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8 > Page 8 of Account of some of the proceedings of the legislatures of the states of Kentucky and New Hampshire, --1828 -- in relation to the people called Shakers

8 Therefore we humbly submit our case to your consider- ation, to do, as you in your wisdom, may consider most prudent. That the above statements are in substance true, we have no doubt, can easily be made appear to the full satisfaction of any court of justice in this Commonwealth. WE the undersigned, citizens residing in and near the vicinity of Shakertown, being fully persuaded, according to all the information we are able to collect, that the above stated petition contains an impartial statement of facts, and feeling anxious that some law may pass whereby justice may be administered to the petitioners, do most cordially unite with those aggrieved in subscribing our names.- Floyd Burks, H. T. Deweese, Lambert Banta, James Lil- lard, Win. Pherigo, Thos. Wood, Robert P. Steenbergen, jr. Josiah Utley, Abraham A. Brewer, John Rinearson, Aaron Rinearson, W. A. Bridges, Wm. T. Wood, Saml. Eccles, B. Prather, J. Smedley, Thos. Alleni, sen., Philip T. Allen, Wm. Tume, B. T. Hall. Mr. Samuel Banta having stated to me (in which I have the utmost confidence) that in leaving the Shakers he lacks complete remedy to recover the property which he first and subsequently took to them: That they refuse satisfac- tory accountability, he only demanding the original sums, waiving his pretensions to interest and labor: And think- ing this reasonable, if a remedy can be constitutionally devised. My belief of the personal honesty and upright- ness of Samuel Banta, and that be would ask nothing improper, induces me to sign his petition.-P. Trapnall, Chr. Chinn, Garret Banta, Wm. Ross, Wm. Edwards, John S. Chenowith, John Eccles, Isaac Westerfield, James Burnett, Abram V, Brewer. With much difficulty we obtained the foregoing docu- ments;- they are without the principal signatures,, we