tell Cancer Patients (1961); Informed Consent: A Study of Patient Reaction (1971); Who is Really Ignorant - Physician or Patient? (1973); Dilemmas of "Informed Consent" in Children (1973); Biomedical Innovation, Uncertainty, and Doctor-Patient Interaction (1974); Huntington's Disease: Some Prefer Not to Know (1974); Human Well-Being and Medicine: Some Basic Value-Judgments in the Biomedical Sciences (1976)Information Control and the Micropolitics of Health Care: Summary of an Ongoing Research Project (1976); Recent Canadian Court Decisions on Consent (1980); Medical Records: Should Patients Have Access? (1977); Medical Ethics and the Law (1978); Lies to the Sick and Dying (1978); Attitudes of Physicians on Disclosing Information to and Maintaining Life for Terminal Patients (1978); The Patient Gives the Orders (1978); A Consent Form Does Not Informed Consent Make (2 copies, 1979); Toward a Reconstruction of Medical Morality: The Primacy of the Act of Profession and the Fact of Illness (1979); What Commitment Is Made by a Witness to a Consent Form? (1979); Doctor and Patients: Partners of Adversaries? (1980); Truthtelling in Medicine (1980); Truth-Telling in Medicine: A Historical Perspective (1980); Student Doctors: Learning to Lie (1980); Privacy, Confidentiality, and the Use of Medical Records in research (1980); Informed Consent and the Disclosure of Risks of Treatment: The Supreme Court of Canada Decides (1980); "New" Philosophers Apply Ethics to Professions (1981); Autonomy and the Refusal of Lifesaving Treatment (1981); Correspondence: Two typewritten letters from Pearsall to the American Hospital Association requesting order forms and price lists, for materials to be used in class (1983), 1950 - 19832424-566Articles and Collections of Readings: Philosophers in Medical Centers (essays published by the Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs, 1980) Bibliographies: Medical Ethics Film Review Project (1974); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Additions to General Bibliography (no. 20, 1977); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Additions to General Bibliography (no. 21, 1977) Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Bibliography (no. 25, 1978); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Selected Bibliography of 20th-Century Poems Relevant to Science and Social Aspects of Science (no. 25, 1978); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Review of Recent Books on the rDNA Controversy (no. 22, 1978); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Additions to General Bibliography (no. 22, 1978); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Additions to General Bibliography (no. 23, 1978); Newsletter on Science, Technology, and Human Values, Additions to General Bibliography (no. 24, 1978); Directory of Resources in Philosophy and Medicine (by the Committee on Philosophy and Medicine of the American Philosophical Association, 1980); The Ethics of Medicine: An Annotated Bibliography of Recent Literature (1980); Readings in Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences (1979-80); Hastings Center Report Index (1980); Readings in Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences (n.d.); letter from University of Texas Health Science Center with a list of new videotape series (n.d.); 2 copies of "Patients' Rights - Suggested Readings (n.d.); Ethics and Biomedical Technology: Some Useful Source Books (n.d.) 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(1973); Legal and Ethical Aspects of Behavior Control (1974); Choosing the Sex of Our Children (1974, 2 copies); Potential Biohazards of Recombinant DNA Molecules (1974); Civil Rights and the Mentally Ill: Revolution in Bedlam (1974); Let's Forget about Equality of Care (1975); Prospects for Genetic Screening (1975); And Man Created Risks (1975); Readin', Writin' (and Druggin') (1975); The Fetus as Guinea Pig (1975); Moral and Ethical Problems of Pre-Natal Diagnosis (1975); What's Right? Medical Progress Muddles the Ethics of Life and Death (1975); Abortion, Euthanasia, and Care of Defective Newborns (1975); Autonomy and Behavior Control (1976);Prenatal Diagnosis - Now the Problems (1976, 2 copies); Can Genetic Screening Prevent Occupational Disease? 