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19 > Page 19 of Account of some of the proceedings of the legislatures of the states of Kentucky and New Hampshire, --1828 -- in relation to the people called Shakers

I19 TAXATION OF QUAKERS AND SHAKERS. In the House of Representatives of New-Hampshlire, Dec. 31, 1828, on the second reading of the bill inposing fines, c., for the neglect of military duty, Mr. Willis moved an amendment subjecting Shakers and Quakers to the payment of two dollars annually as conditional exempts. Mr. Doe opposed the amendment. He was opposed to including men in the militia, who have consciencious scru- p-es about bearing arms. He believed those people called Shakers and Quakers now paid their full proportion of the burthens of the community, in their voluntary taxes for the support of the poor, and their charities to the unfortunate. Mr. Willis defended his motion on the ground of justice and equity. He thought, if these people were exempted, they should at least pay something in the nature of an equivalent. Messrs. Colby of Weare, and Quimby of Sandwich, also opposed the amendment-which was rejected by a vote of 142 to 19-and the bill passed.