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843 > Page 843 of Bibliography of state participation in the civil war 1861-1866.

virginia. 843 light Artillery Continued. Rockbridge First battery light artillery. Historical sketch of the Rockbridge artillery, C. S. army. By a member of the famous battery. [C. D. Fish-burne?] (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 23, p. 98-158. 8 .) E485.4.A14 Roll of the Rockbridge battery of artillery, April 10, 1865. By Calvin Wilson. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 16, p. 277-280. 8 .) E485.4.A14 Rockbridge Second battery light artillery. The Second Rockbridge battery. Its roster and career. Comp. by W. F. Johnston. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 25, p. 281-284. 8 .) E485.4.A14 See Lampkin's battery hght artillery. St. Bride's battery hght artillery. See 38th infantry. Company I. Salem flying artihery. See 9th infantry. Company A. List of members. See Roanoke county. Smith's artillery. See Richmond howitzers, 3d company. Stuart's horse. See Pelham's battery light artillery. Surry battery hght artillery. * Under the stars and bars; a histoiy of the Surry light artillery; recollections of a private soldier in the war between the states. [B. W. Jones.] . . . Richmond, 1909. xhi, 297 p. 8 . E581.8.J7 (InL.C.) Talley's arthlery. See Goochland light arthlery. United artihery. See 19th battlaion heavy artihery. Company A. United battery light artihery. See 19th battalion light arthlery. Company E. Walker's artihery. See 13th battalion light arthlery. Watson's arthlery. See Richmond howitzers, 2d company. Weisiger's company light artihery. Captain Weisiger's company Virginia light artillery (also known as Manchester light artillery) was organized May 1, 1861, and mustered June 30, 1861, as of the 6th regiment Vhginia infantry. It was assigned to the 16th regiment Vhginia infantry as Company I, July 1, 1861, and reorganized as an independent company in May, 1862. It was disbanded by S. 0. No. (12, A. & I. G. O., dated April 15, 1863, and the men assigned to the Courtney artillery, Vhginia. Cavalry. 1st cavalry. Jeb Stuart's own. The First Vhginia cavalry and its dashing leader ... By G. L. Khmer. (Clipping.) (InW. D. L. pamp. v. 272.) 1st cavalry. See 43d battalion cavalry.