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(1982); Informed Consent: Ambiguity in Theory and Practice (1983); Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine: Who Should Decide? (n.d.) Other Materials: 2 copies of the Hippocratic Oath (different translations); page from interCOM, UK Medical School newsletter; several articles and clippings on Karen Quinlan; 2 undated articles: "The Problem of Psychosurgery," The Detroit Psychosurgery Case"; 2 copies (pamphlets) of "Principles of Medical Ethics" published by the American Medical Association, 1978 - 19822424-567Class outlines (syllabi) and reading assignments: ANT / BSC 529, Survey of Medical Anthropology (1971-77), 1971 - 19772424-568BSC 811, Health and Society (1975); BSC 221, Biocultural Factors in Health and Disease (1976-77); BSC 331, Behavioral Factors in Health and Disease (1979); CM611, Behavioral and Social Aspects of Health Care, (1979) Reading lists, Bibliographies: CM 8611 Reference List (1978); untitled list of relevant journals; "A Partial Bibliography of Books and Articles in Transcultural Psychiatry and Psychiatric Anthropology;" list of titles in the MPA (Master of Public Administration) Program Library (1978); list of significant books on euthanasia, distributed by the Euthanasia Educational Council (1974-75) Miscellaneous: Course outline and reading list for Anth. 170, Medical Anthropology (UNC at Chapel Hill, Professor Ken Barger) (1975); copy of a proposal for a new course prepared by Joseph K. Long (former student of Pearsall) for a course and Southern Methodist University, 1974 - 19792424-569Exams, keys, instructions, related material (1973-82), 1975 - 19812424-570Exams, keys, instructions, related material (1973-82), 1973 - 19822424-57111 copies, 19822424-572BSC 811: Exams, exam keys, instructions, related material (1974-80) BSC 221: 2 exams (Spring 1976, 1977) BSC 331: Instructions for final exam (Summer 1979), 1974 - 19802424-573BSC 221: Exams, keys, instructions, related material (1976-77) BSC 331: Exams, keys, instructions, related material (1979), 1976 - 19792424-5741 copy of December 12, 1980 exam 2 copies of October 1, 1982 exam 1 copy of November 4, 1982 exam 2 copies of November 23, 1982 exam Correspondence: Memo from instructors of this seminar (Pearsall and Thomas Garrity) to students regarding class performance on most recent exam (1980); similar memo dated 1982, 1980 - 19822424-575Research paper entitled "The Problem of Post-Transfusion Serum Hepatitis in the Central Kentucky Area"; margin notes and corrections by Dr. Pearsall (n.d.), n.d.2424-576Materials concerning this student's application to the 1983 Summer Supplemental Program: recommendation letter by Marion Pearsall, copy of application essay, and original information packet supplied by the College of Medicine, 19832424-577Contains various papers, exams, school records, correspondence, and identification papers for Pearsall's student Jan Bronstein. Correspondence: Contains memos and letters concerning Bronstein's practicum, coursework, qualifying exams, and application to the doctoral program in anthropology. There is one card. One letter includes enclosures consisting of a proposal, flyer, model, and data for a project concerning the topic prenatal nutrition. Another memo includes attachments consisting of guides for the SSI interview and notes for the doctoral exam. Date span 1978-1983. Papers: Occupational Illness Among Coal Miners and Textile Workers / A Research Prospectus; The Effect of Public Controversy on Occupational Health Problems - Medical Surveillance Programs for Byssinosis Qualifying Exams Requirements and Suggested Questions Qualifying Exams - Questions and Answers Miscellaneous: 2 printed note cards listing courses - Spring 1978 and Fall 1978; dissertation summary for Bronstein, 1978 - 19832424-578Correspondence - Date Span 1976-1984: Various letters of support and recommendation from Pearsall on behalf of Hill for jobs and awards, and from Hill to Pearsall requesting the afore mentioned Curriculum Vitae Vita List of student's publications since 1977 Georgia State University College of Arts and Sciences Promotion and Tenure Manual (revised 1983), 1976 - 19842424-579General materials concerning this student's financial assistance for medical school: award letter from the financial aid office, copy of completed AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) form, handwritten references, news clipping (1983-84), 1983 - 19842424-580Correspondence: two memos regarding this student's Advisory Committee meetings (1982-83); letter from Susan Abbott (DGS) regarding her general performance in the Ph.D. program Articles: Adolescent Sources of Information on Sex (1981) Progress report of her practicum, "Evaluation of Sex Education Program at Lexington-Fayette County Health Department" (1983), 1981 - 19832424-581Correspondence, Date Span 1967-1979: 1 letter concerning Long's health and surgeries resulting