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841 > Page 841 of Bibliography of state participation in the civil war 1861-1866.

virginia. 841 light Artillery Continued. Richmond howitzers. Richmond howitzers in the war. Four years campaigning with the Army of northern Virginia. By a member of the company. [F. S. Daniel.] Richmond, 1891. 155 p. 12 . E581.8.R4D Published anonymously. All for the South. Campfire tales of a noted Confederate battery. The Richmond howitzers in the campaigns under Jackson and Lee . . . By G. L. Kilmer. (Clipping.) (In W. D. L. pamp. v. 272.) Detailed minutiae of soldier life in the Army of northern Virginia, 1861-1865. By Carlton McCarthy . . . Richmond, 1882. vi, 224 p. front., illus., pi. 12 . E605.M12 Richmond howitzers. Facts about the battery during the Appomattox campaign. . . . By CP. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 27, p. 322-334. 8 .) E485.4.A14 Contributions to a history of the Richmond howitzer battahon. Pamphlets nos. 1-4. Richmond, 1883-1886. 4 pts. in 1 v. 8 . E581.8.R4 Pamphlet no. 1,84 p.; no.2,304 p.; no.3,64p.;no.4,64p. Contents: Pamphlet no. 1. Organization of First company and John Brown raid. By Henry Hudnall. Dec. 13, 1878. Our dead. By W. G. McCabe. Dec. 13, 1878. The battle of Bethel. By E. C. Gordon. Dec. 13, 1882. All official reports (C. S. and U. S.), battle of Bethel. Pamphlet no. 2. A diary of the war, or What I saw of it. By W. S. White. Rolls of Third company Richmond howitzers as mustered in and as surrendered. Pamphlet no. 3. Diary of R. Roberts Baker, of Second company. Diary of Creed T. Davis, of Second company. Diaries of John Waldrop and William Y. Mordecai, of Second company, combined. The First detachment at Fredericksburg. By R. B. Pleasants, of Second company. William S. White's diary corrected. By W. E. Cutshaw. Roll of Second company as mustered in and as surrendered, April 9, 1865. Pamphlet no. 4. Prison diary of Creed T. Davis, of Second company. That hog-hole. By J. V. L. McCreery, of First company. Extracts from an old '*Order book" of First company Richmond howitzers.