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IN TRODUC TION THE design of this small publication is to shed light on a subject which heretofore has been veiled in some obscur- ity; we mean the form and order of the United Society in a civil or political point of view. By a variety of copious publications, we have exhibited to the religious world almost every thing that relates to our faith and manners as a religious society; but as there is an external form and order in our association as a Church, related to the civil rights established by the civil institutions of our country, in order that our civil rights be not violated either through ignorance or design, it becomes necessary that all such of our social contracts, rules, manners, laws or customs, as are in any respect connected with our civil rights, should be explicitly known and correctly understood. It is generally known that serious difficulties have, for some time past, existed in this branch of the United Society, owing to the withdrawal of certain members, who through the influence of popular or interested connections; instituted claims on the Society repugnant to all our well known covenants, rules and customs. Various were the mearns used to interest public sympathy on the side of the withdrawing party, if possible to substantiate those claims, which it seems could not be done under the present system of civil law; hence a petition was presented to the legis- lature at their last session praying for a special act to aid the party in their intended enterprise. This act being obtained, almost the first notice we received of its existence was from a display of its author- ities on our house of worship, the door being abused in posting up public notices to the Society, of a character