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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1923-03-mar23-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Muinutes of the regalar monthly meeting of the Nxecutive Com- niittee of the Bcard of Trusteea of the Univer3ity of Kenztucky. for Wednesday. March 25, .92:3. The executive Committee of the Board of trustees of the Uni- versity of Kent'ucky m.et i.n regular monthly session in the Presi- dent's office at tJIe 'Jiver-it on We:;say. a.rch 28, 19232 at 11:.30 a. m. The following mnnebers 'wre present: Juu ge R. C, Stoll, Superintendent George Colvin, Senator H. M. Froman and. Mr. Robert Gz Gordon. Frank L4 rc-Vey. President of the University, and Wellington Patrick, Secretary of the Committee, were also pres. ent. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as published. 1. 0he 0. E. Robinson Foundation. There appeared before the Committee a committee c-nosisting of Mr. 0. E. Ro-binson, 0. 15. Manning, M. Wirgman and Judge 1. C. OtRear, representing the 0. E. Robinson Foundation. President McVey read to the Executive Com- mittee the following communication from Dean Cooper, addressed to Judge E. C. O'Rear; Lexington, Xentucky January 23, 1923 Judge Eo C. O0Rear Frankfort, Kentucky My dear Judge 0'Rear: I have been greatly delayed in the preparation of a statement relative to the use of the Robinson lands due to my absence from the office and other pressing work. Followimng the conference of last Monday, I offer the following suggestio.1s as to the method of placing this matter before the Board of Trustees and also present a very general plan of the developments that should be initiated on the propertyi in the event it is taken over by the Experiment Station. Offer to Board of Trustees The land consisting of the 500 acres located about two miles from Quicksann, the 500 acres on Quicksand Creek