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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

III , '. I iii --j I I985 NO- I C O N T E N T S gr ig. Q; ) T A T L ig A L U M N U S ip; COVER PHOTOS: III Don Siivestri ` Impctct Photography 2,Q*,_*{,jf;, FOUR PERSPECTIVES ART PQSTER BY: Alzheimers disease, a dementing, fatal illness, is the focus gt Arthur JeS of interdisciplinary research at UK. While University II researchers look for answers, patients and families jind some 5 W85 OFFICERS solace in a support group. I PRESIDENT It Julio Kurtz Tockett `68 Lexington WAR GAMES _ l _ V _ PRESIDENT-EI-ECT UK and Harvard University bring top military and dqense ` Dovid G Rovencrott 58 - - - ~ A minds together for a conference examining the way that U5. Q Reston, V0. _ _ _ _ _ TREASURER national security policy is made and implemented. g Mrs. Joe F. Morris `38 , SECRETARY I I-IEARST I~IATIoI~IAI. WINNERS JGY aggiwglgg 48 David Coyle 84 and Ben %znHook were UK Is frst students I, ASSOCIATION STAFF; to enter the prestigious Hearst Phottnournalism Contest and T DIRECTOR both walked away winners. I I Joy Brumtield '48 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR B CE,{$gR"' 58 FINAL TRIBUTE Liz Howard Demorqn *63 Fr Helen C. King 25, director ty' the UK National Alumni MEMBERSHIP Association for 23 years and Harry C. Lancaster 43, a coach T Ac?RI;IfI:I?,g9 and then athletic director I STAFF; time Ben _ _ Julio Brothers _ Linda Brumtield ` Margie Corby {IY Ruth EIIiott II , AmeII Guno QI Curolyn Grittin U K A A compendium of campus news IT Betty White Nelson .I ART DIRECTION EIie Weber I II The Tiuen ties were roaring when Sid Harnby 28 wok a wondrous trip to the Big Apple and returned to Lexington to T e~ Om-me T CLASS PEOPLE DUTk;;5;;;j;y_;l;1;~jh+;Uwww Vilillirim rlulrmi III 76,. ahbanker and thoroughbredftrrn FI ei