from an accident; letters of recommendation from Pearsall to professors at various colleges / universities; letters from Long to Pearsall requesting letters of recommendation for employment as well as stipends / fellowships. Some attachments such as position descriptions / qualifications Program Outline - Symposium, "Extrasensory Phenomena and Medical Anthropology" Form: Qualifications Inquiry on Applicant for a Public Health Service Fellowship Application: National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Fellowships - Application for a Summer Stipend, 1979 (includes description of proposed study, Long's vita information, and a bibliography) Curriculum Vitae Book Review - Extrasensory Ecology: Parapsychology and Anthropology, Joseph K. Long, ed., 1977, 1967 - 19792424-582Contains various papers, exams, school records, correspondence, and identification papers for Pearsall's student Patty Marshall. Curriculum Vitae (2 different copies) Application, UK Assistantship / Fellowship Correspondence: Contains letters of recommendation for Marshall written by Pearsall, as well as a letter concerning Marshall's research project and a letter commending her performance. Date span 1976-1984. Letter of Evaluation (3): Evaluations of applicant to determine admission to the graduate program at UK Paper: Decision-Making Strategies and Perceived Effectiveness of Hospital Ethics Committees / Prospectus for a Pilot Study in the Southeastern Region of the United States (Marshall) Article: Drinking During Pregnancy - How Much is Too Much? (Marshall, 1978) Miscellaneous: 1 note card with phone numbers and office location; book review - Drinking and Damage: Theoretical Advances and Implications for Prevention (Frankel and Whitehead, 1981), 1976 - 19842424-583Articles: The Psychological Consequences of Menopause: The Importance of Timing of a Life Stage Event (1982); The Slowing of Urbanization in the United States (1983) Reviews: The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease, Related Dementing Illnesses and Memory Loss in Later Life, by Mace and Rabins, reviewed by Lisa P. Gwyther (n.d.); The Territorial Experience: Human Ecology as Symbolic Interaction, by Erickson, and Exploring the City: Inquiries Toward an Urban Anthropology, by Hannerz, reviewed by Gary Alan Fine (n.d.); Urban Sociology: A Systematic Introduction, by Bardo and Hartman, Principles of Urban Sociology, by Parker, and Urban Sociology: A Human Ecological Perspective, by Schwab, reviewed by Raymond H. Wheeler (n.d.); Changing Perspectives on Menopause, edited by Voda, Dinnerstein and O'Donnell reviewed by Marilyn Poland (1983); Anthropologists at Home in North America: Methods and Issues in the Study of One's Own Society, by Messerschmidt, reviewed by Michael Agar (1983); City Lights: An Introduction to Urban Studies, by Phillips and LeGates, and Urbanization and Cities: Histroical and Comparative Perspectives on Our Urbanizing World, by Golden, reviewed by Craig R. Humphrey (1983); City Life-Cycles and American Urban Policy, by Norton, reviewed by John D. Kasarda (1983); Changing Perspectives on Menopause, by Voda, reviewed by Rose E. Frisch (1983); Other Ways of Growing Old: Anthropological Perspectives, edited by Amoss and Harrell, and Dimensions: Aging, Culture, and Health, edited by Fry, reviewed by Harry F. Todd, Jr. (1983); A Time to Reap: The Middle Age of Women in Five Israeli Subcultures, by Datan, Antonovsky, and Maoz, reviewed by Kenneth Moore (1983); Life After Work: Retirement, Leisure, Recreation, and the Elderly, edited by Osgood, reviewed by Nathalie Friedman (1984) Correspondence: Memos regarding this student's Advisory Committee meetings (1982-84); small list entitled "Agenda" attached to these memos; post card from Morris to Pearsall from Oregon vacation Coursework materials: Copy of paper, "Urban Anthropology" (paper by Pearsall, 1971); bibliography for BSC 790, Community Studies (1978); handwritten bibliography for "B. Morris - Urban Anthropology Concentration" (1983); unreferenced proposal (for dissertation?) by Morris; several grade reports, grade cards Note Cards: bibliographic cites, 1978 - 19842424-584Patty Marshall (1977); J. (?) Coreil (1977); J. Noel Chrisman (n.d.); Barbara Rylko-Bauer (1981); one loose set of bibliographic note cards (no name identified), 1977 - 19812424-585Correspondence: 20 letters of various length and authorship tracing this student's enrollment process and subsequent study in the Master's and Ph.D. programs of the Anthropology Department (1977-82); two memos regarding the meeting of her Advisory Committee meeting including