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853 > Page 853 of Bibliography of state participation in the civil war 1861-1866.

virginia. 853 Infantry Continu e d. 1st infantry Continued. The First Vhginia infantry in the Peninsula campaign. Reminiscences of C. T. Loehr. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 21, p. 104-110. 8 .) E485.4.A14 The "Old First" Vhginia at Gettysburg. The famous Pickett charge and the part the old First Vhginia regiment played in it. By Charles T. Loehr. (In So. hist, soc. papers, v. 32, p. 33-40. 8 .) E485.4.A14 War history of the old Fhst Virginia infantry regiment, Army of northern Virginia. ByC. T. Loehr. . . . Richmond, 1884. 87 p. front, (port.) 8 . E581.5.1st Casualties in the old First at Gettysburg. Two out of every three men who were carried into the charge shot down. By E. P. Reeve. {In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 17, p. 407-409. 8 .) E485.4.A14 War officers of the First regiment Virginia infantry, with some notice of the "Advisory council" of Governor Letcher in 1861. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 29, p. 364-366. 8 .) E485.4.A14 See Pickett's division. See also Post-bellum campaigns . . . 1st infantry. Company F. * Record of the Richmond city and Henrico county Vir- ginia troops, Confederate States army. [Series no. 8.] Comp. by E. H. Chamberlayne . . . Richmond, 1879. 8 p. 8 . E581.5.1stC (In L. C.) lst-15th infantry. (Union.) See West Virginia. lst-15th infantry. 1st infantry. Company A. (Union.) 2d infantry. (Union.) See West Virginia. 5th cavalry. 2d infantry. Company C. * "Old Chapel" Clarke county, Virginia. [Comp. by C. R. Hughes.] Berryville, Va., 1906. cover-title, 74 p. illus. 8 . F232.C5H9. (In L. C.) 2d infantry. Company H. List of members. See Roanoke county. 2d infantry. See Stonewall brigade. 3d battahon infantry. See Norfolk and Portsmouth. 3d infantry. Pickett's charge at Gettysburg. Graphic story told by late Colonel J. C. Mayo . . . (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 34, p. 327-335. 8 .) E485.4.A14 See Norfolk county. See also Pickett's division. See also Surry light artillery.