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10 > Page 10 of Account of some of the proceedings of the legislatures of the states of Kentucky and New Hampshire, --1828 -- in relation to the people called Shakers

10 to all religious sects in this land, we presume that even the petitioners themselves, (had they common sense) would dis- gust it. It would be unnecessary to trouble the Legislature with any remarks concerning our aversion to bearing arms, as we have heretofore given our reasons on that subject; which are the same now. They can be found in a Memo- rial presented to the House, June Session, year 1818. WVe would merely state, that there are several nowliving in our Society, who are legal pensioners; and for whom we might have received thousands of dollars-and the same reasons that induce us to abstain from bearing arms in- duce us to decline receiving pensions for that service. Thus we have noticed the most prominent allegations contained in the aforesaid petition, which is predicated on statements manifestly false. Therefore we think it unne- cessary to enter into a minute discussion of the whole; but what is stated may serve as a key to the rest. Therefore, as the subjects of a just moral government, we individually hold ourselves accountable for our moral conduct; and as we have violated no existing law, nor the principles of humanity, we have no apprehensions that the wise Legislature of this State will give themselves the un- necessary trouble of forming laws for us, in distinction from other religious sects. But should it be thought proper, for the satisfaction of all concerned, to enter into an investiga- tion of our institution, there is nothing relating to it, but shall be laid open for examination. Therefore, confiding in that wisdom, candor and patriot- ic zeal, with which Almighty God hath inspired the rulers of this great nation; and with expressions of our grateful thanks for the blessings which we have long enjoyed under just and equal administrations; we subscribe ourselves the obedient subjects of the constituted authorities of the Uni- ted States, and of this State, and the friends of justice, peace and truth. In behalf of said United Society, Enfield, N'ov. 27th 1828. NATHANIEL DRAPER, TRUE WORTHY HEATH, CALEB M. DYER, JOHN LYON, JOHN BARKER, SAMUEL BARKER.