list of courses taken to date (1982); memo and report regarding her proposed doctoral research (1984); handwritten note from Quiggins to Pearsall (n.d.) Coursework materials: "Proposal for Evaluation of the Early Discharge Program at the University of Kentucky Hospital Obstetrical Department," paper by Quiggins and Sherrie Human for CM 622 (1979); "Report on the Admitting Process at the University of Kentucky Hospital" (1979); notes from Pearsall regarding this paper (1979); "Coping Stra(g)egies (sic) of Families of Hospitalized Patients" including marginal notes by Pearsall (n.d.); "Adaptations of Family Members to Hospitalization in a Distant Medical Center" (n.d.); "'Resident Visitors' in a Tertiary Care Facility," by Quiggins and Janet Bronstein for ANT 529 (1978) Other: Copy of University of Louisville grade transcript; several UK grade forms; two "Courses Taken" lists (one undated, the other, 1981); handwritten notes regarding Pearsall's recommendations for Quiggins' possible fields of research (1982); handwritten address for Quiggins; Department of Anthropology application for admittance; two undated statements of interest and intent; copy of Curriculum Vitae including GRE scores and letter of recommendation dated 1977), 1977 - 19822424-586Contains various papers, exams, school records, correspondence, and identification papers for Pearsall's student Barbara Rylko-Bauer. Application, Ph.D. Program, Department of Anthropology (includes employment history, curriculum vitae, and a personal statement) Curriculum Vitae (2) Transcripts (2) Correspondence: Memos concerning Rylko-Bauer's placement in the program, dissertation proposals, and qualifying exams; letters concerning admission to the Ph.D program, traineeships and fellowships, evaluations, and committee meetings. Date span 1978-1983. Qualifying Exams: Evalution Questions and Answers Letter of Evaluation (3) Requirements for the Ph.D. program Dissertation Grant Proposal Papers: Rethinking Ethnicity - Persistence at the Individual or the Community Level? (1980); untitled (2) Miscellaneous: A Questionnaire Concerning the Polish-Americans of Metropolitan Detroit; Syllabus - Social Organization Course, 1978 - 19832424-587Correspondence: 5 cards / letters to Pearsall (1982-83) Dissertation materials: Paper entitled "An Anthropological Analysis of Freestanding Emergency Centers" (1984); dissertation outline "The Role of Freestanding Emergency Centers in the Delivery of Health Care: Perspective on Change in American Medicine" (1984); original dissertation proposal (1982); copy of questionnaire proposal developed as research material for the dissertation, with accompanying letter from Pearsall (1983); copy of final questionnaire with copy of cover letter to be sent to participating facilities (n.d.); small typed summary (1982); copy of grant application to the Department of Health and Human Services (1983) Other: 4 note cards containing relevant books / journal articles; article entitled "No-appointment medical centers: Should you use one?" (1983); pamphlet from the National Center for Health Services Research (1983) featuring write-up of free-standing emergency center study, 1982 - 19842525-588Correspondence, Date Span 1979-1981: All of this correspondence concerns Scott's promotion and tenure - she was denied promotion and tenure in March 1981, and re-recommended in December 1980. This correspondence includes letters from the promotion/tenure committee expressing their reasons for not supporting Scott's tenure and promotion, as well as letters of rebuttal and support for Scott's promotion from various contacts (including Pearsall). There are also letters from Scott herself arguing her case and presenting her professional accomplishments. Vitae (1980) List of Publications, 1979 - 19812525-589Contains various papers, exams, school records, correspondence, and identification papers for Pearsall's student Karen Thompson. Application, UK Graduate School, Department of Anthropology Application, UK Assistantship / Fellowship Graduate Admissions Routing Sheet, UK Student Grade Report, UK - Fall 1980 Student Transcripts (copies, transcripts from 2 separate institutions) Correspondence: Letters concerning the appointment of fellowships / assistantships and admissions status, as well as one personal note to Pearsall. Date span 1979-1983. Letter of Evaluation (3): Evaluations of applicant to determine admission to the graduate program at UK Paper: Household Food Use in a Community in Honduras - Outline for Summer Fieldwork (Thompson, 1981) Articles: Food and Nutrition in Self-Reliant National Development - the Impact on Child Nutrition of Jamaican Government Policy (1977); Planning a Food and Nutrition Surveillance System - the Example of Honduras (1978) Miscellaneous: 1 piece of scrap paper with Thompson's address and phone number , 1977 - 19832525-590Correspondence: Various letters regarding enrollment, fellowships, etc.; handwritten notes to and from Pearsall regarding reviewing papers and work (apparently post-studies) (1980-1984) Papers: Applications for admission, transcript copies, letters of evaluation / recommendation Other: Typewritten draft of research paper, corrected by Pearsall and accompanied by notes on the corrections, 1980 - 19842525-591Correspondence, Date Span 1982-1983: 2 memos concerning the student's Advisory Committee Meetings (1 dup for March 1982); 1 memo concerning the student's placement as Pearsall's advisee; 1 memo concerning waiving a required class Ph.D. Degree Program Planning and Progress Form, Department of Sociology (3 different copies) Tables of Contents for the following text: Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods, 1978; Handbook for Linear Regression, 1979; Stat Lab, 1975; Understanding Statistics, 3rd ed., 1980; Statistics: a Tool for the Social Sciences, 2nd ed., 1978 Course Outline, SOC 470 - Intermediate Social Statistics, Fall 1972 Lecturing Experience List Book Review (Handbook of North American Indians: Vol. 9 Southwest) Miscellaneous: bibliographic note card, 1972 - 19832525-592Articles: Scales for Measuring Health Belief Model Dimensions: A Test of Predictive Value, Internal Consistency, and Relationships Among Beliefs (1977); The Health Belief Model and Prediction of Dietary Compliance: A Field Experiment (1977); Psychosocial Aspects of Health-Related Behavior (1979); Bringing the Models Together: An Empirical Approach to Combining Variables Used to Explain Health Actions (1980); Age at Menarche and Fertility in Haiti (1982); 'Core' and 'Extended' Social Networks in Relation to Health and Illness (1983) Dissertation materials: outlines of committee meeting minutes (1982-83); 2 proposals for dissertation research, each with marginal notes by Pearsall (different, apparently undergoing revision, n.d.); Qualifying exam bibliographies: Anthropological Theory; Haiti; Medical Behavioral Sciences; The West Indies; Nutrition Intervention Programs in Developed Countries; Applied Anthropology Other: copy of qualifying exam question on Anthropological Theory; short essay "The West Indies as a Culture Area;" note card with article reference; journal entries from Haiti trip (February 23, 1983 - March 1, 1983) Handwritten (by Pearsall) proposed bibliography, and typed copy of same, for Wiley's ANT 790 (605) Research Design course; also includes handwritten note regarding Wiley's performance during this course, apparently an independent study (1983), 1977 - 19832525-593Contains 13 reports in various areas of healthcare written by Pearsall's students, date span 1968-1981: An Initial Research Design for Evaluation of Health Delivery Systems (Carla Lowenberg) Sexual Conflict and Religiosity (Maria Borsay and Mary Coulson, 1968) Culture Shock and the Patient: an Exploratory Study (Neal Dockal, 1970) Some Facets of Health Care at the Medical Center University Hospital in Lexington (M.T. Dubalen, 1970) The Population and Pathways: an Exploratory Study of the Emergency Room (Roland Ficken, 1970) Attitudes of the Department of Psychiatry Personnel Towards the Point System (Ron Kisch, 1971), 1968 - 19712525-594Contains 13 reports in various areas of healthcare written by Pearsall's students, date span 1968-1981: Health Maintenance Organizations: the Health Care Crisis and Two Opposing Philosophies of Medical Care (Patty Marshall, 1975) A Study of Nursing Student Adaptation to the Louisville General Hospital Rotation (M. Jeannine Coreil, 1975), 19752525-595Contains 13 reports in various areas of healthcare written by Pearsall's students, date span 1968-1981: Evaluating Counseling Effectiveness in Genetic Screening Programs (Grace Carlson, 1977) "Resident Visitors" in a Tertiary Care Facility (Pat Quiggins and Janet Bronstein, 1978) Nursing Management of Patient Stress in a Burn Unit (Ruth C. MacKay and Ruth E. Dennison, 1978) Emergency Service Survey (Neal Mize, 1981) Potlatch: an Ethnographic Report (Neal Mize, 1981), 1977 - 1981Various / Miscellaneous2525-596Articles: Dilemmas and Contradictions of Status (1945); The Factory in the Community (1946) Attitudes toward Desegregation (1956); The Sociological Study of Communities (1958); Aggression in a Boys' Street-Corner Group (1961); Creative Jazz