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17 > Page 17 of Account of some of the proceedings of the legislatures of the states of Kentucky and New Hampshire, --1828 -- in relation to the people called Shakers

time if the committee should not see fit to recommend -. lostponement to June. Mr. Carrigain said they should not offer a particle of' evidence, and that therefore a decision made under such circumstances could not be expected to be final, or to afford the Society any ground of triumph. Mr. Winkley intimated that the Society were not con- tending for a triumph, but were only defending themselves, as they were required to do, against unfounded accusa- tions; and although the petitioners had offered no evidence against them, they wished to prove that the accusations were unfounded, and that the government under which they lived had no cause of complaint against them; but that in all things they had demeaned themselves as peace- able citizens-not only obeying the laws of the land, but strictly observing the principles of justice and equity in their dealings with each other and with all mankind. The committee did not consider it necessary that they should defend themselves against charges, in support of which no evidence was adduced; and they dismissed the parties. The next morning Mr. Wilcox presented the report of the committee; and the resolution which accompanied it was adopted by the House without any opposition. REPORT. The committee, to whom was referred the petitions of Lemuel Dow and others-of Amasa Sargent and others- and of James Wallace and others; and the remonstrance of Nathaniel Draper and others, have had the same under consideration, and now ask leave to report as follows: Upon considering the nature of the grievances com- plained of, and the measures indicated for the redress, the committee were not without strong doubts as to the policy or right of interfering in the manner prayed for by the petitioners. The committee, however, readily yielded to the wish of the petitioners, that an investigation should be had of the charges made by the one party and contro- verted by the other. At a meeting of the committee on the 3d inst. it was accordingly ordered on the motion of the petitioners and with the consent of the remonstrants, that there should be a public hearing of the parties before the committee on the 16th instant. The parties 1 7