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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 62, no. 3, 1992

Part of Kentucky alumnus

belief, Curry pointed out that "When computer equipment. This technolo- I the Master did the great miracles gy would allow visitors to come in and I were all so familiar with in the New take the floor with the Fabulous Five l Testament, almost every time He said or the most recent Unforgettables. something like Do you believe that A Site possibilities include the you can be healed? The answer was A Lexington Center and either the l in the affirmative, and then He said, Emb1ys or Lowenthals buildings on A - s = Get up and walk. And then He said, A the Ben Snyders block, the area on \ }* l Your beliefhas made you well. East Main Street that has been {V "It is the human, belief system that bought for construction of the future f' every single one of us has that causes cultural center. . __ , q Q} great things to happen against the Mayor Scotty Baesler, himselfa for- ` odds. We get into the fourth quarter A mer player, has said he is personally ` ii: _,. . with most eveiy team and were in it. 1 committed to trying to get the basket- A _ , y And there will be a time when we dom- ball museum built. He would like to . _ A inate those games. But last year we have the committees recomenda L _ . were dominated, and the difference tions by November. The committee t .l 1 was in the head, between the ears." and museum consultants Gail Lord ' The seventh step is the hardest to get T and Hugh Spencer plan to visit sever- to because it requires doing steps 16 for al similar sports museums to look at . I- along time, according to Curry, "butits A the types of exhibits that have been . that expectation of winning that every 1 successful. They will also explore such _ great football team has. We want it to be other issues as size (a recommended ( such a shock here ifwe should run out minimum of 5,000 to 8,000 square . y 1 of time while the other team still has feet); audience (from where and how A , more points. We want it to be such a many); cost (to build, operate as well shock that we just get right back to work. as admission fees and other revenue Jeff V Nefe whe b|| fe 13 different Thats what (coach Vince) Lombardi A generation), and exhibits (what PlYd d'?f"slv A""l q""` _ _ end and linebacker backs, under five , meant when he said, We never lost a . should the museum contain). c, UK under couch d;;;e,e,,, had g3m_ Thgfg the way we fg]; And thgfg Charlie Bradshaw in fcaehes and playing . me Way Out tem Wm lem t0 f1" rama ccc as are rr or r IEZJ1f..}Z?2.'i.i'.. 225.2 Z'.? ZC.`.Tl.is { Atlanta F:n; for Lnducled into the ` 2 Y- LW K"' or marry !" trrr Hr r 18 years, as een all with Van Note ( Basketball Museum John peiphmy is Orr is rum and jgj';jj,jy*;:;;_{;'gc mjgggjgyggd _ mrmmr Dercm Feidhaus to Japan te c<>ue nn onqme. Van rb..us Five bas- Once again the idea for a University of their basketball careers. Richie Farmer Nele \yS @0 when kefb|l p|Yer Alex Kentucky basketball museum is under p is taking his boyish grin to TV as he :I;;;:;;F:;i83`e Gm"' discussion. The current tentative plan T encourages you to drink milk for I calls for a stand-alone attraction in the Southern Belle Dairies. The commer- downtown area. Previously, the plan was cials are cleverly written to capitalize A to make the project part of a city cultur on Richies charisma. Sean Woods had i al center, but that proposal has been a tough time on the NBA tty-out circuit ( put on hold, at least until 1994, due to which left his immediate plans uncer- lack of funds in the urban government tain at press time. However, he played treasury for such things. The original p with fellow alumni Leroy Byrd and Ed museum proposal dates back to the late i Davender in a summer league champi- 1970s when the idea for the museum onship...Rex Chapmans been in town . surfaced as an ideal place for the accu- this summer, too. While you might mulated memorabilia of the legendary, guess that eating is the second favorite late UK coach Adolph Rupp. thing football players like to do, that The present committee of UK bas- assumption must go to basketball play- ketball supporters headed by former ers. Yet another one, Rex, is involved & player and current state senator jim with a new restaurant venture, Threes, LeMaster of Paris, is looking at a pro- which opened August 20 on Maxwell posal that includes "virtual reality" Street, the old Alley Oops location. Fal] 1992 Kentucky Alumnus 5