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865 > Page 865 of Bibliography of state participation in the civil war 1861-1866.

virginia. 865 Infantry Continued. Brunswick guard. Brunswick guard. A detailed account of its fine record. Its marches, fights and roh of members. By J. H. Latane. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 28, p. 8-14. 8 .) E485.4.A14 The Brunswick guards. A roll of the officers and privates A list of the dead. By G. E. Mitchell. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 31, p. 120-124. 8 .) E485.4.A14 "... who saw service in the 5th Vhginia battalion and later in Company H, 53d Virginia regiment." Buckingham Yancey guards. See 5th infantry. Company D. Carrington's infantry. See 18th infantry. Charlotte rifles. See 18th infantry. Company K. Chew's (R. S.) infantry. See 30th infantry. Christian's infantry. See 55th infantry. City battalion, Richmond. See 25th battalion infantry. Clarke's infantry. See 30th battalion infantry. Clifton greys. See 11th infantry. Company C. Coast guards. (Union.) See 1st Loyal Eastern infantry. Company A. (Independent.) Cobb's infantry. See 44th infantry. Coulson's infantry. See 29th infantry. Cuhen's infantry. See 13th infantry. Cumberland grays. See 21st infantry. Company D. Dismal Swamp rangers. See 3d infantry. Company A. Dixie grays. See 42d infantry. Company E. Downer's infantry. See 1st battalion infantry, local defense (Armory.) Duke's infantry. See 46th infantry. Dungan's infantry. See 48th infantry. Edgar's infantry. See 26th battalion infantry. Edmond's infantry. See 38th infantry. Edmund's infantry. See 53d infantry. Elliott grays. See 6th infantry. Company I. Emmett guards. See 17th infantry. Company G. Funk's infantry. See 5th infantry. Funsten's infantry. See 11th infantry. Gibson's infantry. See 49th infantry. Giles' infantry. See 29th infantry. Gilliam's infantry. See 9th infantry. Golladay's infantry. See 33d infantry. Hanover grays. See 15th infantry. Company I. Herbert's infantry. See 17th infantry. Higginbotham's infantry. See 25th infantry.