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American race-turf register, sportsman's herald, and general stud book : containing the pedigrees of the most celebrated horses, mares, and geldings, that have distinguished themselves as racers on the American turf from one quarter of a mileile race up to four miles and repeat; also, such as have been kept in the stud - as stallions and mares for breeding, from the earliest period to the present time: and from which have descended the most valuable blooded stock at present in the United States ... / compiled from the papers, letters, memorandums, stud-books, and newspapers, of the most celebrated and distinguished sportsmen ; also, from other sources of the most correct information, by Patrick Nisbett Edgar.

THE AMERICAN RACE - TURF REGISTER, Wrsptn4n's WNt4gab AND GENERAL STUD BOOK: CONTAINING THE P E D IG R E E S OF THE MOST CELEBRATED HORSES, MARES, AND GELDING-S, THAT HAVE DISTINGUISIED l'THEMSELVES AS RACERS ON THE AMERICAN TURF, FROM ONE QUARTER OF A MILE RACE UP TO POUR MILES AND REPEAT; ALSO, SUCH AS HAVE BEEN KEPT IN THE STUD - AS STALLIONS AND MARES FOR BREEDING, FROM THE EARLIEST PERIOD TO THE PRESENT TIME: AND FROM WHIICH HAVE DESCENDED TIlE MOST VALUABLE BLOODED STOCK AT PRESENT IN THE UNITED STATES. THE WHOLE CALCULATED FOR THE USE AND INFORMATION OF AMATEURS, BREEDERS, AND TRAINERS Of that most noble -ttd oc.lo eoct, she ias. Complied fre the Pap.r., Letter., Memoreodo-h s, Stud-hooks, and Newepopers, of the mo! t celebrated and Dmioatisoshed Spor- ; aloe, free other our e most correct aooforeeatsa. BY PATRICK NISBETT EDGAR, Of Lirsl-le Coe.ty, North Crols. C- Ostroque insignis et auro, Stat, sonipes ac frcena ferox spumantia mandit." Behold the blooded steed, highly caparisoned With gold and purple, ready stands: he views Man, face to face, anrd fiercely champs the foaming Bit. "- IN TWO VOLS. VOL. I. NE W Y OR K. PRESS OF HENRY MASON, 76, MAIDEN LANE. Petered fr, the.Peoprorpn-e, P.ert-k N. Edgar & Co. zis DCSCC XXXIII.