Musicians: A Clinical Study (1962); An Adolescent Inmate Social System-A Psychological Account (1963); Copy of "Letter from Birmingham City Jail" by Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963 by American Friends Service Committee); Attitudes toward Desegregation (sequel to previous article, 1964); The Study of White Collar Crime: Toward a Reorientation in Theory and Research (1964); Some Factors that Retard or Accelerate the Rate of Acculturation with Specific Reference to Hungarian Immigrants (1964); The Social Power of the Negro (1967); Northern Children Under Desegregation (1968); The Antinomian Personality: The Hippie Character Type (1968); A Study of Ghetto Rioters (1968); Violence in America: An Anthropological Perspective (1968); Assessing Theoretical Models of Community Organization Practice: Alinksy as a Case in Point (1969); Bibliography of Religious Studies 150 (1969); The Rangelands of the Western U.S. (1970); Benign Neglect in the United States (1970); "Santa" Teresa, El Nio "Santo" Fidencio, and "San" Damian: The Structural Development of Three Folk Saints' Movements, Northern Mexico (1970); Attitudes toward Racial Integration (1971); "The Female Appendage": Feminine Life-Styles in America, 1820-1860 (1971); Predicting Attitudes toward Violence (1972); The Police Personality: Fact or Fiction? (1972), 1944 - 19722525-597Youth Culture: an Anthropological Approach (1972); Machismo and Marianismo (1973); What Happened at Hawthorne? (1974); Time Spent in Housework (1974); Joining the Church: An Outbreak of the Southern Protestant Ethic Disease in a New England Mill Town (The Southern Anthropologist, newsletter Vol. 4, No. 1, 1974); Typewritten reports hand-titled "Episcopal Church" (n.d.) and "Jehovah's Witnesses (n.d.); Fold-out "map" depicting a Catholic-type of "salvation system" including faith in Jesus or, bypassing that, one's own works as comparable methods of operating within this "system" to reach God or heaven (n.d.); List of American Christian church denominations (also including Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Catholic and Eastern churches), marked Sociology of Religion (n.d.), 1972 - 19742525-598Facsimile print of "Scientific American" Vol. 1, No. 1, 1845 (n.d. of printing); Adventures in Culture Change (1954); Bilateral Kin Groupings as a Structural Type: A Preliminary Statement (1954); The Impact of the American Indian on American Culture (1957); The Study of Social and Religious Systems in North American Archeology (1961); Culture and Cognition (1962); Midshipmen and Candidate Reserve Offices at the Royal Netherlands Naval College: a Comparative Study of a Socialization Process (1965); The German Paradox (A Problem in National Character) (1965); Stratification in a Small Group (1967); The Possessions of the Poor (1969); A Portrait of Tinkers (1971); The Demographic Impact of Regional Development (1972); Interaction Analysis Reformulated (1975); A Unified Approach to the Anthropology of Hispanic Northern New Mexico: Historical Archeology, Ethnohistory, and Ethnography (1976); Bibliographies: "Selected Bibliography on the Anthropology of Change and Development" (n.d.) and "A Guide to Regional Bibliography" (1977); Appropriate Technology in Rural Mexico: Antecedents and Consequences of an Indigenous Peasant Innovation (1978); Alternative Adaptive Strategies in a Mexican Ejido: A New Perspective on Modernization and Development (1979), 1954 - 19792525-599Positive Role of the Social Scientist in the Point Four Program (1951); Neighbor Groups-An Informal System of Communication (1952); Dispersed Settlement and the Rural Community (2 copies, 1953); The Rural Neighborhood Concept (1954); Definitions of Community: Areas of Agreement (1955); "Region"-An Heuristic Concept (1955); Ethical Functions as Effects of Individual and Group Patterns (1962); Man: The Lethal Factor (1963); The Stress-Strain Element of Social Systems: A Micro Theory of Conflict and Change (1963); How Small-Scale Societies Change (1964); The Entrepreneur in Economic Change (1964); Directed Change of the Culture Core (1965); The Impact of New Designs of Community Organization (1965); Peasant Society and the Image of Limited Good (1965); Further Remarks on Foster's "Image of Limited Good" (1966); The Geological Significance of Polarized Regional Growth (1968); Time and Change in China (1969); Community Development in the American Model Cities Programme (1969); The Professional Status of Community Development in the United States (1969); Whither Community Development in Canada? 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