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18 > Page 18 of Account of some of the proceedings of the legislatures of the states of Kentucky and New Hampshire, --1828 -- in relation to the people called Shakers

18 .ttendled at the time appointed; when it appeared that thee petitioners were not prepared to submit any testi- mony to the committee, but wcre desirous that the sub- Ject should be postponed to the next session of the Legis- lature, and that in the mean time a select committee should be appointed who should'repair to Enfield and there go into an investigation of the charges and allegations contained in said petitions. Upon the other hand, the remonstrants avowed their readiness to proceed in the inquiry according to the aaree- ment of the parties and the order of the committee, and objected to any further postponement of the subject. In the opinion of the committee no sufficient reasons were assigned, why the petitioners were not ready for the hear- ing at the time fixed upon, in the first instance, by them- selves. Nor does it seem to us consonant either with jus- tice or equity, that the remonstrants should be bound 'over to a further attendance at the next session of the legis- lature. As it regards the appointment of a select committee to meet at ETnfield, the committee are of opinion that such a procedure is not expedient. The subject under considera- tion is of great importance to the community and to indi- viduals. The facts alleged as the ground of Legislative interference are not in their nature local-but must be proved or disproved by the testimony of witnesses. It is believed, therefore, that a much more correct understand- ing of the subject can be had from a public hearing in this place, at which the members of the Legislature may at- tend, than from the report of any committee however j udi- ciously selected. The only argument in favor of the appointment of a select committee is, that it may save the petitioners some expense: but in a case like the present- where the petitioners propose to take from the members of a religious society the control and possession of their pro- perty-from fathers the custody and education of their children,-the expense of a public hearing before the Legislature sinks into comparative insignificance. The committee therefore report the accompanying resolution. Resolved, That the petitioners and remoristrants have leave to withdraw their respective papers. L. WILC(OX,for the Conmnittee. December 16, 1828.