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5 > Page 5 of Account of some of the proceedings of the legislatures of the states of Kentucky and New Hampshire, --1828 -- in relation to the people called Shakers

5 confidence we shrink not from the scrutiny of the public or the law, on any point relating to out civil economy or social contracts, provided we be not compelled into such scrutiny by illegal and unconstitutional measures, requiring a surrender of our impartial rights, and subjection to an authority not claimed by our National Government. The singularity of our religious profession has -always dictated to us retirement from the contentions of the politi- cal world, and the conscious innocence which we labor to maintain, forbids our attention to the absurd and ridiculous charges so often peddled about through the country by those who wrongfully hate us. It is not, therefore, the slanders of a few solitary individuals, nor the popular clamors of a misinformed public that, at present, excites our attention; but the voice of those civil authorities which we ever respect, and which have been roused, by the cry of injustice, in effect, to demand of us a statement of facts with coroborating evidence from which the legality or ille- gality of our institution might appear, and our claims to equal rights of toleration, as a religious society, be legally decided. From these considerations we respectfully offer to the political department of our country, whether professors of religion or non-professors, such information relative to the points in question, as we think, will come properly under their cognizance, including-Tbe aforesaid petition to the legislature-The Act of the legislature founded on said petition-Objections to said Petition and Act, with refer- ence to the decision of the legislature of Pennsylvania on a similar case-Various details and statements concerning the laws, customs and character of our Society-The. decisions of sundry Courts of Justice on all the important questions that relate to our civil and social rights, c. c. 1